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Jim Ottaway is an international award-winning Australian composer and musician recording original electronic instrumental music covering many genres including electronic, ambient, new age and space music. Jim’s major musical influences include Tangerine Dream, Edgar Froese, Vangelis, Pink Floyd, Enigma, Johannes Schmoelling, Tony O'Connor, Christopher Franke, Lisa Gerrard and Gary Wright. The inspiration behind Jim’s music is his love of nature and his spiritual connection to the beautiful environment of the Gold Coast hinterland. Since 2004 Jim has released over 30 independent albums in his homeland, Australia… commencing with his first release FIRST LIGHT, a light relaxing ambient album and culminating in his new exciting electronic release SOMEWHERE IN-BETWEEN, officially released in June 2022. Jim has received three awards from the Zone Music Reporter Awards held in New Orleans, USA each year. In July 2021 Jim was awarded… Best Electronic Album for WHEN ETERNITY TOUCHES TIME and in May 2018 Jim received two awards…Best Electronic Album for TIMELESS e-MOTION and Best Ambient Album for DEEP SPACE BLUE. Jim was awarded a Silver Medal at the 2016 and 2017 Global Music Awards for his albums SOUTHERN CROSS and DEEP SPACE BLUE (respectively). Another four of Jim’s albums have received international music awards nominations including INVISIBLE VORTEX, YESTERDAY PASSING, BEYOND THE PURPLE SUN and BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION. Since 2010 twenty-six of Jim’s tracks have been chosen as finalist in various Australian music/songwriting awards including the Australian Songwriting Awards. Jim was also nominated for two Queensland Music Awards in 2010 and 2011(respectively). During the years 2016 to 2022 eleven of Jim’s albums charted around the world… INVISIBLE VORTEX (peaked at #1 on the One World Music (UK) Top 100 Chart for 2 months in 2016), SOUTHERN CROSS, LIQUID MOON, TIMELESS e-MOTION; DEEP SPACE BLUE, YESTERDAY PASSING, BEYOND THE PURPLE SUN, BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION and WHEN ETERNITY TOUCHES TIME. DEEP SPACE BLUE, BEYOND THE PURPLE SUN, WHEN ETERNITY TOUCHES TIME and THRESHOLD OF THE UNIVERSE reached the Top 10, on the prestigious USA-based Zone Music Reporter Top 100 chart. Jim’s music is available for download from iTunes, Bandcamp and Amazon. Jim’s music is also available for streaming from major streaming sites. Jim’s albums can also be purchased directly from his website…