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Smooth Big Cat is that blue moon music, songs for when the eve is about to turn into something special. Music to enhance your moment, a record for wild hearted escapades and fuzzy, melty moments laying back on the rug. Say hello to Smooth Big Cat: a record with all the swagger, wit and vibe of its namesake. Dope Lemon become not just a melting curio of artistic experimentation, but into a fully-fledged cultural phenomenon. This is Dope Lemon squeezed to pure juice, distilled to a nectar fit for the gods, sweet on everyone’s lips. Smooth Big Cat isn’t like any other Dope Lemon record, but sure as smokey hell it is a dreamy zone the listener is dropped into. The recommended way to listen to Smooth Big Cat is whiskey in one hand, smoke in the other. It is beers around the pool table at midnight. It is Angus’ real world.