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Might*U Yuki Hayashi 06:29
I'll be your hero Yuki Hayashi 02:59
Go Straight! Yuki Hayashi 01:53
You Picked the Wrong Person to Taunt! Yuki Hayashi 00:48
My Villain Academia Yuki Hayashi 02:39
So Classmate Were Born Of Worthy Competition Yuki Hayashi 03:00
Go, Plus Ultra Yuki Hayashi 01:58
Opening Yuki Hayashi 01:34
HOKOTATE-GAME Yuki Hayashi 02:42
Symbol Of Fear Yuki Hayashi 02:48

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Respected Japanese film and television
composer Yuki Hayashi came at his career quite accidentally. Born December 31,
1980, Hayashi’s early life was devoted to sports, specifically rhythmic gymnastics.
His focus on music began as he discovered how important the right piece of
music was to the success of a routine. He taught himiself composing, and then
began to study music and musicmaking in earnest. Before the age of 30 he had
one of his first great successes with the music for the TV series Triangle.
In addition to writing pieces specifically for gymnastic routines, Hayashi scored
such popular programs as Legal High, and Rich Man, Poor Woman
before getting his first feature film scoring assignment with 2013’s Strawberry
His work on the 2014 soundtrack for the movie Ao—Haru—Ride included
the standout track “Hahano Byouki”. His first album, Hayashi Seisakusho
Oto no Tsumeawase Bin 1
, came out in 2016. He would also lend his talents
to a number of video games as well as anime series including 2017’s Welcome to
the Ballroom
, 2019’s Pocket Monster, and 2020’s Dragon Quest: The
Adventure of Dai