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Suga Suga Népal, Doums 03:44
Sundance Népal 02:50
En face Népal, Nekfeu 03:33
Skyclub Népal 03:10
Rien d'spécial Népal 04:40
Malik al mawt Népal 02:11
Babylone Népal 03:27
Trajectoire Népal 04:20
444 nuits Népal 02:57
Cheddar Népal 02:13

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2016 - 2018

by Népal

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Rien d'spécial






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The secretive artist Népal was a French rapper hailing from Paris, France, known for his shadowy persona. Born Clement Di Fiore in the 14th arrondissement of Paris in the 1990s, Népal began to make a name for himself in the early 2010s performing with the 75th Session collective (and sometimes also assuming the aliases KLM and Grandmaster Splinter). Alongside Doums, one of the members of L'Entourage, Népal formed the duo 2Fingz and the pair released their self-titled mixtape in 2011, following up with 'La Folie des Glandeurs' in 2013. Despite his growing reputation, Népal remained secretive and always appeared masked, hooded or in make-up.

In 2014 Népal released his first solo project, '16par16', before releasing a remixed version of it on Christmas day that same year. On 20th November it was announced through Népal's social media channels that he had died several days earlier and that his first full-length album, 'Adios Bahamas', was scheduled for release in January 2020.