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Party Shaker R.I.O., Nicco 03:26
Shine On R.I.O. 03:22
Party Shaker R.I.O., KYANU, Nicco 02:39
Summer Jam R.I.O., U-Jean 03:02
Don't Stop Believin' R.I.O., Deeperlove 02:48
Miss Sunshine R.I.O. 03:22
Like I Love You R.I.O., The Hitmen, KYANU 02:32
Tonight R.I.O., KYANU, Nicco 02:30
Good Vibe R.I.O., KYANU 02:03
Like I Love You R.I.O. 03:23

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 R.I.O. is a German DJ group, formed in Cologne in 2007. The group was founded by DJs Manian and Yanou (Yann Peifer) after a few successful collaborations. The duo’s first official release was the song “R.I.O,” later re-mixed as “De Janeiro” and becoming an international club anthem. This was followed by “Cool,” a collaboration with Lowrida. Lead singer Tony T. joined the group in 2008. The group’s first release as a trio was the song “Shine On,” which went on to be a tremendously successful single for R.I.O. This was followed by singles such as “Turn the Tide” and “When the Sun Comes Down.” In 2010, R.I.O released their first full-length album, titled Shine On (The Album). It contained several previously released singles as well as new additions like “Hot Girl” and “One Heart.” In 2011, the group released “Like I Love You,” the first single for their second album Sunshine (2011). “Like I Love You” became an international success for the trio. That same year, the group released “Turn This Club Around,” a collaboration with rapper U-Jean which peaked at Number 1 on the iTunes chart. This success was followed by the group’s third album Turn This Club Around (2011). In 2012, lead singer Tony T. left the group to pursue a solo career, leaving R.I.O as a DJ duo. 2013 saw the release of their third full-length album Ready or Not. Over the course of the next few years, R.I.O continued recording singles that became club anthems throughout the world, such as “Komodo (Hard Nights),” “Living in Stereo,” and “One in a Million.” In 2017, the group released “The Sign,” a single featuring The Vengaboys.