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Hosted by Tini Ismail, Fikadrottning unfolds this Singaporean's obsession with fika and Sweden. The show follows topics on coffee, popular Swedish pastry and their origins, traditions and celebrations, and her life experiences living in Stockholm. Learn a Swedish word (or a phrase) each week. Log on to for latest blog entry. New episodes are released every Wednesday. This podcast is a production of Cavewoman Productions. 


Series 5 Episode 10: Prinsesstårta
Hej alla kära lyssnare!! We are closing series 5 with a dessert worthy of a royalty. Prinsesstårta!!! Prinsesstårta is a traditional Swedish cake served during a birthday celebration. Did you know that it was called "Green cake" once upon a time?And because it is summer in Sweden now, in our "Words of the Day" segment we will look at how to appreciate the beautiful sunny weather. Åh, vilket fint väder det är idag!What a nice weather it is today!Do check out our previous episodes from our previous series....! A big thank you to everyone who has been supporting this podcast since the very beginning. WE will see you again in Series don't go anywhere!! Puss och kram från mig, Tini....! VI SES!!Artwork: Photo taken from my own personal photo album during my trip to Rättvik.Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Fricks Konditori for this cover artwork nor am I sponsored by the product mentioned in this episodes or in all my podcast episodes.
18:02 15/06/2021
Series 5 Episode 9: Lingonberry and other Swedish berries
Berries! Berries! Berries!! Such super fruits they are. High in vitamins and antioxidants. Lingonberry is the most common berry that you will find in a Swedish dish. Almost everything and anything goes with lingonberry jam. But of course, there are other berries in Sweden.In "Words of the Day" segment, we look at how a waiter takes your order and how you, as a customer, responds. Waiter: Är du redo att beställa?Customer: Jag skulle vilja ha...... tack.Remember to tag us on instagram, @fikadrottning_podcast on your Fika stories. Do join our emailing list and get the latest blog updates on .
30:30 08/06/2021
Series 5 Episode 8: Lördagsgodis
It's Saturday and all the children in Sweden are extremely happy because it's LÖRDAGSGODIS!! This is yet another phenomenon in Sweden. 'Lördag' is Saturday and 'godis' means sweet or candy. So, you figured it out! Saturday Candy!! There is an interesting history behind Lördagsgodis which will surprise you.In "Words of The Day" segment, we will be looking at several words. Do check out our blog page,, for the list of words featured in this episode.So what are you having for lördagsgodis? Tag us, @fikadrottning_podcast, on your Instagram!
16:38 01/06/2021
Series 5 Episode 7: Melodifestivalen & Eurovision Song Contest
Another tradition in Swedish homes is spending Saturday nights watching Melodifestivalen and Eurovision Song Contest in May each year. This year's Eurovision Song Contest was held in Rotterdam on 21st May 2021 (Saturday) after being cancelled in 2020 due to Covid19 pandemic. In this episode we looked into the beginnings of Melodifestivalen. In the "Words of The Day" segment, we learn how to say "I like to listen to music." If you'd like to catch this year's Eurovision Song Contest, go on to our blog page, .
19:54 25/05/2021
Series 5 Episode 6: Fredagsmys
There is one fundamental tradition that still lives on in Sweden. This tradition is called fredagsmys or cosy Friday. While most youngsters prefer to go out on Friday night, majority of the Swedes choose to cosy up at home with blankets,  comfort food and snacks, boardgames and binge watching Netflix or put on a good film on the projector. So when does this yet another social phenomenon came about?  Find out more in this episode!In the "Words of The Day" segment, we look at phrases used at the cashier at a supermarket.Cashier (Kassa): "Vad det bra så?"  (Anything else?) or "Något annat?" (Something else?)Customer (kund): "Det var allt, tack."  (That's all, thank you.)Try these phrases the next time you are shopping at ICA or Hemköp or COOP! Lycka till!This podcast is brought to you by Cavewoman Productions.
19:56 18/05/2021
Series 5 Episode 5: Chokladbollens Dag
Hej hej! It's 11th May!!! It's CHOKLADBOLLENS DAG!! We are so honoured to have the Queen of Chokladbollar, the author of "In Search of The Best Swedish Chokladbollar", Ms Alaine Handa with us in this episode.Alaine shares her journey from being a dancer, choreographer to being an author. She also shares about how she got hooked on Fika and chokladbollar. If you'd like to grab a copy "In Search of The Best Swedish Chokladbollar", it is available on the following links:The MoonAmazonBook DepositoryGoodreads...and more....Thank you once again, Alaine, for joining us in this episode!This interview was recorded on April 10th 2021.This podcast is brought to you by Cavewoman Productions.
45:26 10/05/2021
Series 5 Episode 4: Things you might not know about Eid Al-Fitr
Hej alla kära lyssnare! We are back again on air. Have you ever wonder why Ramadan and Eid never falls on the same day every year? Do you know that gifts are given during Eid? In this episode we will sharing some 10 FUN FACTS about Eid Al-Fitri that you might not know about. In our "Words of The Day" segment, we will learn how to say "Kan jag få låna toaletten?" ("Can I use your toilet?"). It may seem weird that we are including this phrase on this episode. Well, you may get invitation for the first time from your Muslim friends to celebrate Eid with them so we feel it is appropriate to introduce this phrase to you. It is most polite to ask the host when nature calls. With that, we would like to wish all our Muslim listeners Eid Mubarak!Music Credit:Selamat Hari Raya (Saloma) - Karaoke versionThis podcast episode has been brought to you by Cavewoman Productions.
20:18 04/05/2021
Series 5 Episode 3: Glad Påsk
HEJ allihopa! Easter is just around the corner! In this episode, Fikadrottning will be sharing with you interesting facts and the food served at Easter in Sweden. Have you made any Easter decorations for your home? In our our "Words of the Day" segment, we will learn how to say "Happy Easter" in Swedish. 
17:06 01/04/2021
Fikadrottning Special: Chinese New Year with Neoh Ting Wei
Chinese New Year is just around the corner! In this special edition, Ting Wei shares with us some of the traditional Chinese customs and traditions during Chinese New Year celebration, Ang Bao (red packet), his Chinese New Year celebrations in Singapore and Malaysia, and celebrating this joyous occasion during his school years (we exchanged "notes" on this one!). Of course, we did not forget to talk about Chinese New Year food and goodies...!We, at Fikadrottning, would like to wish all our Chinese listeners a Happy Prosperous Chinese New Year! AH HUAT!
65:06 09/02/2021
Series 5 Episode 2: Smaklig Måltid - Lunch
Ting Wei joined us again this week, sharing his food stories from his army days and of course, LUNCH..... What does his typical lunch look like? What do the Swedes have for lunch? What DO YOU have for lunch? Do share with us by taking a photo of your lunch and tag us on our Instagram or our Facebook @fikadrottning_podcast . 
62:02 03/02/2021
Series 5 Episode 1: Smaklig Måltid - Frukost
Hej allihopa! How was your New Year's celebration? Hope the weeks have been kind to you. This is Series 5 Episode 1!! Yippee!!! In Series 5, we will explore more about Swedish culture and traditions.In today's episode we will talk about meals (måltider) in Sweden specifically breakfast (frukost). So what do the Swedes eat for breakfast? Havregrynsgrött with lingonsylt, knäckebröd, muesli, filmjölk, to name a few, are breakfast food on a Swedish table. Do check out more about måltider in Sweden on our blog page, MÅLTID! 
20:32 19/01/2021
Fikadrottning Special: Gott Nytt År
God fortsättning! Gott Nytt År !! Gott Slut!! These are the many ways of bidding farewell or wish anyone a Happy New Year..So 2020 is finally coming to an end. In this special edition, I will be sharing fond memories of my first New Year's Eve celebration in Stockholm. Ting Wei will share his memories of firecrackers or fireworks. In Singapore, it is illegal to have any form of firecrackers or fireworks in your possession. If you would like to dive further into Swedish, here are some of my recommendations:1. Say It in Swedish podcast This podcast is great for all levels (Absolute beginner to Advanced level).  It has even "Pronunciation" episodes where you will learn how to pronounce the letters and combination letters properly so that you will sound like a Swede! Check out their webpage at to find out more.2. Simple Swedish PodcastThis podcast is more for anyone who has passed the beginner's stage and are still working on grasping the language. Fredrik Arhusiander speaks at slower pace and uses simple every day vocabulary in his podcast episodes. So, don't worry about that!3. Radio Sweden på Lätt SvenskaThis is more of daily news in simple Swedish. Good for training your listening comprehension.4. Swedishpod101.comYou can bring your lessons anywhere with this mobile app. All you need is Wifi or 3G/4G connection. You can choose a free account or paid account with them. DISCLAIMER: I am not sponsored or paid by any of these to advertise for them. I am merely sharing with you what I am using because these are very good resources to start learning Swedish. Thank you everyone for your support since the very beginning. With that, I wish you Gott Nytt År and vi hörs om två veckor!Puss och Kram från mig, Tini, YOUR Fikadrottning! 
42:12 29/12/2020
Series 4 Episode 8: Christmas Special
In this last episode of Series 4, I will be sharing with you fond memories of my very first Christmas experience in Stockholm. From getting my first julgran and meeting Jultomte for the first time. So how do you say "Merry Christmas" in Swedish? Learn to say this in our "Words of The Day" segmentWhat was it like for you to celebrate Christmas in Sweden for the first time? DO share with us your experiences.We, at Fikadrottning and on behalf of Cavewoman Productions, would like to wish you EN RIKTIGT GOD JUL! 
74:42 22/12/2020
Series 4 Episode 7: The English and Tea
Did you know that tea was never the beverage in England until the women folk slowly caught on it slowly as they perceived it to be a genteel drink (according to and that Ireland was the second-biggest per capita consumer of tea in the world?!!This week's phrase is the follow up to last week's "Behöver du hjälp?" (Do you need help?). If you are just window shopping or looking around, you say "Jag tittar bara." which means "I'm just looking." or "Saya tengok saja." in Bahasa Melayu.Wanna find out more about tea? Check out 
16:00 15/12/2020
Series 4 Episode 6: Lucia
Lucia or Saint Lucy's Day is celebrated annually on the 13th of December. This is one tradition in Sweden that I certainly look forward to (even though I do not celebrate Christmas).  I remembered the first Lucia procession I witnessed at Skansen with my kompis in 2010.  I also witnessed the crowning of Lucia in Gothenburg in 2013.  Both experiences were magical. As we are still shopping for julklappar (Christmas gifts), we are looking into a useful phrase that you may hear from a sales person. The phrases are: "Vill du ha hjälp?" or "Behöver du hjälp?". Both phrases means "Would you like help?" or "Do you need help?"Remember to drop by our webpage,, to find out more about Lucia and the LIVESTREAM of Lucia procession in Singapore.
50:28 08/12/2020
Series 4 Episode 5: T is for Tea
This episode is dedicated to all my TEA drinking listeners. Yes, for the next few episodes we will be exploring TEA. So, what is your favourite tea? Do share with me by commenting on our Instagram fikadrottning_podcast. In the "Word of The Day" segment we will learn not one but THREE words which will come in handy since Christmas is just around the corner! The words are:SE: REAENG: SaleMalay: Jualan Murah SE: RABATTENG: DiscountMalay: Potongan HargaSE: ERBJUDANDE ENG: OfferMalay: ??? (There isn't really a Malay word for this.)So do look out for them when you're shopping!
17:44 01/12/2020
Series 4 Episode 4: Chocolate is good
Disclaimer:Today's content is for informational purposes only and it is NOT intended to be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis and treatment. Always consult your doctor or other professional qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding medical condition, procedure, treated and/or before starting a new nutrition, diet, exercise, fitness or wellness program.Oh YES! Chocolate is good for you when taken in moderation. Chocolates have been suggested to have high level of antioxidants however chocolates, also, have been associated with diabetes and heart diseases. Whatever you do, enjoy your sinful indulgence in moderation. LAGOM.For more information, check out these links: joins us today in our "Words of The Day" with warning phrases:Akta dig!Var försiktig!Se upp!which they mean "watch out" or "be careful" depending on the context of the situation.In Malay, we say "jaga-jaga".So...AKTA DIG! 
31:29 24/11/2020
Series 4 Episode 3: Match Made in Heaven
Have you ever wonder why chocolate goes so well with coffee? Or have you ever wonder if chocolate goes well with tea? In this episode we will look into why chocolate goes well with coffee and/or tea. We will also explore how and why should you pair your chocolate with coffee and/or tea. In the "Word of The Day" segment, we learn a new Swedish word/expression, "Mumsigt". Mmmmmmmm.....For more information about chocolate pairings featured in this episode, check out these
15:44 17/11/2020
Series 4 Episode 2: Chokladens Dag
CHOCOLATES! CHOCOLATES! CHOCOLATES!You can never go wrong with chocolates unless, of course, if you're not a chocolate fan. However, even if you are not a total fanatic over chocolates I'm sure you do eat chocolate. So, what is your favourite chocolate?In "Words of The Day" segment, we are joined once again by Peter and Ting Wei as we look into the use of the expressions "jaha" and "jaså". 
43:08 11/11/2020
Series 4 Episode 1: OMG!
This episode is an introductory to Series 4 where we will be sharing with you what to expect in the upcoming episodes. Yes, we have decided to move our podcast on Wednesdays instead of Mondays as Wednesdays are seen as a mini weekend in Sweden (so I have observed). Well, perhaps in the near future, Fikadrottning will be aired on both Mondays and Wednesdays. Who knows! SO this week we dive straight into our "Words of the Day". Well, "Phrase of the Day" to be more precised. Yes, we will still be introducing simple Swedish phrases with the usual English and Bahasa Melayu translations PLUS an additional Chinese translation. So hope you enjoy the episode..Stay safe!
34:42 04/11/2020
Series 3 Episode 8: Kanelbullens Dag
Well..well...well....We have come to the end of Series 3. In this episode, we will find out about Kanelbullens Dag and how the celebration started. So, how did YOU celebrate Kanelbullens Dag? Did you bake any or did you buy some from the konditori? Either ways, it is certainly a day to celebrate home baking. With that, see you in TWO WEEKS! HA DET SÅ BRA...! Vi hörs om två veckor! Click here to find out more about Kanelbullens Dag.
13:07 05/10/2020
Series 3 Episode 7: Mooncake with Neoh Ting Wei and Alan Loo
Soon the Chinese community in Singapore will be celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival. What is a festival without festive foods!! One thing that my friends look forward to on this joyous occasion is the mooncake. A round, flower-like pastry packed with either lotus seed paste or red bean paste with either single or double salted egg yolk. Mmmm...In the "Words of The Day" segment we will learn how to say "Nice to meet you" in Swedish. Oh, do take note of the celebrations in Sweden this week! 
45:17 27/09/2020
Series 3 Episode 6: Fika with Farisah & Ashley
This week Fikadrottning caught up with Farisah and Ashley, two ladies who love their prata. Prata is a South Indian pancake which can be eaten with curry or just sugar. Its origin is quite interesting as there are a few versions. No matter where prata originated from, it is a quick, delicious meal for any time of the day. It is interesting that the spelling of this dish is the same as the spelling of a word in Swedish, (att) prata which means "to speak". If you're thinking of getting some prata, here is a link to Sprigleaf Prata: Creator: Goh Mui EeDISCLAIMER:This episode is not sponsored by Springleaf Prata. We, at Fikadrottning, are always happy to give our recommendations of places we see fit for our listeners.
22:10 20/09/2020
Series 3 Episode 5: Fika with Peter
This week I am joined by one of my good friends, Peter Lindbland. We will talk about what's happening this week in Sweden as according to Temadagar Kalender, surkål and we will be sharing with you ways to say "Hello" in Swedish in our "Words of the Day" segment.Useful links:Temadagar: about Sweden and the Swedish culture:
27:20 13/09/2020
Series 3 Episode 4: Being Lactose Intolerant
What is it like being lactose intolerant? This week I am sharing what is lactose intolerance and what causes lactose intolerance, and my personal experience being lactose intolerant. In the "Words of the Day" segment, we look at ways to use the word or phrase "tack". Disclaimer: Today's episode is for informational purpose only and no part of this episode should be treated as medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Do consult your physician or family doctor should you have any concerns about your health. 
15:08 06/09/2020
Series 3 Episode 3: Putu Piring, Putu Bambu, Putu mayam and Kueh Tutu
There is one common ingredient in these delicious snacks is the rice flour. They are prepared and cooked in almost similar method but they taste differently from each other. These are some of the dessert that Singaporean have when they fika. I think I need to lie down now from all the putu piring, putu bambu, putu mayam and kueh tutu that I had while making this episode.  Co-Content Creator: Goh Mui Ee (Winner of Best Review Contest 2020).
22:16 31/08/2020
Series 3 Episode 2: Peanut Pancake
Fika in Singapore!! Let's go local!! In this Series 3, I will be exploring around my birth country to find out how Singaporeans fika. Coincidentally, Singapore Food Festival is happening now. In fact, it started on 21st August and ends on 30th August 2020. What more appropriate timing to kick off this episode with one of Singaporeans's favourite dessert, THE peanut pancake!This week I will be introducing the Swedish phrase, "I love you".Resource: Goh Mui Ee.
15:48 23/08/2020
Series 3 Episode 1: Kräftskivan
August is filled with food celebration! We begin our gastronomical journey with kräftskiva or crayfish party. We take a look at how to celebrate kräftskiva and what are the items you need in order to have a successful crayfish party. If you know other snapsvisa (drinking songs) other than 'Helan Går', do send us a video of you and your friends singing them to our IG fikadrottning_podcast. The most creative video will receive an exclusive merchandise from us! Co-Content Creator: Goh Mui Ee (Winner of Best Review Contest)
15:32 16/08/2020
Series 2 Episode 9: Watermelon Wrap Up
What a way to wrap up Series 2 with some juicy Watermelon. Yes, it's WATERMELON DAY today! Have some watermelon today and we see you in Series 3 in two weeks' time. Do follow us on our IG and our blogpage Take care. Puss och Kram!Here's the link to finding a good watermelon...How to pick good watermelon:
16:37 02/08/2020
Fikadrottning (Trailer)
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