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Sony Alpha Photographers

Welcome to the Sony Alpha Photographers podcast, Sony Artisan of Imagery Tony Gale interviews photographers who use Sony Alpha cameras. Talking about how they got started, their go to gear and more. New episodes on Mondays and Thursdays.


Photographer And Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador Bertrand Bernager | Sony Alpha Photographers Podcast 12:17 14/10/21
Photographer and Videographer Chris Olivas | Sony Alpha Photographers Podcast 11:10 11/10/21
Photographer and Sony Alpha Collective Member, Eric Ward | Sony Alpha Photographers Podcast 14:50 07/10/21
Sports, documentary and commercial photographer Matt Dirksen | Sony Alpha Photographers Podcast 15:09 04/10/21
Portrait, wedding photographer, educator and Sony Artisan, Scott Robert Lim | Sony Alpha Photographers Podcast 17:48 30/09/21
Wedding Photographer Basem Barakat | Sony Alpha Photographers Podcast 13:51 27/09/21
Astro Photographer, Workshop Leader and Sony Alpha Collective Member, Rachel Jones Ross | Sony Alpha Photographers Podcast 17:22 23/09/21
Cinematographer and Photographer Zack Morris | Sony Alpha Photographers Podcast 13:39 20/09/21
Photographer and founder of Allships and Sony Alpha Collective member Dave Krugman | Sony Alpha Photographers Podcast 16:18 16/09/21
Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer Phil Winter | Sony Alpha Photographers Podcast 10:31 13/09/21
Wedding Photographer And Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador Cristiano Ostinelli | Sony Alpha Photographers Podcast 16:29 09/09/21
Filmmaker and Sony Alpha Female Plus Grant Winner Kristin Atwood | Sony Alpha Photographers Podcast 13:43 06/09/21
Photographer And Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador Brendan de Clercq | Sony Alpha Photographers Podcast 17:19 02/09/21
Tony Gale Talks With Commercial Photographer And High School Photo Teacher Jayce Giddens | Sony Alpha Photographers Podcast 13:23 30/08/21
Director, videographer and editor and Sony Alpha Female plus grant winner, Elizabeth Cayouette 16:53 23/08/21
Wedding, portrait and boudoir photographer and cinematographer and Sony Europe Ambassador Kate Kirkman 14:02 19/08/21
Photographer and singer/songwriter Francine Mancini 14:09 16/08/21
Sports, portrait and lifestyle photographer and Sony Europe Ambassador Philip Platzer 11:02 12/08/21
Commercial/Advertising Photographer Dana Hursey 14:53 09/08/21
Sports, portrait and commercial photographer and Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador Terry Donnelly 14:25 05/08/21
Photojournalist and commercial photographer Joey Pulone 15:14 02/08/21
Wedding and portrait photographer and Sony Alpha Professional Photographer Eric Ooi 12:26 29/07/21
Sports photographer Cato Cataldo 17:23 26/07/21
National Geographic Photographer and Sony China Ambassador Michael Yamashita 16:41 22/07/21
Documentary, commercial and sports photographer Kevin Liles 15:19 19/07/21
Portrait photographer and Sony Artisan Monica Sigmon 15:38 15/07/21
Photographer and award winning filmmaker John Harrington 19:18 12/07/21
Landscape Night Photographer and Sony Europe Ambassador Stefan Liebermann 12:49 08/07/21
Photographer Bill Baum 16:32 05/07/21
Re-release of Adventure photographer and Sony Alpha Collective Member Nate Luebbe (Nate in the Wild) 13:50 01/07/21