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Tora Tora (Boro Boro) Giorgos Mazonakis, Arash 02:46
Ores Mikres Giorgos Mazonakis 04:29
Zilevo Giorgos Mazonakis 03:09
To Gucci Forema Giorgos Mazonakis 05:20
Edo Giorgos Mazonakis 03:00
Lipi Pali O Theos Giorgos Mazonakis 04:13
Foveri Giorgos Mazonakis 02:59
Tosa Vradia Giorgos Mazonakis 03:30
Tosa Vradia Giorgos Mazonakis 03:37
Ela Piso Sti Thesi Sou Giorgos Mazonakis 04:51

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Giorgos Mazonakis has built a long career for himself by keeping club-goers dancing to modern laika, pop and dance music.

Mazonakis was born in March 1972 in Nikaia, one of the suburbs of Athens. He grew up listening to Greek folk music from the likes of Stratos Dionysios, Yiannis Parios, Marinella and Haris Alexiou, with a little bit of rock mixed in.

At 15-years-old, Mazonakis decided he wanted to pursue a career in music and began singing in the nightclubs of Athens and it was in one of those venues, Patras, that he was picked up by Universal (then PolyGram). Mazonakis began working his way up to bigger clubs and began touring, covering Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Australia and some of the eastern states of America.

When Mazonakis' song 'Mou Leipeis' was picked up for a car advert, his label decided to capitalise on the exposure with a 2001 'Best Of' album in Greece and Italy, gaining further traction for the artist. The next year also saw Mazonakis singing two songs by Greek composer Stamatis Kraounakis on the soundtrack to the film 'Varethika Na Skotono tous Agapitikous Sou' ('I'm Tired of Killing Your Boyfriends').

In the years since, Mazonakis has released albums including 'Savvato' (2003), 'Ta Isia Anapoda' (2010), 'To Paraxeno Me Mena' (2015) and 'Agapo Simeni' (2019).