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Amsterdam Nothing But Thieves 04:32
Sorry Nothing But Thieves 03:34
Is Everybody Going Crazy? Nothing But Thieves 03:57
Impossible Nothing But Thieves 04:08
Futureproof Nothing But Thieves 03:27
Particles Nothing But Thieves 03:55
Trip Switch Nothing But Thieves 03:01
Life's Coming in Slow Nothing But Thieves 02:49
I Was Just a Kid Nothing But Thieves 04:30
Real Love Song Nothing But Thieves 03:42

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Authentica Festival 2022
Braga, Portugal

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Singer and guitarist Conor
Mason, guitarist Joe Langridge-Brown, keyboard and guitar player Dominic Craik,
bass player Philip Blake and drummer James Price formed the alternative rock
band Nothing But Thieves in the English seaside town of Southend in 2012. They
gained attention with the release of EPs titled If You Don't Believe, It
Can't Hurt You
, and Graveyard Whistling. The single “Itch”
became a hit on radio and iTunes and they performed at awards shows and
festivals. Their self-titled 2015 debut album went to number seven on the UK
Official Albums Chart and number eleven on Billboard's Alternative Albums
Chart. Their 2017 tour of the UK was sold out, and their second album, Broken
, went to number 2 on the UK Albums Chart in 2017. Later in the
year, members of the band were accused on Twitter of inappropriate sexual behavior,
which they denied. The potential fuss resulted in the cancellation of a scheduled
appearance at the 2018 NME Awards launch party and July Talk, the support band
on their tour, pulled out of further dates. Never afraid to shy away from
political topics, they tackled the many societal ills facing the world with many
of the songs on 2020’s Moral Panic.