Metal BBQ

Beer! Fire! Sausages! Heavy metal!

Playlist Tracks

Black Wind, Fire and Steel Manowar 05:15
Fire & Thunder Running Wild 07:33
Rain of Fire Virgin Steele 06:27
Rapid Fire Judas Priest 04:08
Triumph and Power Grand Magus 04:36
Raise the Noise (Remastered 2020) Helloween 05:07
Raise Your Fists Primal Fear 03:52
Metal Feast Wizard 04:16
Heavy Metal To The World Manilla Road 03:23
Death Rider Omen 03:29
Born to the Fight Waylander 03:02
Drink Alestorm 03:22
We Drink Your Blood Powerwolf 03:42
Rum, Women, Victory Ensiferum 04:16
Vodka Korpiklaani 02:59
Hero Tengger Cavalry 05:26
The Clarion Call Falconer 05:47
Carry On Angra 05:05
Hearts on Fire HammerFall 03:51
Through The Fire And Flames DragonForce 07:19
Raise Your Horns Amon Amarth 04:23
Fire Blood and Steel


Brothers of Metal 03:12
Universe on Fire Gloryhammer 04:06
Triumph for My Magic Steel Rhapsody of Fire 05:46
Trollhammaren Finntroll 03:28
Fire Burns Tyrant 06:54
Blackout Stratovarius 04:10
Paradise (Remastered) Edguy 06:25
One More for the Road Dio 03:17
Speed of Light Iron Maiden 05:01