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Just Monika: a Doki Doki Literature Club Song (feat. Or3o & Adriana Figueroa) Random Encounters, Or3o, Adriana Figueroa 03:46
Luigi's Mansion: The Musical (feat. Katie Herbert, Kevin Clark & Adriana Figueroa) Random Encounters, Kevin Clark, Adriana Figueroa, Katie Herbert 02:12
Loser Random Encounters 02:02
The Day That You Die: A Little Misfortune Song (feat. The Stupendium) Random Encounters, The Stupendium 03:48
Don't Play This Game (feat. SparrowRayne) Random Encounters, SparrowRayne 01:57
Smarter Than You (feat. Jason Wells) Random Encounters, Jason Wells 02:54
Turnabout Random Encounters 01:43
Cuphead the Musical (feat. Markiplier & NateWantsToBattle) Random Encounters, Markiplier, NateWantsToBattle 03:26
Medics Don't Heal Scouts (feat. Dodger) Random Encounters 01:22
Baldi's Basics the Musical Random Encounters 03:06

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