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O Dia Que Será Pra Sempre Rodolfo Abrantes 04:43
Parecido Contigo Rodolfo Abrantes 05:03
Todo Dia Até Morrer Rodolfo Abrantes, O Muro de Pedra 03:44
Isaias 9 Rodolfo Abrantes 06:19
Mar de Vidro Rodolfo Abrantes 05:51
Temos Tempo Rodolfo Abrantes 05:10
Isaías 9 Rodolfo Abrantes, Dunamis Music 12:16
Um Presente Pro Futuro Rodolfo Abrantes 04:48
No Teu Jardim Rodolfo Abrantes, Dunamis Music 07:26
Até Que A Casa Esteja Cheia Rodolfo Abrantes 05:45

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Rodolfo Gonçalves Leite de Abrantes (September 20, 1972) is a Brazilian singer-songwriter who rose to prominence as the vocalist for the band Raimundos, known as the inventors of forrocore, a groundbreaking combination of hardcore punk and forró, a typical genre from the north of Brazil. Born in Sobradinho, Distrito Federal, Rodolfo Abrantes formed Raimundos in 1987 with childhood friend Digão and went on to become one of the biggest rock bands in Brazil, reaching the peak of their powers during the early 90s. In 2001, Rodolfo Abrantes converted to Christianism and decided to leave the band. A year later, he formed the nu-metal band Rodox, with whom he released two albums before calling it quits in 2004. His first worship album came out in 2006 under the title Santidade ao Senhor, followed by 2007’s Enquanto É Dia. In the subsequent years, Rodolfo Abrantes continued to consolidate his status as a major figure in Evangelical music with the albums R.A.B.T - Rompendo a Barreira do Templo (2012), Joio ou Trigo (2015), and O Dia Que Será pra Sempre (2018). In 2021, he returned with the single “De Malas Prontas,” reaching Number 52 on the Brazilian Top 100.