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Legacy of Innovation: Tim Kings' Journey in Yacht Design and Building | YACHTING USA
Join host Rick Thomas from the Palm Beach International Boat Show as he dives deep into the captivating story of renowned boat builder Tim Kings. From humble beginnings at Westlawn School of Yacht Design to global recognition, Kings' career has spanned over three decades, marked by pioneering work with Kiwi Boats, ventures in China, and collaborations with industry giants like Delta and Christensen.  Discover insights into the evolution of the yachting industry and Kings' latest project, Pantera 35, set in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Journey through a tapestry of relationships and transformative projects, witnessing a legacy of friendship, craftsmanship, and innovation unfold.  To check out Tim's latest project PANTERA 35: For more information, contact: Nabil Aljayyousi: +1 (720)320-2710 (Spanish) Doug Hoogs: +1 (904)806-4519 (English) For Yucatan Yacht & Ship: - Facebook For Rick Thomas: Email: LinkedIn:  #YachtingInternationalRadio #BoatShow #YachtDesign #Innovation #TimKinks #Pantera35 #YucatanYacht #Legacy #Craftsmanship #IndustryInsights #BoatBuilding
25:08 17/04/2024
Project Oceanus: Revolutionizing Oceanic Research with Autonomous Vessels | Yacht Crew Vlogs
Join host Rhea on Yachting International Radio's Yacht Crew Vlogs as she interviews Professor Icarus Allen from the Plymouth Marine Laboratory and Brett Phaneuf from Submergence Group about Project Oceanus, the world's first long-range autonomous research vessel.  Discover the inspiration behind the project's name and its mission to extend oceanic research capabilities. Learn how autonomous technology is revolutionizing our understanding of ocean ecosystems and climate change impacts, with data publicly available to aid global research efforts.  Don't miss this fascinating discussion on the future of oceanic research! For more information on Submergence Group: For Brett Phaneuf: For more information on Plymouth Marine Laboratory: For Professor Icarus Allen: #ProjectOceanus #OceanicResearch #AutonomousVessels #ClimateChange #OceanEcosystems #YachtingInternationalRadio #YachtCrewVlogs #ScienceResearch #EnvironmentalMonitoring
31:44 17/04/2024
Love in the Workplace: Navigating Dynamics and Relationships with Hunt Etheridge
Join host Eva Lianne Veldkamp in a thought-provoking discussion with love expert Hunt Etheridge on Maritime Unity. Explore the complexities of workplace romance in the maritime industry and gain insights into navigating love amidst power dynamics. Learn how to address challenges and foster healthy relationships in professional settings. Don't miss this insightful conversation! To contact Hunt: To contact Eva:  @eva_lianne - Instagram @evalianne - LinkedIn #WorkplaceRomance #LoveInTheWorkplace #MaritimeUnity #RelationshipAdvice #GenderDynamics #ProfessionalSettings #LoveExpert #YachtingInternationalRadio #NavigatingLove #RelationshipsAtWork #PowerDynamics #MaritimeIndustry #WorkplaceDynamics
29:36 16/04/2024
Navigating Travel Challenges: Airlines, Strikes, and New Rules | Crew Travel
Join Lee Harris from ATPI Travel on Yachting International Radio's Crew Travel podcast as they delve into the impact of global geopolitical tensions and local industrial actions on travel.  From conflicts affecting airline schedules in the UAE to potential strikes disrupting EasyJet's catering services, they provide valuable insights and tips for managing disruptions. Learn about Brexit's impact on UK travellers, Venice's new entrance fee to combat over-tourism, and more.  Tune in for expert advice on navigating travel challenges! 🗺️ Book Your Journeys with Lee Harris: 📧 Email: 🔗 LinkedIn: ttps:// 📱 Call/Text: +64212409896 🌟 Why Choose ATPI? - Expertise in Crew, Business, and Vacation Travel. - Get answers to your Crew Questions from the industry pro himself. #TravelChallenges #Airlines #Strikes #NewRules #GeopoliticalTensions #IndustrialActions #Brexit #EasyJet #Venice #CrewTravel #YachtingInternationalRadio #TravelTips
10:37 15/04/2024
Future of Yachting: Industry Evolution & Insights with Bob Saxon | YACHTING USA
Join Rick Thomas on YACHTING USA for an illuminating discussion with yacht industry veteran Bob Saxon, recorded live at the Palm Beach International Boat Show.  Dive into the current state and future trajectory of the yachting industry, exploring topics such as the influence of boat shows like Miami and Palm Beach, the role of yacht brokers associations, and the importance of fostering industry relationships. Gain insights into new consumer attitudes towards yachting, the potential resurgence of yacht building in North America, and the industry's growing focus on environmental conservation.  Discover the impact of wealth on yacht building location choices, mentorship efforts in the industry, and the economic benefits of yacht building.  Explore yachting as a resilient and rewarding career path in this engaging podcast episode. For more information on Bob Saxon Consultancy: For Rick Thomas: Email: LinkedIn: #YachtingInternationalRadio #YachtingUSA #YachtingRadio #YachtingPodcast #YachtLife #YachtTalk #YachtNews #YachtIndustry #YachtCommunity #YachtCulture #YachtWorld #YachtLifeStyle #YachtEvents #YachtChat #YachtConversations
36:31 14/04/2024
Empowering Minorities in STEM: Maurice Edwards on Diversity, Representation, and Mentorship
Join hosts Rhea and Dr. Joseph Nwoye for an engaging conversation with Maurice Edwards, president of the DC Metropolitan Organization of Black Scientists, on the critical topic of diversity in STEM. Explore Maurice's inspiring journey in science, the significance of black scientists throughout history, and the vital role his organization plays in mentoring and promoting STEM among minority communities. Delve into the challenges faced by black scientists, including systemic racism and the need for greater representation in biomedical research. Discover actionable insights on supporting minorities in STEM through mentorship programs, financial assistance, and raising awareness of black scientists' achievements. Tune in to learn how we can empower underrepresented groups and foster inclusivity in the STEM field. To contact Maurice Edwards: For Dr. Joseph Nwoye: For Systemic Diversity & Inclusion Group: #STEMDiversity #MinoritiesInSTEM #RepresentationMatters #STEMMentorship #BlackScientists #DiversityInScience #STEMEducation #SystemicRacism #STEMAwareness #STEMCommunity #STEMAdvocacy #STEMLeadership #DCMetroScientists #EmpoweringMinorities
33:47 09/04/2024
Navigating the Waves of Change: An Insightful Discussion with Westport Shipyards' President | Part 2
Step aboard for the second part of this enlightening conversation with Rick Thomas from Yachting USA and Darryl Wakefield, President of Westport Shipyards, as they delve into the dynamic world of boat building in 2024. From regulatory challenges to technological advancements, they discuss the industry's evolution and the competitive landscape shaping the yachting sphere. In this engaging dialogue, Wakefield shares valuable insights into Westport's commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability, showcasing how they're leading the charge with infusion techniques to reduce emissions and embrace eco-friendly construction methods. Despite hurdles like the skilled labor shortage and navigating through the impacts of COVID-19, Westport remains dedicated to delivering top-notch quality and unparalleled customer service. Join us as we explore future design considerations aimed at enhancing both owner and crew experiences, including potential shifts towards diesel-electric propulsion systems and cutting-edge technologies. From addressing crew challenges to envisioning the next wave of boat design, this discussion offers a comprehensive glimpse into the future of yachting. Don't miss out on this thought-provoking conversation that highlights Westport Shipyards' position as an industry leader committed to excellence and innovation in boat building. For Part One: For Westport Yachts: @Westport Yacht Sales - Facebook @westport_yachts - Instagram @Westport L.L.C. - LinkedIn For Rick Thomas: Email: LinkedIn: #Yachting #BoatBuilding #WestportShipyards #Innovation #EnvironmentalSustainability #CrewExperience #COVID19Impact #FutureTrends #DieselElectricPropulsion #QualityCraftsmanship #CustomerService
14:47 07/04/2024
From Anger to Healing: A Journey of Transformation
Join us on BroTalk as we dive into David's inspiring journey of growth and self-discovery.  From battling anger and unresolved grief to finding strength in vulnerability, David's story is a testament to the power of seeking help and opening up about one's struggles.  As a former NHS mental health worker turned coach driver, David shares his personal evolution and the pivotal moments that led him to seek counseling and embrace change. Through candid conversations and reflection, David highlights the importance of communication and creating supportive environments for men to share their experiences without fear.  Tune in to BroTalk for a message of hope, encouragement, and the transformative power of seeking help.  Let's talk: If you would like to talk in confidence, please contact Gary today on: +44 7917 819 375 @thegapcounselling - Facebook @thegapcounselling - Instagram @thegapcounselling - LinkedIn +44 7917 819375 - Whatsapp #BroTalk #MensMentalHealth #TransformationStory #VulnerabilityJourney #SupportiveSpaces #SeekingHelp #PersonalGrowth
30:35 05/04/2024
Maritime Unity: Navigating Growth and Diversity | Yachting International Radio
Join host Eva Lianne Veldkamp on Maritime Unity as she explores the imperative of embracing discomfort for personal and professional advancement with guest Margarita Amam, a seasoned figure in the yachting realm. Delve into the pressing issues of diversity, communication, and the repercussions of a fixed mindset within the maritime sector, particularly in yachting. Through captivating anecdotes and profound insights, Eva Lianne and Margarita unravel the complexities of working in culturally diverse environments and the hurdles of catalyzing change in traditional maritime settings. Discover the potential for growth through uncomfortable conversations, addressing systemic biases, and fostering authentic interactions. Don't miss this enlightening episode as we navigate the waters of growth and unity in the maritime industry. To contact Margarita: To contact Eva:  @eva_lianne - Instagram @evalianne - LinkedIn #MaritimeUnity #YachtingInternationalRadio #MaritimeIndustry #DiversityInMaritime #ProfessionalGrowth #CulturalSensitivity #YachtingCommunity
23:22 02/04/2024
Crew Travel Updates: Latest Global Air Travel & Strike Action | Yachting International Radio
Join Lee Harris from ATPi Travel and discover the most recent developments impacting the yachting community, from potential disruptions at Heathrow Airport to Bulgaria and Romania's Schengen Zone entry. Stay informed about key changes affecting air and sea travel, including Swedish passport fee adjustments and updates from airlines like Brussels Airlines and United Airlines. Plus, gain expert insights on maximizing travel benefits with the One World Airline Alliance. Don't miss out on this essential episode covering the highs, lows, and future trends in crew travel. 🗺️ Book Your Journeys with Lee Harris: 📧 Email: 🔗 LinkedIn: ttps:// 📱 Call/Text: +64212409896 🌟 Why Choose ATPI? - Expertise in Crew, Business, and Vacation Travel. - Get answers to your Crew Questions from the industry pro himself. #YachtingInternationalRadio #CrewTravel #AirTravelUpdates #VisaChanges #MaritimeNews #TravelTrends #YachtingCommunity
09:42 02/04/2024
Navigating the Waves of Change: An Insightful Discussion with Westport Shipyards' President | Part 1
Join Rick Thomas on YachtingUSA for an exclusive conversation with Daryl Wakefield, President of Westport Shipyards. In this episode, Wakefield takes us on a journey through his illustrious career in the yachting industry, starting from his early days at Admiral Marine Works. He shares the challenges and triumphs he faced, including a deep dive into the evolution of Westport Shipyards under his leadership. From the acquisition by the Chouest family to later transitions under the Chouests, Wakefield provides unique insights into the inner workings of one of America's premier yacht builders. Discover how innovations in design, such as the transition to larger models like the 117-footers, have shaped the industry landscape. Looking towards the horizon, Wakefield and Thomas explore the potential for revitalizing North American yacht construction, offering compelling perspectives on the future of yachting. Tune in to this insightful episode to gain a deeper understanding of resilience, innovation, and the enduring allure of the yachting industry. For Westport Yachts: @Westport Yacht Sales - Facebook @westport_yachts - Instagram @Westport L.L.C. - LinkedIn For Rick Thomas: Email: LinkedIn: #WestportYachts #YachtingInternationalRadio #YachtingUSA #YachtBuilding #IndustryInsights #YachtDesign #InnovationLeadership #YachtingConversations
31:00 01/04/2024
Maritime Unity: Tackling Privilege in Yachting | Yachting International Radio
Join host Eva Lianne Veldkamp in a compelling dialogue with Margarita Amam on Maritime Unity, where they address the pressing issue of privilege in the yachting industry. Margarita shares insights from her extensive experience, shedding light on the performative nature of diversity and inclusion efforts in yachting. She critiques the superficial approach of companies and calls for genuine action instead of token gestures. The conversation delves into topics such as the pitfalls of performative activism, the phenomenon of 'toxic positivity,' and the importance of real allyship in dismantling systemic issues within the yachting community. Through thought-provoking discourse, Margarita emphasizes individual accountability and the necessity for challenging comfort zones to effect meaningful change. This episode encourages listeners to reflect on their roles in fostering a more inclusive and equitable environment, urging genuine efforts over performative allyship. Don't miss this insightful exploration of privilege and progress in yachting. To contact Margarita: To contact Eva:  @eva_lianne - Instagram @evalianne - LinkedIn #MaritimeUnity #YachtingInternationalRadio #PrivilegeInYachting #DiversityAndInclusion #SystemicChange #Allyship #EquityInMaritime
28:26 26/03/2024
Previewing the Palm Beach International Boat Show | Yachting USA Podcast Special
Join host Rick Thomas on the latest episode of the Yachting USA podcast as he dives into the excitement surrounding the upcoming Palm Beach International Boat Show. With the event set against the picturesque backdrop of Palm Beach's marina and Intracoastal Waterway, Rick gives us a sneak peek into what attendees can expect from one of North America's premier boat exhibitions. From magnificent yachts to industry networking opportunities and hospitality events, Rick highlights the show's appeal and the importance of connections within the yachting industry. He also shares insights on his early arrival to partake in pre-show industry events and offers a weather forecast for the duration of the show, reassuring listeners with Palm Beach's quick weather changes. In addition, Rick extends gratitude to Westport Shipyards, the latest sponsor of the Yachting USA podcast, and teases upcoming exclusive interviews with Westport's president, Daryl Wakefield, as well as other yacht owners and boat builders scheduled to appear on the podcast. Don't miss out on this exciting preview of the Palm Beach International Boat Show – tune in now! For Palm Beach International Boat Show: Instagram: @pbboatshow / @miapbc Twitter: @pbboatShow Facebook: Palm Beach International Boat Show YouTube: Informa U.S. Boat Show For Westport Yachts: Instagram:  @WestportYachts @westport_yachts Twitter: @westportyachts Facebook: Westport Yacht Sales YouTube:  @WestportYachts   LinkedIn: Westport L.L.C. For Rick Thomas: Email: LinkedIn: #PalmBeachBoatShow #YachtingUSA #BoatShowPreview #YachtingIndustry #Networking #YachtLife #WestportShipyards #MarineEvents #YachtingInsights #LuxuryLifestyle #BoatShowWeek #PBIBS #PBIBS2024
03:59 19/03/2024
Navigating Yacht Maintenance and Mental Health: Coffee & Conversation with CB Yacht Guardianage
Join Rebecca Whitlocke in an engaging episode of “Coffee & Conversation” as she interviews Craig Boumphrey and Helen Graham-Boumphrey, the dynamic duo behind CB Yacht Guardianage. Based in Antibes, a Mediterranean yachting hub, they delve into their extensive background in the industry, offering insights into their bespoke yacht maintenance services, storm coverage, and the importance of local expertise for yacht owners. Discover how CB Yacht Guardianage is revolutionizing the yachting experience with tailored packages and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. Plus, learn about their commitment to mental health awareness through initiatives like the Blue Ducks Foundation. Don't miss this enlightening conversation with industry leaders! For more information on CB Yacht Gaurianage: @cb_yacht_guardian - Instagram @CBYachtGuardianage - Facebook For Rebecca Whitlocke: #YachtMaintenance #MentalHealthAwareness #CBYachtGuardianage #YachtingIndustry #BespokeServices #YachtOwners #BlueDucks #CoffeeAndConversation #YachtLife
14:51 19/03/2024
Revolutionizing Yacht Ownership: Insights from Bert Fowles, VP of Marketing at IGY Marinas
Join Rick Thomas, host of YACHTING USA for an exclusive conversation with Bert Fowles, VP of Marketing at IGY Marinas and Chairman of the United States Superyacht Association.  Discover how IGY is shaping the future of yachting with its 'frictionless ownership experience' and innovative program, IGY Trident. Explore the significance of crew welfare, new destination developments, and continuous training in ensuring a seamless yachting experience. Learn about the economic impact of yachting and gain insights into the future of the industry. For Bert Fowles: For IGY Marinas: island-global-yachting - LinkedIn IGY Marinas - YouTube IGY Marinas - Facebook igymarinas - Instagram For Rick Thomas: Email: LinkedIn: #Yachting #IGYMarinas #YachtOwnership #Superyachts #YachtCrew #MarinaExperience #YachtDestinations #YachtTraining #YachtingIndustry #YachtLife #YachtingInternationalRadio #YACHTINGUSA
31:45 18/03/2024
Reviving the American Yachting Industry | YACHTING USA Podcast
Join Rick as he explores the state of the American yachting industry and its potential for revival in this engaging podcast episode. Drawing on insights from industry veteran Jason Huff, Rick delves into the decline of new constructions across the U.S. and the challenges facing shipyards. From economic pressures to the importance of preserving culture in yacht building, Rick examines the obstacles and opportunities on the horizon. Discover Rick's mission to engage shipyard brands, support new ventures, and revitalize North American shipbuilding, including exciting events like the upcoming Palm Beach Yacht Show. Join Rick on this journey as we chart a course towards a brighter future for the American yachting industry. For Rick Thomas: Email: LinkedIn: #AmericanYachtingIndustry #YachtBuilding #YachtRevival #MaritimeIndustry #Shipbuilding #YachtCulture #PalmBeachYachtShow #YachtingPodcast
08:06 14/03/2024
Embracing Self-Care & Conscious Dating: Empowering Women Over 40
Join us on a transformative journey as we challenge societal norms and redefine the narrative around dating for women over 40. In this empowering video, we delve into the essential role of dating in self-care, debunking the myth that it's reserved for special occasions like Women's Day. Instead, we celebrate daily appreciation and honor for oneself. Discover how healing past traumas and relationships can pave the way for a more fulfilling connection with the outside world, reflecting the deep relationship we hold with ourselves. We critique the notion of settling for less or needing to be saved, advocating instead for a balance of divine feminine and masculine energies. Through personal growth experiences, we highlight the power of self-love and unconditional love in attracting reciprocal and meaningful relationships. Explore the spiritual aspect of finding one's counterpart and gain hope and encouragement for navigating the dating world post-40. Join us as we embrace the journey of dating over 40 with grace, wisdom, and empowerment. #EmpoweredWomen #SelfCare #ConsciousDating #DatingAfter40 #SelfLove #HealingJourney #DivineFeminine #DivineMasculine #SpiritualConnections #TwinFlames #ManifestLove
07:46 14/03/2024
Reviving North American Yachting | YACHTING USA Podcast
Join host Rick Thomas on an insightful journey through the world of yachting with industry veterans Tim Kings and Doug Hoogs in St. Augustine, Florida. With over 30 years of shared experience, they delve into the importance of relationships in the yachting industry, reminisce about past projects, and trace the evolution of their careers from the late 80s to today. Discover the challenges facing North American yacht building and the exciting prospects of revitalization through a new venture in the Yucatan, Mexico, blending skilled labor and industry expertise. Dive into the conversation as they explore the potential of their venture to rejuvenate the industry and keep yachting services closer to home. Don't miss out on this engaging episode of YACHTING USA! For Yucatan Yacht & Ship: - Facebook For Rick Thomas: Email: LinkedIn: #YachtingUSA #YachtingInternationalRadio #YachtingIndustry #YachtBuilders #YachtRevival #YachtingCareer #YucatanYachting #IndustryInsights #MaritimeRevolution #YachtRefits #NorthAmericanYachting #IndustryVeterans #RelationshipsAtSea #YachtingServices
18:06 10/03/2024
International Womens Day #2024
Happy International Womens Day 2024 from Rick Thomas of YACHTING USA and the rest of the team at YIR! #InspireInclusion #IWD2024 #YachtingUSA #YachtingInternationalRadio
01:16 08/03/2024
Crew Travel Updates: Global Airline News and Insights | Yachting International Radio
Join Lee Harris  for the latest edition of Crew Travel. Stay informed with updates from the airline industry, including Lufthansa City Airlines' new operations and contract negotiations at Air Transit. Discover potential strike action at Alaskan Airlines and Delta Airlines' recent route suspension. Learn about Spain's plans to ban short haul flights and the UK government's 3D scanner installation deadline. Stay ahead of the curve with insightful discussions on global airline news and get involved by sending in your questions for Lee to address in future episodes! 🗺️ Book Your Journeys with Lee Harris: 📧 Email: 🔗 LinkedIn: ttps:// 📱 Call/Text: +64212409896 🌟 Why Choose ATPI? - Expertise in Crew, Business, and Vacation Travel. - Get answers to your Crew Questions from the industry pro himself. #CrewTravel #AirlineNews #YachtingInternationalRadio #LufthansaCityAirlines #AirTransit #AlaskanAirlines #DeltaAirlines #SpainFlightBan #UK3DScanners #TravelUpdates
09:08 04/03/2024
Exploring the Past, Present, and Future of North American Yachting (Part 3) | YACHTING USA
In the concluding episode of our three-part series, join host Rick Thomas and maritime attorney Michael Moore for a deep dive into the intersection of yachting and environmental advocacy. Explore the North American yacht building scene, landmark maritime disasters, and legislation promoting cleaner waters. Learn about the pivotal role of the International SeaKeeper Society in advocating for ocean conservation, its initiatives like Project Baseline, and the challenges and successes of promoting environmental stewardship within the yachting industry. Gain valuable insights into the crucial roles of yacht owners, crew, and shipyards, and discover how the SeaKeeper Society is shaping the future of yachting and environmental awareness. Email: LinkedIn: For part one: For part two: #YachtingIndustry #EnvironmentalAdvocacy #SeaKeeperSociety #YachtBuilding #MaritimeLaw #OceanConservation #ProjectBaseline #YachtOwners #YachtCrew #Shipbuilding #EnvironmentalStewardship #MaritimeLegislation #YachtLife #Sustainability #YachtingInsights
39:39 03/03/2024
Exploring Diversity: Insights, Experiences, and Understanding | Diversity
Join hosts Rhea and Dr. Joseph Nwoye in the debut episode of 'Diversity' as they delve into the complexities of cultural differences and their impact on societies worldwide. Dr. Nwoye, sharing personal anecdotes from Nigeria, sheds light on discrimination, social justice, and the imperative need for diverse interactions. From confronting uncomfortable histories to advocating for inclusive education, this episode navigates through essential conversations on fostering equality and understanding. Tune in for enlightening discussions and actionable insights towards building a more inclusive society. For Dr. Joseph Nwoye: For Systemic Diversity & Inclusion Group: #DiversityPodcast #CulturalDifferences #SocialJustice #InclusiveSociety #TrueHistory #EducationEquality #DiversityAndInclusion
29:10 02/03/2024
Navigating Masculinity: Overcoming Shyness, Anger, and Father Absence
Join David in a profound exploration of masculinity in this episode of our series. Reflecting on personal struggles with shyness, anger, and the absence of his father, David unveils the profound impact of these experiences on his identity and emotional well-being. Delve into discussions on the role of father figures, the consequences of father absence, and the power of male role models in shaping one's journey. Discover David's heartfelt mission to provide counseling and support for men navigating the aftermath of pregnancy loss. Tune in for a raw and enlightening conversation that delves into the depths of male expression and the importance of addressing emotional pain. Let's talk: If you would like to talk in confidence, please contact Gary today on: +44 7917 819 375 @thegapcounselling - Facebook @thegapcounselling - Instagram @thegapcounselling - LinkedIn +44 7917 819375 - Whatsapp #NavigatingMasculinity #FatherhoodJourney #MaleExpression #EmotionalHealing #SupportForMen #PregnancyLossAwareness #EmbraceVulnerability 🎙️
38:34 02/03/2024
Doing Well for Others: Philanthropy in the Yachting Industry | YACHTING USA
In this engaging episode of the YACHTING USA podcast, host Rick Thomas dives deep into the theme of philanthropy within the yachting industry. Join Rick as he debunks misconceptions and highlights the industry's remarkable efforts in giving back to society. From community cleanups to supporting scientific research and disaster relief, Rick shares inspiring stories and examples of how yachting is making a positive impact. Tune in for insightful discussions, personal anecdotes, and upcoming features including Part Three of the interview with Michael Moore and coverage of the Palm Beach boat show. Don't miss out on this uplifting conversation that celebrates the industry's commitment to doing good! Email: LinkedIn: #YachtingPhilanthropy #YachtIndustryResponsibility #CommunityCleanup #YachtAid #SeaKeepersSociety #YachtingForGood #YachtingUSA #BoatingPodcast #PhilanthropyInYachting #YachtIndustryInsights
09:31 29/02/2024
Crew Travel Updates: Baggage Fees, New Routes & Strikes | Yachting International Radio
Join Lee Harris from ATPI Travel on Yachting International Radio for the latest scoop on crew travel. From United Airlines' baggage fee hikes to Eastern Airways' triumph at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, we cover it all.  Plus, stay informed about potential strikes looming at Heathrow Airport and exciting new flight routes by United Airlines and Delta. If you're part of the crew heading to Guam or beyond, this episode is a must-listen. Don't miss out on essential updates and insights to keep your travel plans smooth sailing! 🗺️ Book Your Journeys with Lee Harris: 📧 Email: 🔗 LinkedIn: ttps:// 📱 Call/Text: +64212409896 🌟 Why Choose ATPI? - Expertise in Crew, Business, and Vacation Travel. - Get answers to your Crew Questions from the industry pro himself. #CrewTravel #BaggageFees #NewRoutes #Strikes #ATPITravel #YachtingInternationalRadio
07:37 26/02/2024
Exploring the Past, Present, and Future of North American Yachting (Part 2) | YACHTING USA
Explore the dynamic landscape of the U.S. yacht building industry in this insightful discussion with Michael Moore. From the impact of global competition to the significance of maritime laws like the Jones Act, discover the key factors shaping the evolution of American yacht builders. Join us as we delve into the success stories of Delta Marine, Burger Boat Company, and Westport, and explore strategies to support and revitalize the North American yachting industry. For Part One: Email: LinkedIn: #YachtingUSA #YachtingInternationalRadio #AmericanYachtBuilders #MaritimeLaws #GlobalCompetition #YachtBuildingIndustry #RevitalizingYachting #DeltaMarine #BurgerBoatCompany #Westport #JonesAct
29:06 26/02/2024
Arctic Expedition Unveiled: A Conversation with Maiwenn Beadle | Yacht Crew Vlogs
Embark on an extraordinary Arctic odyssey with Maiwenn Beadle, the renowned owner of Unicorn Arctic Consultancy and a seasoned master 3000. Join host Rhea as she immerses you in Maiwenn's captivating 30-year journey in the Arctic yachting industry, navigating perilous waters, encountering polar bears, and uncovering the breathtaking allure of pink glaciers. Explore the fascinating intersection of art and exploration as Maiwenn shares her unique artistic expressions inspired by Arctic wonders. Discover how Maiwenn's consultancy facilitates safe and unforgettable voyages to the North, ensuring adaptability and safety amid the challenges of Arctic exploration. Delve into the enchanting realm of Arctic exploration and artistic ingenuity with Maiwenn Beadle on Yacht Crew Vlogs, exclusively on Yachting International Radio To contact Maiwenn Beadle: For Unicorn Arctic Consultancy: #ArcticExploration #YachtCrewVlogs #MaiwennBeadle #YachtingInternationalRadio #ArcticAdventure #MaritimeExploration #YachtingJourney #PodcastInterview
12:42 24/02/2024
Elevate Your Well-Being: Self-Care and Vibrational Frequency Alignment
Join Geraldine on as she delves into the transformative power of self-care and vibrational frequency alignment. In the bustling environment of Dubai, Geraldine shares insights on the importance of inner integrity and offers practical grounding techniques for managing life's fast pace. Explore the significance of intuition and its role in guiding personal growth, along with Geraldine's experiences in helping others and fostering mental health awareness. Discover the value of a holistic approach to mental and emotional well-being, including tips for navigating negative energy and maintaining emotional stability. Don't miss this enlightening discussion on nurturing your mind, body, and spirit for a harmonious life. #YachtingInternationalRadio #SelfCare #VibrationalFrequency #HolisticHealth #DubaiLife #MentalHealthAwareness #PositiveVibes
08:34 23/02/2024
Unlocking Potential | The Wellbeing Project
Join host Karine Rayson on Yachting International Radio for an enlightening conversation with Jules, a Chief Steward with eight years of experience in the yachting industry. Explore the transformative impact of facilitation work as they delve into the concept of running workshops to enhance crew self-awareness, soft skills, and emotional intelligence. From Jules' personal journey to the importance of continuous learning and growth, this episode highlights the value of investing in personal and leadership development in yachting. Discover the role of effective communication, understanding team dynamics, and the power of values in fostering team cohesion and success.  Don't miss this insightful discussion on driving positive change in the yachting industry through facilitation and personal growth initiatives. @the_crew_coach Instagram @thecrewcoach Facebook #YachtingInternationalRadio #FacilitationWork #YachtingIndustry #LeadershipDevelopment #TeamCohesion #PersonalGrowth #EmotionalIntelligence #SoftSkills #CommunicationSkills #SelfAwareness
17:03 22/02/2024
Ciara from Below Deck Opens Up About Life After Reality TV | UNCENSORED
Join host Marien Sarriera from Yachts Mermaids as she sits down for an exclusive interview with Ciara, former cast member of Below Deck, on the latest episode of UNCENSORED. Dive deep into Ciara's journey beyond the small screen as she discusses navigating the highs and lows of reality TV fame, building confidence in the face of public scrutiny, and prioritizing her yachting career. Gain insights into Ciara's empowering philosophy on self-worth and resilience, and discover her invaluable advice for handling negativity with grace and compassion. Don't miss this candid and insightful conversation with Ciara, offering a glimpse into life after the show and the realities of the yachting industry. If you have something to say, a story to share or wisdom to pass on, email Marien at to be part of the UNCENSORED show. #UNCENSORED #BelowDeck #YachtingInterview #RealityTVFame #SelfWorth #HandlingNegativity #YachtingCareer #Empowerment #Compassion #LifeAfterRealityTV
22:55 20/02/2024

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