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Space Café Podcast

SpaceWatch.Global’s fortnightly podcast, created and hosted by Markus Mooslechner. Each episode features some of the most compelling and inspiring voices from across the international space sector. We walk the additional mile to bring you names that might even surprise the most seasoned space buffs out there. See for privacy and opt-out information.


EP54 Ane Aanesland, CEO of ThrustMe. A life between new propulsion technologies and Arctic adventures. 51:19 11/05/22
EPISODE 053: ESA director Géraldine Naja on the commercialization of ESA, the Russian absence, and why ESA might just be waiting for your job application. 47:09 26/04/22
EPISODE 052: René Laufer, a life between science and fiction 60:47 12/04/22
EPISODE 051: Steven Ramage, GEO, Earth observation. The big eye in the sky. 47:56 29/03/22
EPISODE 050: Hansjörg Dittus, former DLR about Europe's Role in Space (an honest discussion) 59:26 15/03/22
EPISODE 049: Urs Ganse, refreshing nerd talk about all things space you may never have heard about. 61:31 01/03/22
EPISODE 048: Martin Wezowski, Chief Futurist at SAP. Thoughts for New Space. 47:06 15/02/22
EPISODE 047: Susmita Mohanty: More Europe and less U.S.-focused narrative on the future of spaceflight 44:44 01/02/22
EPISODE 046: Frank Salzgeber, ESA is looking for the crazy ones among you 54:01 18/01/22
EPISODE 044: Steven Freeland: Rethinking New Space 62:52 06/01/22
EPISODE 045_Special Peter Rumler, ESA, Launching James Webb 27:43 28/12/21
EPISODE 043: Mike Simmons: Astronomy to the people 58:19 21/12/21
EPISODE 042: Barbara Belvisi, Interstellar Lab and the future of plant growth in space and on earth 47:48 07/12/21
EPISODE 041: Stewart Bain, NorthStar Earth & Space and why our planet needs an image upgrade. 59:56 23/11/21
EPISODE 040: Luc Piguet, ClearSpace or how to solve an impossible mission 62:29 09/11/21
EPISODE 039: Andrew Williams and an idea for tackling the constellation issue. 58:57 26/10/21
EP38 Joellen Russell, Mayday Mayday, an oceanographer's passionate cry for help to the space community. 64:09 13/10/21
EP37 Andrew Jones on China's Space endeavors 47:57 29/09/21
EP36 Stella Guillen: CCO of ISAR Aerospace, Europe's hottest stock in the launcher segment 59:22 14/09/21
EP35 Elodie_Viau: getting telecommunication ready for space and beyond 36:34 03/09/21
EP34 John Mankins: Energy from orbit, new ways of propulsion and Star Trek type spaceships 50:20 19/08/21
EPISODE 033: Val Munsami - why affordable space tech for anyone comes at a price 51:11 03/08/21
EPISODE 032: Jacques Arnould, a tricky question for the entire space industry 44:37 23/07/21
EPISODE 031: Ian Carnelli, Preparing for the worst 63:03 06/07/21
EPISODE 030: Yvette Hopkins, Shetland Space Center 36:31 22/06/21
EPISODE 029: Brother Guy Consolmagno, The Pope’s Astronomer 62:25 08/06/21
EPISODE 028: Mahsa Moghimi Esfandabadi, Space Architect. What our habitats on foreign shores will look like 47:46 26/05/21
EPISODE 027: Bruce Damer - a new origin of life and how to mine an asteroid. 57:51 12/05/21
EPISODE 026: Torsten Kriening - Mastermind behind one of the fastest growing space industry news outlets 48:56 30/04/21
EPISODE 025: Alice Gorman - Space Archaeologist and why Elon Musk will never call her back. 63:14 13/04/21