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Damaged Goods Gang Of Four 03:27
Damaged Goods Gang Of Four 03:26
Natural's Not in It Gang Of Four 03:06
Not Great Men Gang Of Four 03:06
To Hell With Poverty Gang Of Four 04:59
Not Great Men Gang Of Four 03:05
At Home He's a Tourist Gang Of Four 03:30
I Found That Essence Rare Gang Of Four 03:13
5.45 Gang Of Four 03:43
Return the Gift Gang Of Four 03:05

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Gang of Four is one of the most radically important, and influential rock groups of the last 40 years. All the big bands that followed, the Chili Peppers, INXS, R.E.M., U2, Rage Against the Machine, have spoken of their debt to Gang of Four. More recently, the band's influence has become almost universal - now everybody talks about Gang Of Four. From Franz Ferdinand to St Vincent, from Sleater Kinny and James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem to Nine Inch Nails: today's creators of angular rock music has GO4's influence and imprint all over it. GO4 is now reaching an urban audience with Frank Ocean sampling GO4 on his latest album and Pharrell discussing GO4 in both the New York Times and Britains' Guardian. Co-produced by Ben Hillier, (Blur, Depeche Mode), the first single 'Lucky' is classic GO4 - high energy, riff driven dance music. Says American music critic Joel Gausten:"Last Friday, Gang of Four issued "Lucky," . . . A preview of their new Complicit EP, "Lucky" finds the band exploring the more melodic … To my ears, it's sublime." Gang of Four's EP 'Complicit' was released on April 20th 2018. The next EP will be released September/October 2018. Mojo's Editor in Chief: 'Sometimes I think the whole world's gone a bit Gang of Four'." Mojo "Bands occasionally get described as being 'ahead of their time'. Usually it means nothing; mere hack hyperbole . . . In Gang Of Four's case, it's a stone-cold, empirical fact." The Independent