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Moises Maciel is a composer and pianist who lives in São Paulo and believes in the power of music to change emotions and perspectives. He started studying piano by the age of 12 and has a degree in Erudite and Popular Piano and in Composition and Regency from UNESP. Moises Maciel started his work in the music field by composing, producing arrangements, recording and producing contemporary Christian music, working with names such as Iveline, Danilo Melo, Quarteto Ministry, Orquestra Jovem CEMASP, as well as other names. In 2018, he initiated his journey with instrumental music by creating the RELAXTITUDE Project. It uses original songs that search to provide opportunities for meditation, relaxing, and relieving stress. His compositional techniques, timbre choices, harmonic direction, and constant search for striking melodies, result in an attractive and unique language in his compositions. Through this musical alchemy, the traditional gets together with modern, the young with the old, and the pop with the classical, creating music that is meaningful, for the people of today. Music that moves, music that transforms emotions and perspectives, this is Maciel’s goal in each musical composition he creates and in each of his records!