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HOME RUN (feat. raychel jay) Shawn Wasabi, Raychel Jay 02:24
ANIMAL CROSSING Shawn Wasabi, Sophia Black 02:39
Spicy Boyfriend Shawn Wasabi 02:58
tokyo tea (feat. Spacegirl Gemmy) Shawn Wasabi, Spacegirl Gemmy 03:21
ANIMAL CROSSING Shawn Wasabi, Sophia Black 02:39
HALO HALO (feat. Chevy) Shawn Wasabi, Chevy 02:43
LOVE POTION (feat. raychel jay) Shawn Wasabi, Raychel Jay 02:40
IGLOO Shawn Wasabi 04:07
MANGO LOVE (feat. Satica) Shawn Wasabi, SATICA 03:03
Mango Love Shawn Wasabi, SATICA 03:01

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princess peach
HALO HALO (feat. Chevy)
LEMONS (feat. kennedi)
MEDICINE (feat. Tia Scola)

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A technology pioneering creator of
electronic pop, Shawn Wasabi (born Shawn Serrano on May 26, 1994 in Salinas,
California) gained his initial musical skills learning the piano as a boy.
Using a Midi Fighter, he began creating mashups and making them available
online in 2013. He quickly developed a following with viral successes, gaining
the greatest notoriety for 2015’s “Marble Soda”, a track he created with
the Midi Fighter 64, a device he helped develop. The sounds he created were so
unique that there was commercial demand for the Midi Fighter 64, securing
Wasabi’s reputation as an innovator. Maintaining his status as a viral
supertar, he continued issuing new singles throughout the decade, often
collaborating with singers, including “Otter Pop” with Hollis “Mango
with Satica, and two songs featuring Raychel Jay. Wasabi and Jay’s
collaboration continued on Wasabi’s 2020 release, Mangotale, with Jay
providing vocals on four of the album’s twelve tracks, including the single “Home
. Other featured singers on the album include Tia Scola, Spacegirl
Gemmy, Chevy, and Kennedi.