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Angelneers: Insights From Startup Builders

This podcast is brought to you by Angelneers, a community of startup builders. Listen to seasoned founders, operators, and technologists sharing their learnings and insights about how to make better decisions around product, engineering, and growth. To learn more about Angelneers look us up on our social media or write to


Point One Navigation: The API for Precise Location with Aaron Nathan 43:42 06/05/22
Mimik: Unlocking the Next Gen of Apps for the Hyper Connected World with Fay Arjomandi 49:05 22/04/22 Bolstering Customer Success with AI with Gaurav Bhattacharya 45:50 08/04/22
Managing Up, Out and Yourself with Mickey W Mantle 49:08 25/03/22
Segmed: Democratizing Healthcare Data with Cailin Hardell 44:26 25/02/22
Mozart Data: How to Become a Data Maestro with Peter Fishman 47:45 18/02/22
Topstep: Becoming a World-Class Leader with Jay Rudman 44:08 11/02/22
Pulse: Making Remote Work Better with Raj Singh 45:03 28/01/22
Nodle: Harnessing the Power of Smartphones with Micha Benoliel 47:45 14/01/22
Working Inside the Rocketships and Beyond with Ashish Bhatia 38:14 07/01/22
Hightouch: Pioneering the New Era of Operational Analytics with Kashish Gupta 49:02 17/12/21
Metadata: Enabling the Autonomous Marketer to Be a Reality with Gil Allouche 41:39 10/12/21
Braintrust: Creating the Future of Work with Adam Jackson 50:16 03/12/21
UpCodes: The Spellcheck For Buildings with Scott Reynolds 53:50 19/11/21
Polytomic: Syncing Internal Data To Business Systems with Ghalib Suleiman 44:15 05/11/21
Tribe: Building Successful Online Communities with Siavash Mahmoudian 56:17 28/10/21
Simplified: Automating Content Creation Process with KD Deshpande 46:38 30/09/21
A Crash Course In Customer Development with Jeff Solomon 52:52 10/09/21
Phylum: The Future of Software Supply Chain Security with Aaron Bray 41:17 03/09/21
CEO Quest: Designing The Fit Systems Enterprise with Tom Mohr 60:26 27/08/21
Echopixel: The Operating Room of the Future with Sergio Aguirre 52:21 13/08/21
Flume Health: Bringing Transparency to the Healthcare Coverage 46:44 30/07/21
Edify: The Frictionless Way to Onboard Engineers with Kristen Buchanan 45:50 16/07/21
Anjuna: Closing an Old Gap in Cloud Security with Ayal Yogev 45:40 02/07/21
Driving Successful M&A Deals with Charlie Kwon 50:30 18/06/21
Rafay Systems: Addressing Delivery Pain with Haseeb Budhani 50:30 11/06/21
Inspectiv: Crowdsourcing Application Security with Joseph Melika 51:56 28/05/21
Gabbi: Empowering Women and Saving Lives with Kaitlin Christine 45:06 21/05/21
Place Technology: Solving the Challenges of Financial Forecasting with Brandon Metcalf 52:21 14/05/21
Confessions of a Rainmaker with Ed Sterbenc 64:22 06/05/21