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Rachel Sermanni

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Brighton House Rachel Sermanni 04:22
Ae Fond Kiss Rachel Sermanni 04:14
Everything Changes Rachel Sermanni 03:26
Travelled Rachel Sermanni 05:58
Old Ladies Lament Rachel Sermanni 03:38
Lay My Heart Rachel Sermanni 06:35
Come to You Rachel Sermanni 03:41
What Can I Do Rachel Sermanni 04:29
Marshmallow Unicorn Rachel Sermanni 04:53
Gently II Rachel Sermanni 06:53


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Rachel Sermanni is a Scottish based singer/songwriter that makes the mundane moments mystical: shock-positive pregnancy tests in train-station toilets, coffee machine breakages, cold river swims, the regret of not saying ‘I love You', the moon & how it pulls, bare feet on wood floors, the soft glow of a house plant, ‘what even is consciousness?’, strange dreams lingering in quiet mornings… She brims with dreamy indie-folk pop that speak of the struggle and desire to Flow, to love, to live, to feel. Sometimes, her songs speak of the rare moments of quiet-still, found in the midst of this struggle & desire. Rachel is a Jellyfish. Surrendering to the currents of the big sea.