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The Fish Needs A Bike Snapped Ankles 05:01
Tailpipe Snapped Ankles 04:23
I Want My Minutes Back Snapped Ankles 04:07
Rhythm Is Our Business Snapped Ankles 04:28
The Evidence Snapped Ankles 03:27
Barbecue In Brazil Snapped Ankles 03:18
Dial the Rings on a Tree Snapped Ankles 04:56
Dream and Formaldehyde Snapped Ankles 03:18
Let's Revel Snapped Ankles 05:15
Forest of Your Problems Snapped Ankles 04:45

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With an artsy, mysterious stage presence that mirrored the group's experimental music, Snapped Ankles formed in London, England, in 2011. The post-punk band began playing live shows that same year, dressed up in camouflaged ghillie suits that hid the band members' true identities from the public. "True Ecology (Shit Everywhere)," Snapped Ankles' first single, was released in late 2012, as was the accompanying debut EP The Ecology. Another single, "I Want My Minutes Back," followed three years later. Come Play the Trees, the band's full-length debut, arrived in 2017 and received enthusiastic reviews for its mix of experimental electronic music, dance tempos, art-rock influences, and pagan imagery. Meanwhile, Snapped Ankles' members maintained their anonymity by continuing to wear ghillie suits in public, which only fueled the band's enigmatic appeal. After releasing an EP of cover songs, Violations, in conjunction with Record Store Day 2018, Snapped Ankles returned with a proper follow-up record, the politically-charged Stunning Luxury, in 2019. A live album, 21 Metres to Hebden Bridge, arrived in 2020, having been recorded at the Trades Club in West Yorkshire, England. Forest of Your Problems, the group's third studio record, was released in 2021, blending atmospheric mysticism and propulsive dance-pop with blistering social commentary about modern-day life.