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Nosso Plano Tribo da Periferia 03:39
Imprevisível Tribo da Periferia 04:01
Conspiração Tribo da Periferia, Marília Mendonça 02:50
Pirata de Esquina Tribo da Periferia 03:54
Quem é o Boss? Hungria Hip Hop, Tribo da Periferia 03:58
A Vida É um Sopro Tribo da Periferia, Mc Hariel 03:42
Furacão de Ninar Tribo da Periferia 02:38
Sem Rótulo Tribo da Periferia 04:16
Band Life Tribo da Periferia, Mc Lan, MC Fioti 03:51
Perdidos Em Nárnia Tribo da Periferia 02:41

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The Brazilian hip-hop outfit Tribo da Periferia was formed in Brasilia in 1998 by rappers and producers DuckJay and Look. Originally a five-piece, the group was reduced to a duo following Mano Marley, Alisson, AceDace, and DJ Bola Tribo's departure in the late 1990s. Verdadeiro Brasileiro, their studio debut, was released in 2003 and generated a considerable amount of buzz in the local underground rap scene with its low-budget production and politically minded lyrical content. However, it was 2005's Tudo Nosso that finally propelled them to fame thanks to the hit single "Carro de Malandro," which would eventually become a classic of Brazilian hip-hop. Over the next few years, Tribo da Periferia achieved both critical and commercial success with albums such as 1° Último (2011), 2° Último (2013), Lost Tape (2013), and 3° Último (2014), racking up millions of hits on streaming platforms and establishing them as one of Brazil's most popular rap acts. Driven by the hit single "Alma de Pipa," their seventh full-length 4° Último won a Palco MP3 in 2016 and was followed by other well-received releases such as the platinum-selling album Hibrido (2021) and the single "Por Mim" (2023).