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Mand'ela Chico César 03:32
Pedra De Responsa Chico César 03:55
Mama África Chico César 03:48
À Primeira Vista Chico César 04:11
Benazir Chico César 04:06
Pensar Em Você Chico César 03:56
Diário de Bordo 6 Rashid, Chico César, DJ Caique 04:25
Deus Me Proteja Chico César 04:53
Alma Não Tem Cor Chico César 04:13
Mama África Chico César 03:31

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Brazilian musical artist Chico César was born Francisco
César Gonçalves
in Catolé do Rocha on January 26, 1964. He began playing
music as a boy and continued this practice even while working as a journalist during
his 20s. He grew a local fan base during the early 90s and started his recording
career in 1995 with the album Aos Vivos. His songs were steeped in
poetry as well as the folklore and politics of his home country, and his witty
and topical songwriting were showcased on the successful singles "Mama
and "À Primeira Vista". He
toured regularly throughout the rest of the decade and released two more
albums, 1996’s Cuzcuz-Clã and 1997’s Beleza Mano. Many of his
songs were covered by other artists. For 2000’s Mama Mundi he composed a
series of songs about the struggles of Brazilian people, and kept the music
rooted in traditional Brazilian sounds. He worked steadily throughout the 21st
century, releasing albums regularly. He capped the 2010s with 2019’s O Amor
é um Ato Revolucinário
, an album that Brazilian critics hailed as one of
the best of the year.