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Yesterday Atmosphere 03:23
Carousel (feat. Nikki Jean) Atmosphere, Nikki Jean 03:36
Distances Atmosphere 02:28
Always Coming Back Home To You Atmosphere 09:11
Trying To Find A Balance Atmosphere 04:16
You Atmosphere 03:14
Vanish Atmosphere 01:51
Pressed (feat. Anwar HighSign, BlackLiq, Sa-Roc, Haphduzn & Lateef the Truthspeaker) Atmosphere, Anwar HighSign, BlackLiq, Sa-Roc 04:20
Sunshine Atmosphere 03:36
The Loser Wins Atmosphere 03:36

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For over two decades, Atmosphere has maintained a course of rigorous output, releasing over two dozen studio albums, EP's and collaborative side projects in as many years. In that time, the venerated duo have built a legacy out of bringing honesty, humility and vulnerability to the forefront of their music, continually challenging themselves to evolve without straying too far from their roots. Slug has proven masterful at storytelling and writing compelling narratives, leaving a trail of his own influence while paying homage to the rappers and songwriters that helped shape him. Ant has skillfully molded the soundtracks with inspiration from soul, funk, rock, reggae, and the wizardry of hip-hop’s pioneering DJ's and producers, creating his own trademark sounds while providing the pulse for songs about life, love, stress and setbacks. At its essence, Atmosphere has been a musical shepherd, and with each new album comes a new journey as they guide generations of listeners through this thing called life.