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Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald

You know what's long, tedious and boring? Surgery. You know what isn't? This new podcast! Join Scrubs co-stars and real-life best friends Zach Braff and Donald Faison for a weekly comedy podcast where they relive the hit TV show, one episode at a time. Each week, these BFFs will discuss an episode of Scrubs, sharing behind-the-scenes stories and reminiscing on some of their favorite memories from filming. They’ll also connect with Scrubs super fans and feature beloved show cast members for exclusive interviews.


2023: My Gynecologist With Dr. Jen Gunter
On this week's episode, we've invited the author of the Vagina Bible and the Menopause Manifesto, Dr. Jen Gunter, to answer all our vagina-related questions. See for privacy information.
62:41 26/09/2023
2023: My Director/Producer with Elizabeth Banks
On this week's episode, we're joined by writer, producer, director, actress, and all-around badass Elizabeth frickin' Banks! She talks to us about her experience using a surrogate, what she learned working with Spielberg, and why Cocaine Bear is secretly a revenge film. See for privacy information.
84:35 12/09/2023
We're holding off on an extended tour until the strike concludes. In the meantime, please enjoy our first-ever live show from Seattle - featuring musical guest Chad Fischer and the owner of this podcast, Bill Lawrence. See for privacy information.
91:53 05/09/2023
2023: Javert Comes to Sacred Heart with Preston Truman Boyd
On this week's episode, we welcome Broadway star and Zach's other bestie, Preston Truman Boyd, to the show. He attempts to sing Adeosun's theme song and gives us some advice on strengthening our voices. See for privacy information.
56:26 29/08/2023
2023: My Favorite Ranch with Clare Staples
On this week's episode, we learn about what goes into running a horse and burro rescue. Rancher Clare Staples talks about her passion for saving wild horses, the obstacles these creatures face, and how she's able to keep track of dozens of horses. See for privacy information.
71:25 22/08/2023
Real Friends Classic - 610: My Therapeutic Month with John C. McGinley
On this week's episode, the staff at Sacred Heart learn how much they changed over the course of a month. In the real world, Joelle is away, Johnny C is back, and one of our favorite fan callers returns. See for privacy information.
73:09 15/08/2023
23: My Trainer with Cody Rigsby
On this week's episode, Zach and Donald's favorite trainer, Cody Rigsby, steps off the bike and onto the mic to discuss Beyonce's superiority, some very NSFW online dating culture habits, and his upcoming book: XOXO, Cody: An Opinionated Homosexual's Guide to Self-Love, Relationships, and Tactful Pettiness. Pre-Order here: See for privacy information.
58:14 08/08/2023
2023: My Strike with Adam Conover
On this week's episode, the WGA and SAG/AFTRA take to the streets to demand worker's rights. In our show, we learn more about the strike, the rules, and the future of this podcastSee for privacy information.
76:48 01/08/2023
Real Friends Classic - 501: My Intern's Eyes
On this week's episode, JD gets interns! In the real world, we went to DISNEY! Plus, Zach quizzes our musical knowledge as we gloriously kick off season 5.See for privacy information.
67:43 25/07/2023
Real Friends Classic - 113: My Balancing Act with Michael Spiller
On this week's episode, JD tries to balance his new girlfriend, and his job as a medical intern. In real life, Zach and Donald speak with Michael Spiller about directing episodes of Scrubs, and how he made the move from cinematographer on Sex and the City to directing his first episode of television.See for privacy information.
91:41 18/07/2023
On this week's episode, we're taking some time to consider how best to move forward with the podcast, given the ongoing strike. We stand in full solidarity with the unions and our fellow creatives. See for privacy information.
00:41 18/07/2023
Real Friends Classic - 504: My Jiggly Ball
J.D. is asked to introduce Dr. Kelso at an awards dinner. In the real world, Donald's thankful for his friends, Zach did a floor routine, and the whole gang discusses old movie stars.See for privacy information.
65:27 11/07/2023
810: My Comedy Show
On this week’s episode, JD and Turk show the interns how a comedy show is really done. In the real world, we’re still high on our live show and looking forward to taking this operation on the road. See for privacy information.
65:52 04/07/2023
Real Friends Classic - 319: My Choosiest Choice of All with Bill Lawrence
On this week's episode, Cox realizes he has a crush on the new doctor. In the real world, BILL IS BACK!See for privacy information.
87:55 27/06/2023
Fake Doctors Classic - 507: My Way Home
It's the 100th episode of Scrubs! On this week's episode, the Sacred Heart crew live a real-life journey down the yellow brick road. In the real world, Donald spends his last day in the closet and Zach's in New York City. Will the show ever be the same?See for privacy information.
99:51 20/06/2023
809: My Absence
On this week's episode, JD is out for the week and Turk and Carla discover they're pregnant. In the real world, we're so excited about our live show this week that we can barely discuss anything else. See for privacy information.
55:01 13/06/2023
808: My Lawyer’s in Love with Kate Micucci
On this week's episode, Ted falls in love with a ukulele player. In the real world, we're getting ready for our first live show! Plus the fabulous Kate Micucci joins us and serenades us with her ukulele. See for privacy information.
77:14 06/06/2023
807: My New Role
On this week's episode, Dr. Cox struggles to adapt to his new role as Chief of Medicine. In the real world, we're luke warm on this episode, but we're all about the hot goss coming out of Laverne's above ground pool party. See for privacy information.
67:46 30/05/2023
806: My Cookie Pants
On this week's episode, Elliot gets in her cookie pants and tries to convince Turk to reveal JD's sexual fantasies. In the real world, we contemplate the horrors of AI and Dr. Penis makes his triumphant return. See for privacy information.
79:15 23/05/2023
805: My ABCs
On this week's episode, JD, Elliot, and Cox take on new proteges but soon discover this class will test them in new and unique ways. In the real world, we do a thirty minute introduction because it's been 3,000 years since we last spoke. See for privacy information.
89:09 16/05/2023
On this week's episode, we're going live! We'll be in Seattle on June 10th doing the first-ever LIVE recap of My Musical. Tickets are available right now at: for privacy information.
66:36 02/05/2023
Real Friends Classic: A Very Special Episode Alabama Jackson w Seth Green and Friends
We get animated on this week's episode as we dive into the pilot episode of Donald's new show Alabama Jackson! Join us as we break down the time-traveling comedy with the creative minds behind the show, including Seth Green, Chris Waters, 'Harv' Harvatine, Shirley Faison, Ashley Ray, and Lee House.See for privacy information.
81:30 12/04/2023
Real Doctor Special with Dr. Jonathan Fader
As you know, Zach's released a new film. A Good Person came into being through the real-life grief Zach navigated during the pandemic. Channeling the loss of his sister, his father, and his good friend Nick, he explores the idea of what it means to stand back up after being knocked down. Dr. Fader, Zach's therapist and coach, played an instrumental role in helping Zach complete the script. On this very special episode, Zach talks to Dr. Fader about how he helps some of the biggest sports stars and performers change how they think about themselves, and how they react to negative thoughts. See for privacy information.
53:28 31/03/2023
Real Friends Classic: 208 - My Fruit Cup With Heather Locklear
On this week's episode, Turk and JD reveal how they beg, borrow, and steal to make ends meet as medical residents. In the real world, Zach and Donald are joined by television legend Heather Locklear. Locklear recounts her days as a star on two prime-time television series and the #metoo moment that led her to remove her name from the First Wives Club.See for privacy information.
85:36 28/03/2023
A Good Person with Florence Pugh
Zach's new film, A Good Person, comes out this weekend. We're so excited to welcome the star of the movie Florence Pugh to the podcast. She talks to us about how she got her first acting role, why she wanted to cut her hair in the movie, and what it was like to step into the producer role for the first time. See for privacy information.
62:19 21/03/2023
Real Friends Classic - 120: My Way or the Highway with Scott Foley
In this week's episode, Elliot is swept off her feet by the handsome Sean. In the real world, Zach and Donald are swept off their feet as they recall the WB's Felicity and their misunderstood TV series.See for privacy information.
84:23 14/03/2023
804: My Happy Place with John C. McGinley
On this week's episode, JD and Elliot rekindle their romantic relationship. In the real world. John C. McGinley joins us and tell us about his cold plung routine and how he roots for JD and Elliot. See for privacy information.
74:51 07/03/2023
803: My Saving Grace
On this week's episode, Carla tries to set an intern on the right path while Dr. Cox tries to get the new Chief of Medicine fired with Kelso's help. In the real world, we've got a new banger of a Chat GPT script, this time featuring Seinfeld. See for privacy information.
69:41 28/02/2023
802: My Last Words
On this week's episode, Turk and JD help a dying patient find peace. In the real world, we've got a T-Mobile Super Bowl hit on our hands. Zach and Donald talk to the team behind the John Travolta appearance we all needed. See for privacy information.
82:45 21/02/2023
801: My Jerks
On this week's episode, Sacred Heart is on a new channel and a new Chief of Medicine! Welcome, Courtney Cox to the hospital. In the real world, we're listening to more of your podcast suggestions and TV pitches. See for privacy information.
79:52 14/02/2023