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Qu'attendez Vous De Moi ? Degiheugi 04:00
Betty Degiheugi 03:55
Kolkata Degiheugi 03:37
Favelas Degiheugi, Zackarose 03:42
You ! Degiheugi, Miscellaneous 03:41
La fleur de l'âge L'Entourloop, Degiheugi 03:46
Stay in Your Lane Degiheugi 03:49
Opening Credits Degiheugi 04:20
I Know a Woman Degiheugi, Astrid Van Peeterssen, Andrre 04:03
Touché Degiheugi, Miscellaneous 04:26

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From 2001, Degiheugi (D.J.E.J) consumed LPs and made the decks roar in a rap band. But the sphere of classical hip-hop quickly becomes cramped to handle the influx of ideas endlessly irrigating its right hemisphere. Collector of sounds, explorer of the ideal sample, Degiheugi sets off to unearth still raw nuggets, slumbering in the abysses of the internet and under the dust of vinyls marking the past decades. He is reinventing the art of fusing these sound particles to give them a second life with atomic radiation. Impregnated with 5-star featurings (Chill Bump, Ceschi, Astronautalis, ASM, Hugo Kant ...) and beats with a goldsmith's groove, these dazzling patchworks expand the magnetic field of trip-hop codes, and reveal chemically pure music, full of soul reflections, electronic spleen and melodic flashes. After 7 essential albums and 2 EPs, all celebrated by the growing ranks of his followers, this shadowy beatmaker took the stage in 2015. From Europe to Australia, from DJ Shadow's opening acts to joint stages with Chill Bump, Smokey Joe & the Kid or ProleteR, his performances combine sound and video for a powerful and immersive live experience. On April 23, 2021, Degiheugi will present his 8th album entitled "Foreglow". This record with multiple influences, ranging from samba to Afrobeat through soul and French chanson, is a real ray of light that makes you want to escape and takes you far from home. Once again, the unstoppable digger and beatmaker surprises us and shows us how well he masters the art of sampling.