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God Is in the Rain Suicide Commando 05:27
See You in Hell (feat. Johan Van Roy) Suicide Commando, Alien Vampires, Johan van Roy 04:44
Far From Humans Suicide Commando, Alien Vampires, Alien Vampires, Suicide Commando 04:15
See You in Hell Suicide Commando 03:38
My New Christ, Ver. 4 Suicide Commando 04:36
Die Motherfucker Die Suicide Commando 06:09
Unterwelt Suicide Commando 05:01
Hellraiser Suicide Commando, Nano Infect 03:52
Attention Whore Suicide Commando 04:53
In Guns We Trust Suicide Commando 06:01

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Suicide Commando is a Belgian industrial music group. It was formed in 1986 by Johan Van Roy, who remains the group’s main creative driving force and sole studio member. For live shows, the band consists of Johan Van Roy on vocals, Mario Vaerewijck on drums, and Torben Schmidt on keyboards. The project sprung from Johan Van Roy’s experimentation with electronic music, which led to the release of several independent Suicide Commando tapes. The project was then signed to the label Off Beat, and in 1994 Suicide Commando released their first album Critical Stage. This was followed the next year by Stored Images. In 1998, Suicide Commando released Construct-Destruct and Reconstruction, which increased the act’s international profile. 2002 saw the release of Dependent, a compilation album including Suicide Commando’s most well-known songs at the time. Their 2003 album Axis of Evil was voted album of the year by the Deutsche Alternative Charts. Over the following decade, the group continued to tour relentlessly and release albums, such as 2010’s Implements of Hell and 2017’s Forest of the Impaled. In 2022, Suicide Commando released the album Goddestruktor, their tenth full-length studio album overall, hailed as one of the heaviest releases in their long career.