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I Produce my Music with a Combination of Deep House, Synthwave, Electronic pop and Contemporary Music with a Banging Beat, Mix & Match, I have always liked the production side of music, since electronic sounds came out now its much easier to obtain and at a lower cost - using a laptop and keyboard and some other bit n stuff. I compose, create and mixdown all my own projects and do all my own artwork on my covers and website. Love listening to all types of Music, Love producing, Mixing, Making Music, I get inspired by the people and places 'creating projects', that I have visited or visiting and produce tracks that inspire me at the time, usually by the pool or on the beach, on a tour, in a restaurant or bar hence the party beat atmosphere - my favorite hobby. Create - Compose - Produce - Develop - #TallBoyShort,#deephouse,#music,#dance,#party,#electronic,#lockdown,#abletonlive Enjoy! I do all my own artwork, website, social media advertising - I have been learning for many years there is always something new out there.