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Jigsaw Falling into Place Corde Oblique 04:19
Flower bud Corde Oblique, Luigi Rubino, Hexperos 05:44
Venti di sale Corde Oblique, Ashram, FLO 05:22
Arpe di vento Corde Oblique 04:56
A hail of bitter almonds Corde Oblique 02:05
Slide Corde Oblique, Synaulia 02:50
La Madre Che Non C'è Corde Oblique 02:46
Crypta Neapolitana Corde Oblique, Daemonia Nymphe 02:13
Le Pietre Di Napoli Corde Oblique 04:58
Together Alone Corde Oblique, Ashram 04:13

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The Progressive-Ethereal-Folk band directed by Riccardo Prencipe, Graduated from the Conservatoire of Naples San Pietro a Majella. - Since 2000 he published six full-lenght albums with several labels, distributed in Europe and World: 2011 Corde Oblique - "A hail of bitter almonds" (Prikosnovenie/Audioglobe - France) (Suono Rec/Progressivamente - Italia) (Shadowplay - Russia) 2009 Corde Oblique - "The stones of Naples" (Prikosnovenie/Audioglobe - France) 2007 Corde Oblique - "Volontà d'arte" (Prikosnovenie/Audioglobe - France) 2005 Corde Oblique - "Respiri" (ARK records/Masterpiece - Italy) 2004 Lupercalia - "Florilegium" (Equilibrium Music/Audioglobe - Portugal) 2000 Lupercalia - "Soehrimnir" (World Serpent Distribution - England) (Reissue: ARK records/Masterpiece - 2009) - Since 1999 till 2009 Riccardo Prencipe was invited to join several compilations, released from labels and music magazines in Italiy, Russia, France and Germany: 2009 "Fairy World V" (Prikosnovenie - France) Corde Oblique: "Nostalgica avanguardia" 2009 "New Age" (New Age magazine - Italia) Corde Oblique: "Cantastorie" 2007 "In the Dark Room - Vol. 1" (Darkroom magazine - Italia) Corde Oblique: "Tempesta di sapori" 2007 "La nuit des fees" (Prikosnovenie - France) Corde Oblique + Pinknruby: "Klara" 2007 "Fairy World IV" (Prikosnovenie - France) Corde Oblique: "Cantastorie" 2006 "Influence" (Shadowplay - Russia) Corde Oblique: "Orme" 2003 "The Suns of Lutetius" (Oktagon - Italia) Diazeusis: "Spacing..." 2002 "Ritual" (Ritual Magazine - Italia) Lupercalia: "FormisMelaraSanctusFilix" (promo version) 2001 "Astan" (Astan Magazine compilation - Germany) Lupercalia: "FormisMelaraSanctusFilix" 2000 "Intimations of Immortality - Vol. 5" (Energeia - Italia ) Lupercalia: "Normandia" Riccardo also wrote the soundtrack for the DVD-documentary: "I Longobardi del sud" (directed by Marcello Malaguti) attached to the catalogue of the omonimous exibition done in Rende (CZ) during 2008. Riccardo Prencipe's music was also used as soundrack from the italian national TV RAI: - RAI 2 music for the 72ma Fiera del Levante. - RAI 3 (TG-R) music for the presentation of the Farnese Collection (Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli). "The stones of Naples" Mini-tour 2009: 29-3-2009 Rising South (Naples) 03-4-2009 Stazione Birra (Rome) 29-4-2009 Archivio di Stato di Napoli 17-4-2009 Oddly Shed (Ethereal-folk festival, Caserta) 17-5-2009 Nordhofen (Germany) 23-5-2009 Les Brumes de Mai (Liege, Belgium) 30-5-2009 Leipzig (Wave Gothic Treffen - Germany) 12-6-2009 La Volpe e l'Uva (Salerno) 26-6-2009 Danny Cavanagh (Anathema) + Corde Oblique (Caserta) 27-6-2009 Le Scimmie (Milano) 17-7-2009 Cloister of San Giovanni's church (Cava de' Tirreni) 26-9-2009 La nuit des fees (Clisson - France) 25-10-2009 FNAC showcase 30-10-2009 Cross Roads Live Club (Rome) Riccardo Prencipe performed with his band in several locations, here some places where he proformed: - La Locomotive (Paris - France) - Summer Darkness - Festival (Utrecht - Netherlands) - Estragon (Bologna - Italy) - Tivoli Club (Utrecht - Netherlands) - Ekko Club (Utrecht - Netherlands) - Sophia's Palace (Utrecht - Netherlands) - FNAC (Naples - Italy) - La nuit des fees - Festival (Clisson - France) - W2 (Den Bosch - Netherlands) - QUBE (Roma - Italy) - Mutiny (Napoli - Italy) - Castello medievale (Itri - Italia) - Maria Kerke (Nisse - Netherlands) - Castello del Balzo (Casaluce - Italy) - Rising South (Napoli - Italy) - Siddharta Club (Prato - Italy) - Teatro Galleria Toledo (Napoli - Italia) - Caffé Concerto (Modena - Italy) In 2010 Corde Oblique started to work with the UK Publisher Impact Music LTD The band shared the stage and performed in festivals together with bands like: Bauhaus, Anathema, Opeth, Coph Nia, Moonspell, Ataraxia, Persephone, Spiritual Front, QNTAL, Kirlian Camera, Of the Wand and the moon, and more. In Riccardo's albums there are lot of guests, some of them from the following bands: Spaccanapoli, Spiritual Front, Argine, Ashram, Pinknruby, Gothica, Hexperos, Mediavolo, Dwelling. Hundreds reveiews and interviews in Magazines and Onlinemag.: "IL MATTINO", "METROPOLIS", "LA REPUBBLICA", "L'INTERNAZIONALE", "NEW AGE", "BLOW UP", "AUDIOVIDEOFOTOBILD", "METAL SHOCK", "RITUAL", "ROMA", "CHITARRE", "ROCKERILLA", "RUMORE", "ORKUS" (Germany), "Xnoizemag", "Black Magazine" (Germany), "Rockit", "CoolClub", "", "Chaindlk", "Side-line", "Hard-wired" (UK), "Elegy" (France), "Zicazic" (France), "Kro" (France), "Inanna naked", and much more...