Epic Metal

Beer! Fire! Sausages! Heavy metal!

Playlist Tracks

Architects Of Doom Blind Guardian 06:20
Saxons and Vikings Amon Amarth, Saxon 04:55
King Of The Kings Grave Digger 04:43
Call of the Wild Powerwolf, Hansi K├╝rsch 03:39
The Scattering of Darkness Dragonland 05:31
Fly Away Gloryhammer 03:59
Fly with Me Brymir 04:51
Welcome to Fear City Them 04:12
The White Dynazty 03:48
Force of a Storm Sumerlands 02:58
TATAR Warrior The HU 05:03
Kingdemonium Hammer King 04:31
Firefly Stratovarius 03:38
The Inmost Light Avantasia, Michael Kiske 03:26
Fellows of the Hammer Wind Rose 06:15
The Light Seventh Wonder 06:19
Demon Eyes H.E.A.T 03:36
Tempest Of Blades Battle Beast 03:32
Chainbreaker (Re-mastered) Primal Fear 04:25
Chambers of Fire Battlelore 04:13
Magellan's Expedition Alestorm 04:38
The Unkillable Soldier Sabaton 04:11
Best Time Helloween 03:35
The Battle (2022 Version) Iron Savior 05:48
No Son of Odin Hammerfall 04:00
The Other Son of Odin Brothers of Metal 03:25
Diamond Handed Seven Kingdoms 04:03
Dinos and Dragons Victorius 04:52
Gates of Babylon Sorcerer 05:46
Wings of Fire Running Wild 03:59