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Colors EQRIC, Third Places, Muffin 02:08
The Cure EQRIC, Pharaøh, Ceara Cavalieri 02:30
The Other Ones EQRIC, Pharaøh 02:22
Counting Stars EQRIC, Pharaøh, Timmy Commerford 02:33
Lights EQRIC, Finnet, Polina Grace 02:29
Hot N Cold EQRIC, MØRFI, Nito-Onna 02:25
Till The World Ends Robbe, EQRIC, Britt 02:34
Love You Like A Love Song EQRIC, Bottle Flip 03:00
Let Me Love You EQRIC, Narvent, Timmy Commerford 02:21
Hate Me (feat. FJØRA) Besomorph, EQRIC, MØRFI, FJØRA 02:32

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