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Does the world need another f'in' marketing podcast? Find out, with me, Ian Truscott, as I use this podcast as an excuse to chat with friends old and new that I've met through my marketing career from techie to CMO and share the marketing street knowledge that will hopefully bring out the Rockstar CMO in you. Learn more, follow and get the show notes at


The Dip Into the Swimming Pool with Jeff, Constantly Learning with Lori Jones and Dating Our Content with Robert over a Cocktail Episode 68:55 14/05/22
The Ian, Jeff and Simon Grab MOps (Marketing Ops) and Robert Grabs a Cocktail (that is not Rented) Episode 72:07 07/05/22
The Jeff Shares Tips for Brand Research, Matthew Woodget has a Great Story and Robert Talks Tech over a Cocktail Episode 73:24 30/04/22
The A.I. and Marketing with Jeff, Brand Strategy and Innovation with Jo and Listening Before Speaking with Robert and a Cocktail Episode 74:42 23/04/22
The Jeff Walks Like An Egyptian, Chris Smith Shares The Conversion Code and Robert is Managing Up with a Cocktail Episode 80:10 16/04/22
The Challenger Brand with Jeff, 3 Marketing Thoughts with Ian and a Strategic Cocktail with Robert Episode 65:37 09/04/22
The Journeys with Jeff, Tim Hines the Marketing Starter and Robert Unlocks Expertise over a Cocktail Episode 80:37 02/04/22
The Jeff Clark's 5th F'in' Marketing Fundamental, Jill Ransome from Jitterbit and a Quantity Versus Quality Cocktail with Robert Rose Episode 77:41 26/03/22
The 4th Fin' Marketing Fundamental with Jeff, Content Matters with Cathy and Robert Walks the Tightrope with a Cocktail Episode 73:23 19/03/22
The Third F'in' Marketing Fundamental with Jeff Clark, Kerry Cunningham from 6Sense and the Pope in the Pool with Robert Rose Episode 72:29 12/03/22
The Jeff on F'in' Research, Rob and Kennedy are Email Marketing Heroes and Robert Measures a Cocktail Episode 79:07 05/03/22
The Dream of Data with Steffen Hedebrandt, Branding with Jeff Clark and Making the Donuts over a Cocktail with Robert Rose Episode 70:26 26/02/22
The F'in' Marketing Fundamentals, Chris Lynch from Mindtickle and a Wicked Problem over a Cocktail Episode 76:51 19/02/22
The Jeff Clark Part II, Influencing with Gordon and Being the Director of your Content Cocktail Episode 71:52 12/02/22
The Jeff's Story, Win/Loss with Ken Schwarz and Popular Content over a Cocktail Episode 69:56 05/02/22
The Taking the P's, The Serious Business of CSR and Facts Don't Speak for Themselves Episode 73:53 29/01/22
The Six Marketing Books, Retail Relevancy and Building a Cocktail While You're Drinking It Episode 88:11 22/01/22
The We Need Education, We Don't Need No Top 10's and Catfishing for a Cocktail Episode 54:13 15/01/22
The Authentic Empathy with Jeff, Brands Don't Win with Stan Bernard and Planning Over a Cocktail with Robert 76:46 08/01/22
The We'll be Right Back After This Word with Jason Falls on Influencers, Podcasts and Bourbon Episode 56:54 01/01/22
The Virtual Rockstar CMO Bar Lock-In - A Holiday Special with Robert Rose Episode 60:12 24/12/21
The Give it to You, Give it to Me, Reputation's Rebecca Biestman and Creative Briefs That Aren't Episode 53:03 18/12/21
The Helping the Buyer Decide, Norah Sudduth from Hello Audio and a Cocktail that's on Message Episode 53:55 11/12/21
The Virtual Insanity of Predictions, Melissa Sargeant of Litmus and a Well Planned Cocktail Episode 75:23 04/12/21
The Say Thanks Like You Mean It, Jeff Coyle on Content and is That a Rut or a Grave Cocktail Episode 51:31 27/11/21
The Small Budgets, Renegade Drew Neisser and a Cocktail of Choices with Robert Rose Episode 72:44 20/11/21
The Budget Planning and The Only Way Out Is Through a Cocktail Episode 75:23 13/11/21
The Quiet Community, Eric Fulwiler Founding Rival and Agreeing Goals over a Cocktail Episode 51:17 06/11/21
The Change with Jeff, The Next Women with Anne-Marie, and Cocktail Strengths with Robert Episode 72:53 30/10/21
The Backstage Advice for a New Gig, Christopher Willis, CMO Acrolinx and a Cocktail for Change Episode 63:54 23/10/21