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AI Is as Risky as Pandemics and Nuclear War, Top CEOs Say, Urging Global Cooperation
The CEOs of the leading AI companies made their most unified statement yet about the existential risks posed by the technologySee for privacy information.
05:04 31/05/2023
A Few Lawmakers Are Trying To Torpedo the Debt Ceiling Deal. Here’s How
The first obstacle comes on Tuesday evening, when the House Rules Committee will convene to determine whether the agreement comes to a vote.See for privacy information.
05:36 31/05/2023
China's Aggressive Maneuver Against U.S. Spy Plane Highlights Escalating Tensions
The military published video Tuesday of the latest in a series of incidents in the region between the two powers.See for privacy information.
03:34 31/05/2023
Volunteering May Boost Kids' Well-Being, Study Says
It's associated with better mental and physical health.See for privacy information.
03:28 31/05/2023
Twitter Now Worth Just One-Third of What Elon Musk Paid for It
Fidelity's new valuation follows three earlier mark-downs.See for privacy information.
02:02 31/05/2023
Here’s What’s in the Debt Ceiling Deal
“The agreement represents a compromise, which means not everyone gets what they want,” President Joe Biden said.See for privacy information.
09:06 30/05/2023
New York City Is Slowly Sinking Under Its Own Weight, Study Finds
Because the ocean is rising at a similar rate as the land is sinking, the Earth's changing climate could accelerate the timeline.See for privacy information.
04:36 30/05/2023
Russia Launches Pre-dawn Attack on Ukraine’s Capital
Russian drones buzzed over Kyiv, before being taken down by Ukraine's air defense systemsSee for privacy information.
03:33 30/05/2023
Scandal Over Son’s House Party Lands Japan’s Prime Minister Kishida in Hot Water
Japan PM fires son after party at official residence triggers public outrage.See for privacy information.
03:45 30/05/2023
Column: American Health Care Is Broken. Major Hospitals Need to Be Part of the Solution
America's major health systems largely ignore social drivers of poor health. That needs to change.See for privacy information.
08:04 30/05/2023
The Cover Story: Florence Pugh Might Just Save the Movie Star From Extinction
Florence Pugh is featured as one of TIME's Next Generation Leaders, a list of 10 trailblazers shaping a brighter future. The British actor has had a string of remarkable performances including in 'Midsommar' and 'Little Women' and is on the cusp of a breakout year with upcoming roles in two highly anticipated movies: Christopher Nolan’s 'Oppenheimer' and Denis Villeneuve’s 'Dune: Part Two'. We join Pugh to discuss her influence on the next generation of the movie industry.See for privacy information.
11:02 30/05/2023
Texas House Impeaches Attorney General Ken Paxton. Here’s What to Know
Paxton has denied any wrongdoing and invited Texans to the capitol to “peacefully” protestSee for privacy information.
05:55 29/05/2023
North Korea Says It’s About to Launch Its First Military Satellite. Here’s What We Know So Far
A satellite launch will be a violation of U.N. protocols on the use of long-range missile technologySee for privacy information.
03:31 29/05/2023
What Erdoğan’s Victory Means for Turkey—and the World
The Erdoğan era lives on after Turkey’s longtime leader emerged victorious in Sunday's runoff election.See for privacy information.
05:50 29/05/2023
Colorado River Drought Crisis is Fostering a More Collaborative U.S.-Mexico Relationship
When it comes to the Colorado River, the U.S. and Mexico have entered a new era of agreement as both countries face unprecedented drought.See for privacy information.
06:53 29/05/2023
Biden and GOP Reach Debt-Ceiling Deal. Now Congress Must Approve It
The Democratic president and Republican speaker reached the agreement after the two spoke Saturday evening by phone.See for privacy information.
05:11 29/05/2023
ICYMI: What to Know About the History of the Debt Ceiling, and more
Included in this Episode: 1. What to Know About the History of the Debt Ceiling 2. The U.S. Surgeon General Fears Social Media Is Harming the 'Well-Being of Our Children' 3. For Marianne Williamson, the Bernie Sanders Lane Looks Wide Open See for privacy information.
23:13 28/05/2023
Why Gas Prices Are Cheaper Right Now
Overall, demand is lower says one expert. And if EV sales continue, that could continue to help drive down the cost of gas.See for privacy information.
02:51 28/05/2023
Column: Why the Advice to Follow Your Dreams Is Selling Graduates Short
Deeper than our desires is the question of what is actually worth wanting, write Ryan McAnnally-Linz, Matthew Croasmun, and Miroslav Volf.See for privacy information.
05:15 28/05/2023
Heat-Related Prison Deaths Are Rising Due to Climate Change
Without mandated air-conditioning, the number of heat-related deaths in U.S. prisons (Texas in particular) have increased in the last decade.See for privacy information.
08:29 28/05/2023
What Netflix's Password Sharing Crackdown Means for You
The streamer has begun rolling out its new password protocol in the U.S.See for privacy information.
03:47 28/05/2023
Review: 'The Idol' Pretends to Expose Exploitation While Reveling in It
Sam Levinson's controversial HBO series, which stars co-creator The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp, is an almost Biblical cautionary tale about a pop star.See for privacy information.
06:45 28/05/2023
Biodiversity Is Nearing an ‘Extinction Crisis,’ Animal Researchers Say
In a new study, researchers found a "global erosion of species,’ with nearly half of animal populations in decline.See for privacy information.
04:52 27/05/2023
Column: In the Rush to AI, We Can't Afford to Trust Big Tech
Governments, big tech, and scientists will need to work together.See for privacy information.
06:19 27/05/2023
Doctors Are Still Confused by Abortion Exceptions in Louisiana. It’s Limiting Essential Care
The laws in Louisiana allow for abortions in certain cases when a pregnant patients' life or health may be at risk.See for privacy information.
07:01 27/05/2023
The Architect of Swiss Neutrality Thinks It's Time for His Country to Take Sides
TIME speaks to Thomas Borer on scrapping the country's longstanding policy of military neutrality.See for privacy information.
07:10 27/05/2023
Republicans Tout Progress on Debt Ceiling Negotiations With Time Running Out
McCarthy warned that a potential agreement would require a level of compromise likely to disappoint both parties.See for privacy information.
05:26 26/05/2023
Why Waking Up Earlier Isn't Necessarily Better
Morning birds aren't morally superior to night owls.See for privacy information.
05:53 26/05/2023
What Was Memorial Day Originally Called?
Originally called Decoration Day, the occasion was first marked three years after the end of the Civil War.See for privacy information.
02:34 26/05/2023
If You've Always Wanted a Lighthouse, Here's Your Chance. The U.S. Is Giving Some Away
Ten lighthouses along America's shorelines are being given away at no cost or sold at auction by the federal government.See for privacy information.
03:59 26/05/2023