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Short Introduction: German-born and raised in Houston, Texas, Lilith Max is attempting to make sense of the world around her through sometimes melancholic, sometimes mystic songs. A skillful storyteller, Lilith explores the depth of the human mind, motivation, feelings, and failings. Sometimes this results in alternative pop like ICE AGE but her complex and often dark lyrics also lead to other genres like jazz, dream pop, or even medieval appearing styles, all featured in an upcoming EP. With a minimum of words, Lilith’s lyrics create worlds and scenes in the imagination, so detailed and real, that the listener is drawn into her songs right away. BIO: I always loved writing stories and I loved drama which led me to film acting at a young age. Getting older, I realized that I’d prefer to tell my own stories over following screen scripts. Listening to music a lot, inevitably led to writing my own lyrics and melodies. I pitched some of my songs to Houston’s Grammy-winning producer Billy Dorsey Jr. and we decided to produce an EP together. Being in the studio, talking to musicians, creating beautiful music together feels like home. I enjoy writing about feelings, conflict, dark themes, fairytales, and mythology. My role model is Aurora and I admire her style and creativity. Recently, I won in the YoungArts competition 2022 in the category voice: singer/songwriter. I really hope that my music will touch deep emotions in my audience and makes them feel understood and appreciated. My voice is very unique, and I’m told that is a good thing. Let’s see where it leads me.