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Let's kick up some dust, break all the rules, and rebel in the direction of our dreams together :) I am wife and mother who needs this space to be the utter a$$hole that I truly am. I am also too lazy to deal with comedy clubs, so this podcast is my virtual stage. I'm pretty obsessed with human behavior, the science of happiness, relationships and fulfilling your life's purpose. So much of this podcast will be a mixture of my personal comedic shenanigans and answering some of life's deepest questions. You're welcome.


#70 - Do More and Have More
I almost quit my coaching business to take on a role for a start up. Insanity right? I’ll share with you my story about how this little rebel girl almost got seduced into working for someone else. In this episode, you will hear:—About how I almost got seduced into working for the man —How to pause and get clear on if something is truly in your highest good —How sometimes your ego will completely derail your soul’s true desire Coaching Questions & Thoughts: When is enough enough for you? What do you truly desire to create in this lifetime? Where in your life are you giving into the needs of the ego rather than honoring your heart? If you died today, what would you deeply regret having not done? Resources:To help you avoid the hedonic treadmill, here is a link to happiness cheatsheet
07:50 13/09/2022
#69 - How to Make Miracles
Sometimes a miracle is actually just science, and when we figure that out we can create it again and again and again. Join me on the wild ride to figuring out how to do this, and also I update you on what the hell I’ve been doing with my life for the last year. You’re welcome.  In this episode, you will hear:   — About how our emotions effect DNA which effects the physical world  — How to master the law of attraction based on science  — What Shereen has been doing with her life for the past year  — How Science and Spirituality aren’t that far apart  — Why Happiness is actually a prayer that will inevitably make the world a better place (so no, focusing on your happiness isn’t selfish)    Coaching Questions & Thoughts:    Where in your life are you talking yourself out of following your bliss?  What do you need to do right now to allow more joy in?  Where in your life do you make miracles seem like a pipe dream?  How can you support yourself in feeling like you already have what you want?    Resources:   Link to video explaining the Life Saving Cancer Miracle here:  Here’s another one here: Gregg Braden - Quantum Healing of Tumour thru the Power of Thought & Feeling  Stop keeping up with the Jones’ and learn all the science-based tips I learned from Yale on what actually makes us happy! Download the free happiness cheat sheet at   
14:53 26/07/2022
#68 - Get Paid To Be Yourself With Mia LaMotte
This week I have image consultant, transformation coach, and personal brand strategist Mia LaMotte on the podcast to geek out about branding and her company Brand Disruptors. For years, Mia has been giving people permission to be themselves instead of trying to fit into someone else’s box. And now, she’s teaching us how to express ourselves authentically online and in real life.  In this episode, you will hear: The importance of not changing yourself for the sake of having an “appropriate” or “professional” brand How your perception of yourself directly influences what other people think of you How to break out of the proper lady, good girl box that so many women are taught to fit into That there’s no wrong way to represent your brand when you’re true to yourself And her top tip for standing out amongst the crowd and attracting the right people to your message Coaching Questions & Thoughts:   What particular boxes have you been trying to fit into? What labels have you been taught to wear that don’t exactly align with who you are? Next time you’re thinking about showing up in a certain way, ask yourself: is this something I like or am I doing it because it’s something that would be less controversial? Who are your two archetypal people who — when combined — best describe who you are and what you bring to the table? For example, I like to describe myself as Whitney Cummings meets Tony Robbins. How much permission are you giving yourself to just be yourself? In what ways are you not showing up authentically? Quotes: “We all have a brand, whether we curate it or not.” - Mia LaMotte “It's really about leaning more into who you are instead of trying to be somebody that you're not.” - Mia LaMotte “What we think about ourselves actually shows on the outside.” - Mia LaMotte “There’s really no better personal growth program than to build a brand and become an entrepreneur.” - Shereen Thor “When we stop growing, we’re dead.” - Mia LaMotte Resources: Brand Disruptors Retreats & Programs Brand Disruptors Podcast Mia’s Website Mia’s Instagram Stop keeping up with the Jones’ and learn all the science-based tips I learned from Yale on what actually makes us happy! Download the free happiness cheat sheet at
22:25 24/03/2021
#67 - Do You Have Skin In The Game?
This week, I’m going on a rant y'all. As a coach, I occasionally work with people who say they want to change their lives but don’t do what it takes actually to make it happen. Why? Because they don’t have enough skin in the game. In this episode, you will hear: What it really means to have skin in the game Why it’s insanely necessary to have a high level of commitment to your life and your dreams The soulful, deep AF reason why coaching and personal development tools can be expensive What happens when your commitment level is low Coaching Questions & Thoughts: Where in your life are you passive? Complaining about your circumstances without doing anything to change them? What is one action you can do today that will move the needle forward towards your dreams? Quotes: “You have to have a high level of commitment to your dreams.” - Shereen Thor Resources:Stop keeping up with the Jones’ and learn all the science-based tips I learned from Yale on what actually makes us happy! Download the free happiness cheat sheet at
07:09 10/03/2021
#66 — How To Thrive Without Social Media with Alexandra Franzen
This week I have writer, consultant, entrepreneur, and creative mermaid, Alexandra Franzen on the podcast to dish a life without social media and how to live a life that’s true to you. After quitting her job in public radio 11 years ago, Alexandra started working as a self-employed writer. Now she’s written articles for Time and Forbes, published six books, and teaches courses on writing, publishing, marketing, and getting things done from her beautiful home in Hawaii. In this episode, you will hear: The story of how a summer hiatus from Twitter led to her giving up social media altogether Why being uncomfortable and brave are vital for surviving those first few years as an entrepreneur How experimenting with life has helped her forge her own path What it really takes to write a good book And her #1 tip for book writing that will make the whole project less overwhelming Coaching Questions & Thoughts:   What is your relationship to social media? Do you feel like it’s a tool you use for creativity and connection, or is it more of a habitual distraction? Do you like the person you’re becoming when you use social media? If not, what’s a small, non-committal hiatus you could take that would give you the space to see who you are without it? What’s a hobby or obsession that you keep saying no to? Could you give yourself permission to try it and see what happens? Quotes: “After that initial withdrawal, what I noticed was just a feeling of quiet and so much space in my brain.” — Alexandra Franzen “Nothing is forever, and life is full of surprises.” — Alexandra Franzen “It was uncomfortable at first because I had all those feelings, ‘I don't want to bother people.’ ‘I don't want to sound desperate. All the things — but it was actually beautiful how wrong I was.” — Alexandra Franzen “Doing that gave me such a sense of courage because I felt like, ‘if I can fly a helicopter, I can finish this essay and submitted by the deadline.’” — Alexandra Franzen “Sometimes we have certain hobbies or obsessions or passions that come in for a brief time to teach you a lesson or to shape who you are to help you become stronger and grow.” — Alexandra Franzen Resources: Alexandra Franzen’s Website Alexandra Franzen’s Courses (including the Tiny Book Course mentioned in this episode) Stop keeping up with the Jones’ and learn all the science-based tips I learned from Yale on what actually makes us happy! Download the free happiness cheat sheet at
44:16 24/02/2021
#65 - The Plight Of The Creative Type
As creatives, we naturally have a lot of interests — and it’s easy for us to get distracted by a shiny new one. Constantly wanting to chase multiple things at once leaves many of us feeling lost and uncertain about what the heck it is we’re supposed to do. This week I’m talking about the power of allowing change to happen and how to give yourself permission to evolve into the next phase of you. In this episode, you will hear: Why creative types so often feel lost (and why it’s not necessarily a bad thing) How getting bogged down by the shame that comes with wanting to change isn’t helpful The science behind learning and how it makes you happier What happens when you allow yourself to change and enjoy the freakin’ ride baby Coaching Questions & Thoughts:   If you’re currently in the reshuffling phase of life, what feelings are coming up for you? Anxiety? Fear? Shame? Why do you feel like it’s not okay for you to evolve? What would happen if, instead of beating yourself up, you gave yourself permission to change and allowed it to happen? Quotes: “I believe every creative type, at least quarterly or twice a year, feels lost.” - Shereen Thor “You’re not confused. You’re just a human being. And guess what? Human beings evolve.” - Shereen Thor “You get to be all of who you are, whatever that looks like.” - Shereen Thor Resources:Stop keeping up with the Jones’ and learn all the science-based tips I learned from Yale on what actually makes us happy! Download the free happiness cheat sheet at
10:52 27/01/2021
#64 - Is 2021 Your Hinge Year?
This week, I’m checking in after a brief hiatus and a WILD start to 2021, which a lot of people are labeling a “hinge year.” Tune in to learn what that means and how you can use this collective feeling of restlessness to reignite your dreams and go after what you truly want. In this episode, you will hear: What a hinge year is (and how to use it to your advantage) How the death of a longtime client has made me shift how I play the game of life The importance of honoring your most irrational desires What jealousy and envy can teach us about what we want How being your authentic self is not only better for you, but everyone around you And what big, crazy and totally irrational dream I am chasing during this hinge year Coaching Questions & Thoughts:How can you channel this feeling of restlessness and global uncertainty into something positive? Is there something in your life you’ve been wanting to shift? When was the last time you felt really jealous of someone? Was that experience in any way a sign of something you truly want? What irrational desire are you holding back? What illogical choices do you want to make but haven’t allowed yourself to? What little step could you take today to make it a reality? What is one irrational dream that you can chase to make 2021 a hinge year to remember? Quotes: “The parts of me that make me feel the most alive are the parts of me that make no sense.” — Shereen Thor “Honor your irrational impulses. Honor your illogical desires. It’s okay.” — Shereen Thor “Just be who you actually are. They will be far more blessed by who you truly are than whatever weird, contorted puppet-ass version you might be trying to present.” — Shereen Thor “Please be the truth of you who actually are, not what you think you should be for other people.” — Shereen Thor Resources: My interview with my longtime client, Cindy Andrews The Top Five Regrets Of The Dying By Bronnie Ware Stop keeping up with the Jones’ and learn all the science-based tips I learned from Yale on what actually makes us happy! Download the free happiness cheat sheet at
20:30 20/01/2021
#63 - Catapult Your Speaking Biz with Jane Atkinson
This week I have best-selling author and coach Jane Atkinson on the podcast to reveal what it takes to succeed in the speaking industry. We discuss what she’s learned in her 30 years of representing celebrities, authors, and business experts and how she’s turned all that juicy knowledge into a coaching biz. In this episode, you will hear: Her three-step process for building a successful speaking business that her clients have used to generate over $1 million The importance of getting crystal clear on your message and what you’re selling Different strategies you can use to build momentum and land gigs when you’re just starting out How she created a business that transformed her life and aligned with her true purpose The strength in getting specific with the problem you’re helping to solve And why getting started as a speaker is as simple as taking the first step in the right direction Coaching Questions & Thoughts:   If you were to start speaking and teaching on a topic, what would it be? Is there any way you can make that even more specific and geared towards a niche audience? What problem are you helping to solve? If you were to map out your life 10, 15, and 20 years from now, what would it look like? What’s the first step you could take to make that a reality? Quotes: “Speakers who are most successful are ones who can engage the audience with humor.” - Jane Atkinson “I always think that you need to solve the problem first and then hire for the solution.” - Jane Atkinson “Think of it like a blank farmer's field, and your goal is to just start planting, planting, planting seeds.” - Jane Atkinson “I believed all along that exactly what I had mapped out was possible, and then I just started taking steps in the right direction.” - Jane Atkinson “It's not just about starting a business, it's starting a business that's perfect for you.” - Jane Atkinson “I think the more narrow you are, the easier it is for people to identify that you are the best person for the job.” - Jane Atkinson Resources: The Wealthy Speaker Podcast The Wealthy Speaker Podcast: Intentional Happiness With Shereen Thor The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 The Wealthy Speaker The Speaker Launcher Program The 4-Hour Work Week Jane Atkinson’s Instagram Stop keeping up with the Jones’ and learn all the science-based tips I learned from Yale on what actually makes us happy! Download the free happiness cheat sheet at
29:24 30/12/2020
#62 - Turning Pain Into Purpose with Marsha Vanwynsberghe
This week I have life adversity coach, speaker, and author Marsha Vanwynsberghe to talk codependency, boundaries, and finding resilience in tough situations. We discuss how she navigated the pain of family substance abuse and turned what she learned into a platform to help other women release shame and take back their lives. In this episode, you will hear: Marsha’s story of turning her pain into a greater purpose The power of sharing a difficult story with others How parents can let go of the idea that they’ve “failed” their children Why boundaries are the highest form of self-respect What happens when you try to “own” someone else’s problems And how to take ownership of your life and choices so you can make yourself a priority again Coaching Questions & Thoughts:   What shame or failure stories are you still living in? How can you reframe them in a more empowered way? Is there a person in your life whose problems you are trying to own? What would happen if you gave up that ownership? What would change for you if the worst story of your life actually became your purpose? In what ways can you stop blaming your circumstances and start taking ownership of your life? Quotes: “We're just living in these shame stories and giving all of our weight to the story and then basically suffocating ourselves.” - Marsha Vanwynsberghe “Boundaries are the highest form of self-respect.” - Marsha Vanwynsberghe “When I stopped asking ‘why,’ I started to see the world differently.” - Marsha Vanwynsberghe “It's about me choosing me, not about something being wrong with somebody else.” - Marsha Vanwynsberghe “If we're really struggling with our boundaries and keeping them in place, chances are really good that your self-care is off.” - Marsha Vanwynsberghe “We are our most powerful when we coach, speak write on what we are learning on a regular basis.” - Marsha Vanwynsberghe “The people that you are meant to impact, you likely haven't met yet. They're waiting for you to show up and be seen.” - Marsha Vanwynsberghe Resources: Marsha’s Second Book: “Owning Your Choices” Marsha’s First Book: “When She Stopped Asking Why” Marsha’s Podcast: Own Your Choice, Own Your Life Marsha’s Website & Coaching Business Marsha’s Instagram Stop keeping up with the Jones’ and learn all the science-based tips I learned from Yale on what actually makes us happy! Download the free happiness cheat sheet at 
35:10 23/12/2020
#61 - Getting Back In Alignment With Melissa Machat
This week I have entrepreneur and certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner Melissa Machat on the podcast to help uncover what really prevents us from reaching our goals and living the life we desire. After spending years as a performer in L.A. and Las Vegas, Melissa traded one hustle for another and got into real estate where she sold over $100 million—and realized she was totally miserable. In this episode, you will hear: Why following other people’s rules for success doesn’t ever lead to true happiness The story of her breakdown and how it ultimately led to her breakthrough Why traditional perceptions of success can hinder creatives and artists How she used NLP to get her life back in alignment with her goals and her true authenticity What happens when our unconscious mind and our conscious mind are out of alignment (and the roles they each play in achieving our goals) A mini-coaching sesh where she helps yours truly uncover the obstacles in front of goal I’ve had trouble reaching Coaching Questions & Thoughts:   The questions below are what Melissa Machat asked me during the mini-coaching portion of this episode. Think about a specific goal you’re unable to reach and use these prompts to uncover why. What is causing you to feel this way? What outcome are you avoiding? What do you actually want? What’s the first step to make it happen? Quotes: “I wasn't in alignment with me. I was following other people's rules, not my own.” - Melissa Machat “So much of our self worth, at least in our Western culture, is connected to what we achieve or the dollar amount we make, and therefore, if we aren't achieving, we are worth nothing and feeling like trash. Which is a total mindfuck for the artist.” - Shereen Thor “That's my kind of gripe with a lot of personal development things. They almost leave you needing more. So you come back and pay for more things.” - Melissa Machat “There are a lot of people who are internally suffering and struggling and it's not necessary. They don't have to be in that dark place.” - Melissa Machat “When something would happen, I would process it with a distorted filter, which then created my reality.” - Melissa Machat “If you say you're going to do something and you don't do it. Something is out of alignment.” - Melissa Machat “Figure out what actually works for you and what you actually want.” - Melissa Machat “When you're in alignment, you actually don't need accountability.” - Melissa Machat Resources:  Melissa Machat’s Instagram Text ‘VIP’ to 8334800397 to be notified of Melissa’s upcoming programs, courses, and webinars in 2021. Stop keeping up with the Jones’ and learn all the science-based tips I learned from Yale on what actually makes us happy! Download the free happiness cheat sheet at
39:15 16/12/2020
#60 - Crafting A Comeback With Terrance McMahon
This week I have TEDx Talk speaker, best-selling author, and viral TikTok sensation Terrance McMahon on the podcast. Terrance has lived a LIFE ya’ll, from selling life insurance door-to-door to finding major success as a CEO to almost dying of massive organ failure to writing the comeback story of the century. And he’s here to tell us what it truly takes to transform. In this episode, you will hear: How his near-death experience set the stage for him to live a life of meaning What he did to recreate his self-image from broken to beautiful The definition of strategic philanthropy and how to use it to serve others while monetizing your ideal lifestyle Why changing your environment could be the key to changing your life How to craft your own comeback story Coaching Questions & Thoughts:   What reputations do you have that you’re currently living up to? What new ones could you adopt to help create a new, more-aligned identity? Can you think of a time where the worst thing that’s ever happened to you actually turned out to be the best thing? What is your healing message that the world needs to hear? If today was the start of your comeback story, how might it look? Quotes: “The Japanese believe that your scars shouldn't be hidden. There shouldn't be paint over your scars. They should be emblazoned and celebrated as an achievement.” - Terrance McMahon “It’s about being broken and loving the fact that you are blessed with such an opportunity.” - Terrance McMahon “Sometimes it’s not the player. It’s the stadium.” - Terrance McMahon “It's not really about being happy all the time because you're happy when you're watching Netflix. But are you fulfilled? Do you feel like you're making an impact?” - Shereen Thor  “The persona I've created out in the world is someone who does not tolerate things that she is unhappy with. And because of that, I then live up to my own message.” - Shereen Thor  “You getting out and sharing a healing message is part of your own healing.” - Shereen Thor Resources: Bronnie Ware’s Book “The Top Five Regrets Of The Dying” Terrance McMahon’s TED Talk “From From Broken to Beautiful: An Algorithm to RE-create Yourself” Terrance McMahon’s Best-Selling Book “Superhero Self: How To Recover From Anything” Kintsugi, The Japanese Art Of Restoring Broken Pottery Ikigai Diagram Terrance McMahon’s TikTok How To Win Friends And Influence People Terrance McMahon’s Instagram Terrance McMahon’s Website Stop keeping up with the Jones’ and learn all the science-based tips I learned from Yale on what actually makes us happy! Download the free happiness cheat sheet at
47:46 09/12/2020
#59 - Becoming the surgical master of your thoughts with Jamil Frazier
This week I have successful entrepreneur, multimillionaire real estate investor, author, speaker, and my homie from high school, Jamil Frazier joining us to talk about how chasing freedom changed his life.  Jamil is a true testament to what can happen when you become the surgical master of your mind, and there’s so much we can learn from his story. In this episode, you will hear: How he went from growing up on welfare and living paycheck to paycheck to becoming a multimillionaire entrepreneur What shifts he made to pull himself out of a two-year battle with depression The magic that can happen when you stop asking yourself what the world can do for you and instead question what you could do for the world The one sentence that changed his entire worldview Tips for shifting from an egoic perspective to one that’s more service-oriented How to stop holding yourself captive to an outdated playbook and start designing a life you love by leading from the future Coaching Questions & Thoughts:   Where in your life have you been living from an egoic place and questioning, “why is this happening to me?” In what ways could you start to shift your perspective to one that’s more service-oriented? Who do you have to become to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself? Quotes: “In order for me to heal internally, I had to figure out how to help other people heal.” - Jamil Frazier “It's not actually about the money, it's about who you are becoming.” - Shereen Thor “We can get stuck in the ideology of why is this happening to me, and when we start to live from that space, and we lack the ability to take responsibility for our lives, then things get really, really challenging.” - Jamil Frazier “It doesn't take much to become highly successful, but it does take a shift in the way we think.” - Jamil Frazier “Most of us are living in a cage that's not even ours. Somebody else has given us that cage, and now we become prisoners to it.” - Jamil Frazier “Once we start to understand how to control our mind and our thought processes, we can literally create whatever it is that we want to create.” - Jamil Frazier Resources:Jamil’s second book “The Twelve Shifts: Your Superpowers for Creating an Invincible Life” Jamil’s first book “The Richest Man In Direct Sales” Think Life Is Different Stop keeping up with the Jones’ and learn all the science-based tips I learned from Yale on what actually makes us happy! Download the free happiness cheat sheet at
36:41 02/12/2020
#58 - KUWTK & Standing Up To Bullies
At its core, reality TV shows are just about people fighting. While it’s great to watch when you want to decompress, series like Keeping Up With The Kardashians can actually teach us a few critical things about conflict and bullying. This week, I’m breaking down a particularly disturbing episode I watched recently and how it highlights the importance of giving yourself permission to do what you want in the face of bullies, shame, and societal pressure. In this episode, you will hear: A lesson in group dynamics (and which one the Kardashian sisters are experiencing) The importance of respecting others’ values and how they choose to live their lives What can happen when you let people dictate the narrative of your life for too long A case for living your truth and owning your desires (and how not doing so can impact your relationships) How to handle the bullies in your life before you snap like a maniac and draw blood Coaching Questions & Thoughts:   Where in your life are you disrespecting your own boundaries in an effort to make someone else happy? Where in your life are you honoring someone else's needs over your own? Could you honor yourself more and give yourself what you need and want more than you currently are? Quotes: “Life will be better if you accept me for who I am and what I choose and if I accept you for who you are and what you choose.” - Shereen Thor “Let's not be a bully who shames and blames and outcasts people for not falling in line.” - Shereen Thor “There will be the bullies out there who try to force you to be who they want you to be. It's up to you to not contort so long that you snap like a maniac and draw blood.” - Shereen Thor Resources: A deeper dive into group dynamics The disturbing fight between Kim and Kourtney Stop keeping up with the Jones’ and learn all the science-based tips I learned from Yale on what actually makes us happy! Download the free happiness cheat sheet at
13:15 18/11/2020
#57 - Building Confidence Through Movement With Lauren Glick
This week, we have retired firefighter turned women’s empowerment coach Lauren Glick on the podcast to talk all things confidence — and how movement is the key to self-esteem. Through her community BadassBods, Lauren is on a mission to take the work out of working out and make exercise fun again. In this episode, you will hear: Her personal experience with how a stressful environment can lead to serious autoimmune issues (not to mention stubborn weight) Her transition from retiring early from her dream job to becoming a Tony Robbins coach How weight loss is just a byproduct of building confidence Ways to ground yourself in the present moment What “signs” really look like (and what it truly means to be “ready” for the next step) The vital role community plays in our motivation And how healing your relationship with your body can help you uncover your true power Coaching Questions & Thoughts:   How would you describe your relationship with your body and movement? Do you see exercise as a form of punishment or self-care? Describe your current work and home environment. Are there any stressful or toxic situations that could be impacting your health? When was the last time you felt confident? What was it that contributed to that? If you want to lose weight or change your body in some way, what’s the underlying reason? Is there any way you could make that reason a reality without a physical change? Quotes: “You are what you become, and I became that stress.” — Lauren Glick “The scary things are the things you must do to grow in life.” — Lauren Glick “The people who are ‘ready’ are the ones who go after it.” — Lauren Glick “Helping women lose weight is just a byproduct of helping women gain their confidence.” — Lauren Glick “Let’s ground ourselves in movement. Let’s feel good in our bodies.” — Lauren Glick “When you get down to somebody’s reason why they want to lose the weight, most of the time it has something to do with how they’re feeling about themselves.” — Lauren Glick Resources: @thelaurenglick on Instagram The BadassBods Facebook Group Heal, a Netflix documentary about the power of the mind Untamed By Glennon Doyle Fast Foundations Mastermind Group Lindsey Schwartz of Powerhouse Women Stop keeping up with the Jones’ and learn all the science-based tips I learned from Yale on what actually makes us happy! Download the free happiness cheat sheet at
30:07 11/11/2020
#56 - How To Find True Freedom With Jason Stapleton
This week, I wanted to introduce you to one of the coolest guys I know. Jason Stapleton is an entrepreneur, business coach, and host of “Wealth, Power & Influence with Jason Stapleton," which became the number one libertarian podcast on iTunes within 18 months of launching and currently has over 30,000 daily listeners. In this episode, Jason takes us to church and goes deep on how he grew a multi-million dollar brand and found his definition of true freedom. In this episode, you will hear: How Jason went from being a veteran struggling to find satisfaction in his post-military career to building the “perfect business” The philosophy behind his new book, “The Nomadic Wealth Formula” What three things we must acquire if we want to achieve true freedom Why we’re much more in control of our lives (and our income) than we think What it means to improve your human capital How to maintain your voice while still changing the world Easy ways to start adopting a winner’s mindset (even when you feel like a total failure) Coaching Questions & Thoughts:   How much control do you have over your income right now? Are all your eggs in one basket, or are they more spread out? How could you reorganize your life so that your income was more secure and in your control? What experience or skill do you possess that other people could benefit from learning? How close are you to true freedom right now? What’s one thing you could do to bring yourself closer? What “little wins” can you be grateful for? Quotes: “Controlling the source of your income, being able to choose how and when your money comes to you, who you work with, who you're going to take money from is a necessity in order for us to be free.” - Jason Stapleton “It’s not the government, it’s not the election, it's not the Constitution that gives you your freedoms. It's you.” - Jason Stapleton “Whether you're whether you're on the mountain and everything is going good, or you're down in the gutter, if you accept the fact that you're responsible for where you are, then that means you can change.” - Jason Stapleton “It's about creating converts, not winning arguments.” - Jason Stapleton “The best thing you can do if you're trying to sell somebody something is to enter the conversation they're already having in their own heads.” - Jason Stapleton Resources: Jason Stapleton’s Website Wealth, Power & Influence with Jason Stapleton The Nomadic Wealth Formula Stop keeping up with the Jones’ and learn all the science-based tips I learned from Yale on what actually makes us happy! Download the free happiness cheat sheet at
43:16 04/11/2020
#55 — Conspiracy Theories
Don’t worry — I’m not about to become another true crime podcast. Conspiracy theories and tragic news stories are almost a form of entertainment in today’s society. And in this episode, I want to dissect how giving our attention to things like conspiracy theories can impact our energy and prevent us from living a life on purpose. In this episode, you will hear: Why you should be aware of the type of information you consume and how it makes you feel How to be a good steward of your attention and energy What it means to live your life on purpose and how negative things like conspiracy theories can distract you from that Why searching for darkness and corruption is a waste of your life force (and what to focus on instead) The beautiful magic that happens when we process our own pain and learn to have compassion for ourselves Coaching Questions & Thoughts:   How does reading the news or following conspiracy theories make you feel? In what ways are you allowing negative information to take up your time and energy? How can you set filters around the information you allow in? What are some of the ways you can better protect your energy? What are you giving your attention to? Quotes: “As the leader of your life, it's very important for you to be careful about the information you are consuming.” - Shereen Thor “If you’re living your life on purpose, you’re not going to go searching for darkness and corruption.” - Shereen Thor “We need to quiet the noise of life in order to tune into our soul’s unique path, contribution and purpose.” - Shereen Thor ”What you give attention to and what you give energy to will grow.” - Shereen Thor Resources: Stop keeping up with the Jones’ and learn all the science-based tips I learned from Yale on what actually makes us happy! Download the free happiness cheat sheet at:
15:22 28/10/2020
#54 - Fighting Fair: Setting Boundaries In Conflict
As human beings with trauma and triggers, fighting is inevitable. But how you fight can be the difference between learning from a situation and just stirring up old wounds. In this short episode, I’ll teach you the art of setting conflict boundaries so you can fight fair, every time. In this episode, you will hear: How having no set rules for conflict can lead to messy, triggering situations (and how boundaries prevent fights from getting gnarly) What to do when someone crosses a boundary you’ve set in place How to honor the other person and yourself while you’re working out a disagreement Why setting boundaries and enforcing boundaries are two totally different things The role a neutral third party can play in conflict resolution (and when to use one) Coaching Questions & Thoughts:   Have you ever set any conflict boundaries? If so, did you enforce them? Is there a conflict boundary you often have trouble enforcing? Why? When your conflicts go south, what happens? Do things get mean? Do you shut down? Get specific. What is one or two conflict boundaries you’d like to set for future conflicts? What’s important to you when it comes to fighting fair? Think about a recent conflict you had. How could the boundary you’ve chosen to set help resolve that situation? Quotes: “We often have no rulebooks to subscribe to that help us manage those conflicts in a way that honors the other person and yourself while you're working out a disagreement.” - Shereen Thor “Boundaries are nothing if they are not enforced.” - Shereen Thor “We got pain points from the past, and when they get pushed, we can pop off.” - Shereen Thor Resources: Stop keeping up with the Jones’ and learn all the science-based tips I learned from Yale on what actually makes us happy! Download the free happiness cheat sheet at:
05:36 21/10/2020
#53 - What To Do When Someone Pisses You Off
People have a funny way of getting under our skin. While it can be momentarily cathartic to send that angry text or blow up on the spot, reactive actions get us nowhere — and they can even prevent us from some major opportunities. In this episode, I’ll teach you the two types of triggers we experience and how to use them to improve your life. In this episode, you will hear: The two types of triggers we face (and what they really mean) How triggers are a body response that signals us to what still needs healing so we can self-actualize Why the way we handle triggers can be major opportunities for inner and outer growth How codependents often need their boundaries pushed to the absolute limit before they realize something’s wrong My personal experience dealing with triggers as a codependent The different ways to handle each type of trigger to get the most out of it Coaching Questions & Thoughts:   When was the last time you felt a trauma trigger? How did you handle it? What is one way you can use a known trauma trigger of yours for personal growth? Where can you get support for healing when facing a trigger that keeps coming up? When was the last time you experienced a righteous indignation trigger? How did you react? What area of your life do you think that trigger was signaling to you to change? What’s one way you can use that experience for outer growth? Quotes: “When the punishment doesn’t fit the crime, you know you have baggage.” - Shereen Thor “The trauma response trigger is really an opportunity for inner work.” - Shereen Thor “The trigger that is more of the righteous indignation response is actually an opportunity for outer work.” - Shereen Thor “I wouldn't even notice that I was being disrespected because I was so tuned in to what somebody else needed.” - Shereen Thor “We can often have these relationships with amazing humans that trigger us. And it's not necessarily a bad thing.” - Shereen Thor “Triggers are an opportunity for growth.” - Shereen Thor Resources:Stop keeping up with the Jones’ and learn all the science-based tips I learned from Yale on what actually makes us happy! Download the free happiness cheat sheet at:
17:14 14/10/2020
#52 - The #1 Mistake Women Make in the Dating Game
In relationships, it’s common for one partner (usually the woman) to take on the role of the mother. We wash dishes, do laundry, and cook dinner in an effort to serve and attract a partner. In this episode, I’m dissecting how mothering is actually masculine energy, and how it repels your partner and keeps you from the relationship you really want. In this episode, you’ll hear: What masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energy looks like, specifically in dating, love, and relationships The key principles you need to follow to find success in love How mothering your partner pushes away really good masculine humans (especially in the initial stages of dating) Why learning to receive will completely change your love life The resources and books that taught me how to shift my natural masculine energy How being feminine will attract masculine partners Coaching Questions & Thoughts:   Do you naturally exhibit masculine or feminine energy? In what ways does that typically show up in your relationships? In both your current and past relationships, in what ways have you mothered your partner? What was the result? Can you think of a time where you embodied more feminine energy in a relationship? If so, what was the result? What’s one way you can start to exhibit more feminine energy? What’s one masculine behavior you can let go of starting today? Quotes: “Masculine is yang energy. It knows it needs to give, protect, and cherish.”  - Shereen Thor “Yin energy is supposed to be more focused on the self.”  - Shereen Thor “Mothering is masculine.” - Shereen Thor “If you mother a masculine person, you will repel them.” - Shereen Thor “Masculine and feminine energy is kind of like magnets; you need positive and negative ions to have that connection.” - Shereen Thor “Be feminine so you can attract the masculine.” - Shereen Thor Resources:   Download the free happiness cheat sheet at:  - stop keeping up with the Jones’ and learn all the science-based tips I learned from Yale on what actually makes us happy. ❤️
09:16 06/10/2020
#51 – 5 Steps To Making Triggers Beautiful
When you’re in the process of expanding and growing as a stellar human being trying to live out their purpose, you’re inevitably going to ruffle a few feathers. I’m a big believer that conflict is change just trying to come through. So Instead of rattling off an angry text message or shrinking down to make the other person feel better, listen to this episode to learn my five steps to productive conflict resolution. In this episode, you’ll hear: What it means when you trigger someone and why it’s so confusing when you do What you should (and shouldn’t) do when someone’s made up an inaccurate story about you inside their head How to turn a triggering moment into a moment of healing What co-dependent people need to look out for specifically when it comes to conflict resolution Why you should seek to understand during conflict, but not assume full responsibility for it My 5-Step Productive Conflict Resolution Process (including the ONE step almost everyone forgets to do) How avoiding conflict will keep you from experiencing peace, happiness, and joy And my favorite style of relationship therapy that I’ve used to heal many conflicts in my life Coaching Questions & Thoughts:Is there anyone in your life right now who might be triggered by you changing? If so, how is that conflict showing up, and what could it be a call to heal? In this conflict (or a past, recent conflict), did you allow yourself to speak authentically about how you were affected? If you didn’t, how would you now? Have you ever experienced what it was like to “make it right” after a conflict was resolved? If so, what did that look like? What are some ways you could close the loop on a current or recent conflict? Quotes: “When somebody’s triggered, there’s not much reasoning to it.” - Shereen Thor “When you’ve triggered someone, it’s likely triggering their past trauma. So they’re seeing you through the lens of their past trauma.” - Shereen Thor “It’s always a good idea in conflict to seek to understand and to seek to listen.” - Shereen Thor “If you do it right, triggers can be really beautiful because you can trigger healing.” - Shereen Thor “When you cut yourself off from sad, you also cut yourself off from glad. They’re two sides of the same coin.” - Shereen Thor “Things are not black and white. Things are not right and wrong. Things are more gray than we’d like to admit when you’re navigating through conflicts.” - Shereen Thor Resources: Download the free happiness cheat sheet at:  - stop keeping up with the Jones’ and learn all the science-based tips I learned from Yale on what actually makes us happy. ❤️
12:12 29/09/2020
#50 – How to Win the Marriage Game
Today’s episode celebrates the 7 year anniversary of when my hot hubs proposed to me. So in lieu of a celebration I will roast the hell out of him lol! Get ready for a hilarious and ridiculous story that outlines how insane marriage can be sometimes lol. This is just a peek into the quirks of a long term relationship and all that can come with partnership. Enjoy the hilarity and ridiculousness that is my love life lol. In this episode you will hear: How Kenny proposed and how super sweet it was How we have been fighting about the infamous couches for eight fucking years lol. How to compromise and create a win-win scenario when you and your partner are both at odds How to get what you want in conflict One of the universal truths that effects every area of your life How our interpretations and the meaning we give things can over-complicate your life How surrender is like a little magic trick How to navigate uncertainty and conflict “mo betta” Coaching Questions & Thoughts: What’s one area of your life where you need to surrender? What’s one area of your life where you are in resistance? What’s one area of your life where you would benefit from being more compassionate? Fun Quotes from the Show:“Every long-term relationship has the one or two conflicts that they repeat over and over again. It’s not a big deal, just know what they are and be compassionate with your relationship.” “I am going to drown underneath the weight of all his furniture.” hahaha “What you resist persists.” “This is marriage, you don’t get everything you want.” “Once you stop resisting that shit might resolve itself.” “You need to advocate for your needs in all areas of life even, and especially in your marriage.” “We are celebrating the triumph of Kenny and I sticking through a nagging conflict to get to the other side.” YEAH!!! “If you are in a conflict in any relationship in your life, there is hope.” Resources:   Download the free happiness cheat sheet at:  - stop keeping up with the Jones’ and learn all the science-based tips I learned from Yale on what actually makes us happy. ❤️
13:21 22/09/2020
#49 – Tame The Beast
Today’s episode is weird lol. We talk about taming your inner beast vs. Awakening your inner rebel. Historically I have needed to set myself free from the limitations placed upon me in order to live my best life. But sometimes it’s the opposite. We need to tame our inner beast in some areas of our life in order to live our best life. That’s why it’s so important for you NOT to listen to others or follow a cookie cutter approach. You are unique and ultimately only YOU know what’s best for you, so it’s up to you to make that choice. Get it boo! In this episode I share a bit about an area of my life where I’ve had to tame my inner beast, and how that’s ultimately served my highest good. In this episode you will hear: How I woke my rebel when it came to career and motherhood How everyone in Santa Monica is krunk, but not as krunk as you and I lol About expanding vs. Contracting when it comes to your life How I have turned to food in times of stress How self-calibration and self-coaching will serve you in choosing whether to awaken the rebel or tame the beast Coaching Questions & Thoughts: What’s one area of your life where you need to awaken the rebel? What’s one area of your life where you need to tame the beast? What’s one thing you can do right now that will move you closer to optimal health? Fun Quotes from the Show:“You’re your best coach, you know what’s truly best for you – where do you need to change your behavior to move forward powerfully in your life?” “These are the moments that will actually change your life when you have these conversations with yourself.” “What is it costing you to be reckless in this area of your life?” “What is compromising your integrity in your life? That thing is lowering your self-esteem, and it needs to go. These are the things that drain your personal power.” Resources:   Find Shereen at: (Stop keeping up with the Jones’ and  download the free happiness cheat sheet - learn all the science-based tips I learned from Yale on what actually makes us happy ❤️)
08:50 15/09/2020
#48– Three Dangerous Thoughts You Should Ditch
We have a lot of noise coming at us and it’s non-stop! If you are like me, you attempt to manage the noise. We already know we can take the time to unsubscribe from emails, but I want you to take it a step further and unsubscribe from ideas that don’t sit right with you. Let’s talk about dangerous thoughts. This is my Coachy hack to help you unsubscribe from the top 3 thoughts that are trippin’ you up day to day. In this episode you will hear: The top 3 thoughts you need to immediately unsubscribe from My biggest fear in coaching How and when to calibrate with truth and perspective A reminder about who is in charge of your great legacy Coaching Questions & Thoughts: What, in your words is are the 3 thoughts you need to unsubscribe from? What do you desire to create in your legacy? If you were to stop right now and listen to your inner voice, what would you need to do today to embark on a life that is your soul’s masterpiece? Fun Quotes from the Show:“Thank you for being here today and entertaining the musings of a rebel girl. We are going to take a jump into my crazy little brain. And hopefully that journey, that adventure inspires you.” “I want you to unsubscribe from the thought that anyone other than you is your master.” “You are always going to have to be your own coach. You know you better than anybody else.” “You get to decide what legacy you want to embark upon, what legacy you want to leave, what mark you want to leave on the world and who you want to be in the world.” “Thank you for giving a sh#t about what this little rebel girl has to say.” Resources:   Find Shereen at: (Stop keeping up with the Jones’ and  download the free happiness cheat sheet - learn all the science-based tips from Yale on what actually makes us happy ❤️)
07:08 08/09/2020
#47 – Growing Hurts Oh So Good
Buzz word alert: Quarantine is taking its toll as we face new challenges.  Just look at our educational system with school and it’s never ending uncertainty. Will parents will have to homeschool when they weren’t planning to? Will kids be forced to have their entire education through remote schooling? How does that impact our jobs (parents) and ability to work? That is just one slice of the Covid-19 pie. Oh, the gifts of 2020. It’s tough to feel NORMAL or like we’re in control of anything let alone our own PERSONAL REVOLUTION. Whether it’s 2020 or not, and whether we find or way back to normal, growth always creates beautiful things. And we need to grab onto this little bit of hope and positivity. What I’ve learned over the years, and even right now as I go through weird new changes with all of you, is that growth doesn’t always feel very nice but the in the end it’s oh so worth it.  Keep your head up rebel, you’re doing great! I’m here to tell you, your personal revolution is on track, because this is a unique time of conflict that will undoubtedly make you ask new questions and come up with new solutions. Just be careful to continue to nourish your soul, and dive into the uncertainty and you will get 10x more out of this than anyone else.  It’s human nature to be adverse to growth and change. In this episode you will hear: How to persevere through the pain of growth What growth looks like and what it’s like to be in the midst of it How to navigate uncertainty How to nurture and nourish your soul during times of growth Coaching Questions & Thoughts: How do you manage your emotions and thoughts during uncertainty? What are ways you nourish and nurture your soul? What could you do today to feedback into yourself? Even though things may be painful during a growth season, what are ways you’ve seen yourself change and grow for the better? Fun Quotes from the Show:“When you’re disrupting things it’s like an earthquake. The ground underneath you is cracked and it’s wonderful because it is opening new possibilities, it is giving you more solid ground moving forward. While all the positive energy is there, it feels very disconcerting while you are in it.” “You really can’t create what you want moving forward with what you were doing or who you were being with what you currently have. And you have to let go of who you were being and what you were doing.” “It’s about navigating uncertainty.” “You’re doing great even if you don’t feel super excited, high vibe, and super positive and everything doesn’t seem like it’s going your way. It doesn’t always feel good to grow. It doesn’t always feel happy to progress.” “Even if you are in pain or there is discomfort, it’s all part of the process of growth. Find ways to nurture and nourish your soul while you are expanding into a new version of yourself.” “I hope you feel encouraged and have a little more gas in your rebellious tank to keep on chugging along.” Resources:   Find Shereen at: (Stop keeping up with the Jones’ and  download the free happiness cheat sheet - learn all the science-based tips I learned at Yale on what actually makes us happy ❤️)
08:04 01/09/2020
#46 – Hey Queen, What if You Were KING OF YOUR LIFE?
Hey Rebels! The $h#t is about to get real. You know you are living your life’s most true purpose when you are running hard after the things that keep you up at night. So here I am, writing the very book that in its unwritten form haunted me late at night to write it, called “Revolutionary Woman”  and a thought came to mind about you, and us, as women, choosing to live life as a KING. (pause) Wait what?!  In ancient Egypt, believe it or not, women had EQUAL RIGHTS and far more rights than even modern day women today. There were many times in history where a woman, yes a WOMAN operated as a Pharaoh, y’all. Let me say it one more time, a motha f*ckin’ PHARAOH. Does this blow your mind? I’m 100% Egyptian, raised in America and I’m picking my jaw up off the floor. Who would I be today, if this was taught to me in school? I can tell you I would have spent my 20’s completely empowered, building pyramids for my kingdom, instead of asking for the worlds permission at every step. WTF. It made me wonder how differently we would approach life if we did it with the mindset of being a Pharaoh. A modernized female King with permission to rule our own vision, hopes and dreams for our kingdom. We would have kingdoms, that’s for sure. There is enough sunlight for all the Pharaohs to bloom, ladies. In this episode you will hear: History about the role of women in different cultures/societies. How the oppression of women have caused us to lose our power and voice. When to act as King in your life and what areas of life call for it. Coaching Questions & Thoughts: What are ways you give up your rightful power in everyday life or in your career? When was a moment in life where you felt powerful, completely yourself, and feeling like a King? How can you step into the attitude of a King? If you could do anything without hesitation what would it be? Fun Quotes from the Show: “I am a woman’s empowerment crackhead. So, what I am trying to do is make sure you are in command in areas of your life.” “I don’t need to be this [a king] in every area of my life, however when I am coaching a woman, it’s so important to start here because we are so very much socialized to be second in command.” “There is this inference of being second in command to the king – there's so many things about being a Queen, while lovely, that still keeps you second in command in your world.” “We have been oppressed terribly and there’s so much systemic disempowerment towards women. In an effort to bust that up, and buck the system, I am wanting to invite women to really think about what their lives would be like if they were acting like a King.” Resources:   Find Shereen at: (Stop keeping up with the Jones’ and  download the happiness cheat sheet - learn all the science-based tips I learned at Yale on what actually makes us happy ❤️ )
06:51 25/08/2020
#45 – 6 Powerful Ways to Lead Remote Teams with Bonnie Fahy
I recently sat down with Bonnie Fahy, hiring expert and creator behind Source It, the world’s leading program on hiring and managing remote teams according to Forbes. We talked about finding opportunity in disaster, how to manage yourself, and the importance of creating rules in a world where the only rule is to stay home. Bonnie is funny, wise, smart and deeply insightful – you don’t want to miss this. Quarantine has forced many of us to work remotely and that can come with a lot of challenges. There are many tools a leader and team can use to keep productivity high and teams mentally and emotionally connected. And of course, it wouldn’t be a true Awaken the Rebel episode if we didn’t cover handling conflict – especially in a remote situation. Face those fears y’all! Bonnie is so full of knowledge and wisdom, so I hope you enjoy this episode even if you find yourself unemployed and contemplating what the future holds for you. In this episode you will here: How to embrace your new lifestyle perks How to keep teams engaged when face-to-face communication isn’t as readily available How oxytocin plays into leading teams How to be successful as a remote manager What are the differences between a team in real life and remotely What is the right way to give feedback How to set clear boundaries and expectations How social time contributes to productivity About tools that will help you manage remotely and connected with your team in a personable way so communication stays clear Coaching Questions & Thoughts:What are ways your team’s dynamic has shifted since becoming remote? What are ways you’ve succeeded and/or failed in maintaining clear communication? What could you be doing as a leader or employer to make sure everyone is still connected and productive? What are workflow challenges you’ve identified since becoming remote? What are solutions or tools that would help fill the gaps or fix the broken systems? When handling conflict while being remote, did you confront the issues face-to-face via Zoom or a call or did you write a lengthy text/email? What was the result of the action you took? Fun Quotes worth entertaining:“Be gentle with yourself, this is a new skill you’re learning in a new world we are all living in.” Bonnie Fahy When you have a best friend at work you will be the most productive - Gallup “Communication is the response that you get.” Eban Pagan “Communication breakdowns break down relationships.” - Bonnie Fahy “You need to look at this from the framework of opportunity. You need to take yourself away from the shit storm of ‘What the F, this sucks so bad’ to ‘oh my god, this tremendous opportunity is here.” - Bonnie “Leading a remote team isn’t any different than driving in the day time vs driving in the dark. Just like you wouldn’t drive in the dark without headlights, you don’t want to lead a remote team without adding back in what you’re missing - i.e. the visual, the non-verbal communication.” - Bonnie “As a leader of a remote team, you're going to want to make sure that you’re taking full responsibility for communicating in the clearest way possible.” - Bonnie “It’s important to establish boundaries – when will you be available and when you won’t be available.” - Bonnie “Email is the best way to waste hours of your day and not keep track of things in an effective way.” - Bonnie “Conflicts are going to come up. From a teamwork perspective, you need to make sure you don’t take the easy way out. If you have a conflict with someone, get on the phone with them or get face-to-face. Do not be that person who writes up a huge email – that is going to breakdown your relationship so fast.” - Bonnie “When you don’t have trust, you don’t have a productive team.” - Bonnie “While it might seem as though it would be unproductive to have a chat room or social bonding time built in, that’s actually the glue that holds everything together. For remote leaders and remote teams, what can you do to create shared rituals?” - Bonnie “In a remote environment, you have to add the socialization back in.” - Bonnie “How am I going to allow this huge pivot of life to be the best thing that ever happened to me and not the worst?” - Bonnie Resources:   Find Bonnie Fahy at: (Stop keeping up with the Jones’! Download the happiness cheat sheet - learn all the science-based tips I learned at Yale on what actually makes us happy ❤️)
38:19 18/08/2020
#44 – Should I Lead with my Head or my Heart?
Today’s episode is all about being a risk taker verses being cautious. Being in your heart rather than in your head. I’ve been watching the musical Hamilton incessantly lately and it’s been inspiring me tons. The characters Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr are so different and it’s got me thinking about you, me and what style of life we choose to live. One leads with his head and one leads with his heart. Regardless of which character type you lean towards this podcast will support you in moving closer to who you want to be, stretching yourself and always leaning into that growth edge. As a coach, I help clients find their north star and that vision pulls them towards the goals they want to attain, and the person they want to be. Listen in to have your thoughts provoked and glean some inspiration from these characters in our history. In this episode you will here: How we can change our lives by identifying what our north star is and working towards that How to identify who we are now and who we’d like to be moving forward How coaching can benefit you in moving toward your dream life Coaching Questions & Thoughts Taking into account the characteristics of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, which archetype do you fall under? Are you scrappy & hungry with nothing to lose or are you cautious, careful, and strategic? How does your archetype help or hurt you? What is one thing you’d like to change about your approach to life? What is your north star? Fun Quotes worth entertaining:“When you’re actually just being real about what is, that’s where you can really see the benefits, the cost, and then make a decision moving forward.” Resources: (Stop keeping up with the Jones’! Download the happiness cheat sheet - learn all the science-based tips I learned at Yale ❤️)
07:39 11/08/2020
#43 – I Exploded at my Husband
Today’s episode is all about how much we are all going through as a collective right now. I had my own little civil war with my husband and realized how tough this must be for everyone to be enduring. Luckily he is a man of steel, so we will be okay lol. But there are big topics on everyone’s minds lately, and navigating those conversations when differing opinions are present - can be really difficult. We’re all on edge from having to experience the trauma of a pandemic, the chaos is getting to us, and I wanted to address it. In this episode you will here: How quarantine is making it difficult to manage conflicts that we can usually work around How Shereen herself has experienced conflict due to quarantine and stress How it’s important to embrace the gray areas because wanting to be right can block harmony and understanding Coaching Questions & Thoughts Have you been experiencing more conflict with family members or friends since quarantine started? What area in your life do you experience the most confusion? When talking with someone about your point of view, do you always strive to be right? Or do you seek to understand their point of view too? What is one thing you can do this week that’ll help you manage conflict during quarantine? Fun Quotes worth entertaining: “When we’re quarantining, we’re all stuck together. A lot of the things that we’d normally be coping, normalizing, and rationalizing are sort of in your face. You’re just stuck with this tension and conflict that you’re normally able to manage, but you just can’t manage it anymore.” “I think when you’re trying to be right there isn’t space for listening, there isn’t space for true understanding, and there isn’t space for harmony.” “We’re going to take the right/wrong dynamic out of the picture. We’re going to enter the gray, darling. No more black and white, gray is the way.” Resources: (Stop keeping up with the Jones’! Download the happiness cheat sheet - learn all the science-based tips I learned at Yale ❤️)
11:18 04/08/2020
#42 - How to Win at the Dating Game
Today we explore masculine and feminine energy in the dating game. I secretly have an obsession with helping people have healthier relationships and when it comes to the dating phase this is the key to getting to “I do.” I share some pointers from my personal experience, as well as some insights I gleaned from watching Rudy and Matt crash and burn on the show Listen To Your Heart. The bottom-line is that you must feel confident, empowered and secure in your star power when it comes to matters of the heart. Our insecurities can ruin our potential for love and connection if we don’t get them in check, so listen up. I know quarantine is getting in the way of dating, but what better time to adjust your strategy before getting back out there, amiright?! In this episode: Learn about masculine and feminine energy Discover when to lean into your feminine energy to support you in connecting with the masculine Hear how insecurities can block a relationship from coming to fruition Learn how reading your “audience” can help you in your relationships Hear how believing in your worthiness, and raising your self-esteem is everything in the dating game Coaching Thoughts & Questions: What type of energy do you think you give off in general? What type of energy do you give off in a relationship? What insecurities that creep into your mind when dating someone you like? What is the source of those insecurities? When do you feel the most confident in your life? How can you carry that confidence into your dating life? Quotes: “Women need to be secure within themselves, and comfortable in their power – not being overly aggressive with it, but knowing it’s there and that they would be fine with or without a partner.” “You’re it. You are it. If someone isn’t showing you that - that’s on them. You don’t need to do more or be more - you just need to let their ass go!” “When a woman displays masculine energy towards a masculine man she repels him. It’s just like magnets that repel instead of magnetize towards each other. If you have two positives or two negatives they repel each other. You need complimentary energies. This could be in any variation of gender in a relationship - in a same sex marriage you need one who displays the feminine energy and one who displays the masculine energy.” “Part of mastery, as a woman, is knowing where to express your feminine energy and where to express your masculine energy. And when it actually benefits you one way or the other.” Resources: (Stop keeping up with the Jones’! Download my Happiness cheat sheet - get all the science-based tips I learned at Yale!)  
16:18 28/07/2020
#41 - Do Women Get to be Selfish?
Let me prep you for the insane rant you are about to witness (and hopefully enjoy lol). In this week’s episode I discuss the Martyr Archetype. Women (especially after they become mothers) are viewed as selfish when they prioritize themselves and it’s disgusting. Today I get kind of wild with my cuss words after hearing a friend refer to herself as a C word for establishing and holding her boundaries. She had a coffee date planned with a friend and wouldn’t cancel it when her partner expressed last minute distress (a woman with boundaries – oh the shame!). You’ll also hear a story of when I was called a “narcissist” by a prominent woman in leadership for being enthusiastic about prioritizing my needs at an event in front of 400 other woman lol. This energy of shaming women into martyrdom is disgusting and I gave myself the gift of having a gnarly rebel rant about it today. If you ever feel guilty for prioritizing your health and wellness as a woman, listen up because this rant’s for you sister! Enjoy! In this episode you will here: How society holds women & mothers to an unrealistic standard How guilt is so pervasive amongst women for choosing themselves. How putting yourself last hurts you (and your family) long term How sometimes empowerment means saying “no” How life is meant to be lived and enjoyed on your terms How some women have chosen not to prioritize themselves, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow their lead. Coaching Questions & Thoughts Do you live life on your time making your own priorities? What are some lies you believe about what it means for you to take time for yourself? How do you feel when you put yourself last and don’t prioritize your needs? What are ways you can start prioritizing yourself today? List 3 things you can focus on this coming week. Fun Quotes worth pulling: “Can we just acknowledge how insane it is that a woman feels like a selfish cunt if she says “no” and prioritizes her joy?” “We are women. We are supposed to do it all, right? We’re supposed to look perfect, have the meals cooked, take care of the kids 24/7, not a need to inconvenience anyone else - and do it with a smile.” “If being called a selfish cunt is what needs to happen to me for me to actually have a moment of joy and freedom away from my children, a moment of serenity overlooking the lake having a cappuccino with a girlfriend, I am here for it!” “This life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. I often feel that, as people pleasers and as women, we live life but sort of on everyone else’s terms and make everyone else’s priorities our priorities.” “I am calling into question the racist male patriarchy that even suggests a woman is a selfish cunt if she prioritizes her happiness.” “I 100% rebel against and reject any system that makes a woman feel like a narcissist for being happy, prioritizing her needs and requiring her partner to show up for the family.” “We as women have subscribed to a trash system.” “This paradigm that makes women wrong for prioritizing their needs is so unhealthy. Please, please AWAKEN THE REBEL. Because sometimes when the system is fucked it’s real good to be bad.” Resources: (Stop keeping up with the Jones’! Download the happiness cheat sheet - learn all the science-based tips I learned at Yale!)
10:20 21/07/2020

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