Soulful Hip-Hop Beats

Soul-inspired hip-hop instrumental beats & vocal tracks. Soulful vibes to give your day an energy boost and lift your mood. For fans of: soulful hip-hop, jazzhop, jazzrap, jazz boom bap, conscious hip-hop, neo soul, r&b. Contact:

  • by Sphere of Hip-Hop
  • 67 tracks
  • 3 h 41 min

Playlist Tracks

Young Sparrow Tall Black Guy 04:05
Out of Luck Paklite 02:00
Exodus A.Sims 03:18
thoughts Mizzy Mauri 02:20
Satellite Homeboy Sandman, Deca 03:41
A Quiet Storm Kazuki Isogai, Goro Kumai 02:50
First Things First


Randy Mason 03:05
Get You David Cutter Music 02:10
Excursions A Tribe Called Quest 03:54
Monday's Generation Stro Elliot 03:14
Hopefully Sareem Poems, Madi 03:27
Black Power Time


Ray Wimley 03:05
Those Were The Days (Remix) NewSelph, K.I.N.E.T.I.K., Breis 02:45
Forest Nomis, Propaganda 03:43
Get It Right (Radio Edit) Henry Invisible 03:39
Promise Land Big Vezy 02:14
Coolie High (Instrumental) Camp Lo 04:02
Keep Going Sareem Poems, Madi 03:20
Lili Halibab Matador 03:49
Ain't No Time Sareem Poems, Madi 03:02
Flowers (Remix) Jurny Big, Sadat X, NewSelph 02:59
Promise Land (Remix) James Gardin, NewSelph 03:09
Better (feat. Ryann Darling) Dre Murray, Sivion, Sojourn, Malex 04:00
Make the Road By Walking Menahan Street Band 03:03
Runnin DIE-REK 04:38
Blinders (Remix) Sivion, Jon Corbin 03:12
Memories Jono Das 02:08
Mirror Monologues (Remix) Sojourn, NewSelph 02:15
Going Through It (Instrumental) Sivion, DertBeats 03:15
Runnin Away (feat. Malaya) Tall Black Guy, Ozay Moore, Malaya 04:40