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OLE Oge, SNIK, Strat 03:26
Dominicana Latina SNIK, Salva 03:02
Erotas SNIK 02:24
Trafficante SNIK, VLOSPA, Oge 04:20
Etsi SNIK 02:28
Diamanti SNIK 02:11
Colpo Grosso SNIK, Guè, Noizy, Capo Plaza 04:33
Senorita SNIK, Tamta 02:58
Chinchilla SNIK, Fly Lo, Mike G 02:34
Ferrari SNIK 04:39

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Work Out

by SNIK, Josephine


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In common with many aspiring young rap and hip-hop artists in the modern age the Greek rapper Snik built an audience for his work through social media before signing to a conventional label. In Snik's case (real name Dimitris Giannoulis) he released his self-funded debut single 'Thema Chronou' which rapidly attracted more than 100,000 views on YouTube and subsequently led to a contract with Panik Records.

The early promise of success waned and during the next couple of years the singer's career went into free fall with much of his material attracting negative reviews. Giannoulis' fortunes changed when he signed to Capital Music in 2015 and within 12 months he had two number ones, 'Ferrari' and 'DAB', the latter being a collaboration with the rapper Ypo.

Giannoulis is now firmly established on the Greek rap and hip-hop scene and has performed some high-profile collaborations with Laiko singer Giorgos Mazonakis and the rappers Noizy and A.M. Sniper. His work with Noizy and A.M. Sniper in 2018 brought him two number one hits with the singles 'Gango' and 'Gangsta', respectively.