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I Am the Fly Wire 03:09
Mannequin Wire 02:37
Outdoor Miner Wire 02:54
Mr Suit Wire 01:25
Outdoor Miner Wire 01:44
Three Girl Rhumba Wire 01:23
Ex Lion Tamer Wire 02:19
Reuters Wire 03:03
Pink Flag Wire 03:45
Surgeon's Girl Wire 01:17

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Wire are one of those groups whose legacy and influence far outweigh their tangible achievements. Their 1977 debut album Pink Flag was a roughly produced, earthy collection of short punk songs, very typical of the era, and reasonably well-received by the music press. By the time their third album Document and Eyewitness was released in 1979, critics' opinions changed, with reviews describing them as "disjointed" and "almost unlistenable". After this inconsistent start Wire subsequently developed and progressed into a more mature style of songwriting leading to experimentation with synthesisers, unorthodox arrangements and an altogether more thoughtful way of playing. Well-known performers who have cited Wire as being influential in their own music have included R.E.M, The Manic Street Preachers, The Cure and Blur. Whilst acknowledging their punk origins, the band had a curious way of distancing themselves from their cruder, earlier sound—a Wire tribute band called The Ex-Lion Tamers were hired as Wire's opening act during live performances. The Ex-Lion Tamers played covers of early Wire material whilst the real band showcased new material. Over the ensuing years the band have continued to record and perform sporadically and their material is frequently covered by other bands. In 2020, they released two LPs – a feat previously only achieved by them in 1991 – garnering positive reviews for the wholly new studio album Mind Hive and rounding up a selection of unreleased cuts for the Record Store Day compilation 10:20