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Let Me Let You Go ONE OK ROCK 03:00
Neon ONE OK ROCK 03:04
Vandalize ONE OK ROCK 03:14
Stand Out Fit In ONE OK ROCK 03:34
One Way Ticket ONE OK ROCK 03:36
We Are ONE OK ROCK 04:15
Save Yourself ONE OK ROCK 03:17
Broken Heart of Gold ONE OK ROCK 04:13
Taking Off ONE OK ROCK 03:36
Renegades ONE OK ROCK 04:04

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When Tokyo school friends Toru Yamashita, Alex Onizawa and Taka Moriuchi formed a band in Tokyo in 2005 they took the name One Ok Rock from the Japanese pronunciation of the English "one o'clock'. Now with a line-up that includes singer Moriuchi, guitarists Yamashita and Ryota Kohama and drummer Tomoya Kanki they have graduated from success in their homeland to international popularity. They released singles and albums in Japan and appeared at rock festivals as their popularity grew. Their single 'Remake' reached number ten on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 in 2011 although their follow-up, 'C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h.' peaked at number 88. 'Last Dance' (2015) went to number 93 but 'Cry Out' (2015) reached number 15, 'I Was King' (2016) hit number 26 and 'We Are' (2017) went to number four.

Their 2015 release '35XXXV' topped the Billboard World Albums Chart and went to number 23 on the Hard Rock Albums Chart. 'Ambitions' in 2017 reached number two on the Hard Rock Chart, number nine on the Alternative Albums Chart, number 12 on the Top Rock Albums Chart and number 106 on the Billboard 200. One Ok Rock toured with All Time Low and Sleeping With Sirens in 2017 and toured Europe in December of that year. Their 2018 dates include Bangkok, Thailand, Singapore, Shanghai, China, Taipei, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan.