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Pas Contente Vaudou Game 03:33
Grasse mat Vaudou Game 03:58
Sens interdit Vaudou Game 06:09
Soleil capricieux Vaudou Game 04:14
Bassa Bassa Vaudou Game 05:01
No Problem Vaudou Game 04:56
Tata fatiguée Vaudou Game 03:43
No Way to Go Vaudou Game 04:24
La vie c'est bon Vaudou Game 03:30
Lucie Vaudou Game 04:35

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Not Guilty
Tata fatiguée
La chose

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Formed in Lyon, France in 2013, Vaudou Game is an Afro-funk music collective founded by Togolese singer and guitarist Peter Solo. Influenced by the funk records his father played when he was young, Peter Solo envisioned a fusion of American rhythms from the 1960s and 1970s with the voodoo songs and rituals of his native country. In 2013, he released a solo album titled Analog Voodoo, which featured his first forays into hypnotic funk. Shortly after the album’s release, he formed Vaudou Game with local musicians from Lyon. In 2014, the collective released Apiafo, an album that also featured vocalist Roger Damawuzan, who channeled the excitement of James Brown into some of the recordings. In 2016, Vaudou Game continued their journey into hypnotic funk with the album Kidayou. While the group didn’t scale commercial heights, their grass roots following grew with each release including Otodi (2018) and Noussin (2021).