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Brett was born in 1975 and currently lives in London, England. He has a long career as a musician, arranger, composer and writer. He participated in the writing of many albums. In the field of pop/rock, his references range from Phil Collins to Peter Gabriel, Dire Straits to The Clash, Pink Floyd to Radio Head. He is a prolific artist. The album “Time is my Friend” integrates 19 iconic tracks in remastered, unplugged and instrumental versions. Each year, Brett publishes several new songs in a very British style. During 2020, despite world pandemic, Brett has release 2 songs from his working album: Not Tonight, Brit Universe. This one is a tribute to legendary UK singers like Phil Collins, Freddie Mercury and David Bowie. His latest track, “Still the Sun Will Shine“, is an optimistic view of the world. The song is long and the style is very reminiscent of “Pink Floyd”.