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On The Lawyer's Edge podcast, attorney and professional business coach Elise Holtzman sits down with successful lawyers, legal marketing specialists, business leaders and authors to talk about how lawyers and law firms can grow and sustain healthy, profitable businesses.


Melanie Lippman | A Style Consultant’s Perspective on How To Dress With Clarity and Confidence
Melanie Lippman is a New York-based image coach and personal branding consultant. She’s also the Founder and CEO of Melanie Lippman Style Consulting, where she helps people express confidence with style. Melanie has received multiple degrees from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), and she studied fashion merchandising and cosmetic fragrance marketing in college. Later in life, she had a transformative internship in Marie Claire’s fashion closet and a successful career selling fine jewelry wholesale to stores, including Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. When it comes to the legal industry, Melanie helps attorneys stop the stress and overwhelm of getting dressed and instead use their style as a tool to attract clients, build connections, and achieve next-level visibility. Her philosophy is simple: when you’re confident in your appearance, you can show up and conquer anything the day brings you. In this episode… Does it really matter what you wear to work? When you’re a busy lawyer focused on your job, it can be tempting to give up shopping and throw on whatever’s in your closet. In truth, your clothing sends a message to your colleagues and clients.  According to style consultant Melanie Lippman, clothing is the largest form of nonverbal communication. Whether intentional or not, your style sends a message. So, you want to make sure that you’re putting effort into your style to send the right message. Luckily, Melanie has some valuable tips to help you figure out your style, find what flatters you, and develop your personal brand. In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman is joined by Melanie Lippman, the Founder and CEO of Melanie Lippman Style Consulting, to talk about shaping your personal style. Melanie shares the benefits of putting effort into your wardrobe, why style is more important than trends, and tips for building confidence through your clothing.
42:38 20/09/22
Lori Mihalich-Levin | Parents at Work: Navigating a Return to the Law After Baby
Lori Mihalich-Levin is the Founder and CEO of Mindful Return, a movement that helps new parents navigate the uncertain terrain of working parenthood. Currently, 92 employers offer the Mindful Return program to support employees in their transition to working parenthood. Additionally, Lori is the author of Back to Work After Baby: How to Plan and Navigate a Mindful Return from Maternity Leave and created the Mindful Return Maternity Leave E-Course. She also co-hosts the Parents At Work podcast and is a healthcare lawyer in private practice at her own firm, The GME Group, PLLC. Lori’s thought leadership on issues related to working parenthood has been featured in publications including Forbes, The Washington Post, and New York Times Parenting. As a working parent of two boys, Lori understands the need for a supportive community of working parents — especially when you’re first transitioning from parental leave. Her mission is to help parents feel empowered to make thoughtful choices and be present both with their babies and in their careers. In this episode… Working parents wear many hats and often struggle to find the support needed to thrive in both their personal life and professional career. After transitioning back to work after parental leave, numerous parents deal with the guilt of leaving their children, logistical challenges of finding childcare, and a lack of confidence that they can show up the way they used to at work. Can new parents find success in both areas of their life without sacrifice? When Lori Mihalich-Levin was a new mom transitioning back into her legal career, she found many resources focused on the baby but nothing about personal and professional identity transition. Desperate for help as a working parent, Lori created her own program, Mindful Return, which helps new parents gain support from other working parents and find the resources needed to grow in all areas of their life. But Mindful Return doesn’t stop with the parents — Lori and her team are on a mission to help employers retain new parent talent and keep their employees’ careers on an upward trajectory. In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman sits down with Lori Mihalich-Levin, the Founder and CEO of Mindful Return, to talk about working parenthood and parental leave. Lori discusses the importance of destigmatizing parental leave for both men and women, how employers can help new parents navigate the transition, and how Mindful Return is helping both new and experienced parents succeed in their personal and professional life.
38:34 15/09/22
Kori Carew | How and Why To Have Courageous Conversations About Race and Differences
Kori Carew is the Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer at Seyfarth, an international Am Law 100 firm with more than 900 attorneys. In this role, she leads efforts to expand the firm’s culture of inclusion and advance diversity within their partnership.  Using advocacy and organizational strategy to address structural barriers to diversity in the workplace, Kori brings an incisive voice, unapologetic questioning of the status quo, and a lifelong fascination with human potential to her work. She's a nationally sought-after speaker on topics of diversity, inclusion, belonging, inclusive leadership, talent engagement and development, authenticity, and leveraging power. On top of that, Kori is a self-described disrupter, womanist, and social justice advocate.  Kori has a powerful TEDx Talk, “Just Belonging: Finding the Courage to Interrupt Bias.” According to Kori, the path to racial healing, justice, diversity, and inclusion requires courage. And choosing courage to create belonging is not an easy task — it’s a practice and process.  In this episode… A firm’s team is likely comprised of people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, races, genders, and classes. But we often fail to recognize that the differences between people don’t necessarily indicate different needs — it just means that the way we create a sense of inclusion might be different. So, as a leader, how do you create an inclusive environment?  Kori Carew says that inclusive leadership requires courageous conversations. It calls upon leaders to be in a constant state of curiosity and learning, understanding that we won’t always know everything and we’ll often make mistakes. Inclusive leadership is also about being vulnerable, listening to your people, and seeking to understand their perspectives. By choosing courage over comfort, leaders can address obstacles and create high-performing, well-cared-for teams. In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman is joined by Kori Carew, the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Seyfarth, to talk about having courageous conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion. Kori discusses the trends and challenges she sees in the space, the important traits of inclusive leadership, and why it’s crucial to have conversations about race, differences, and inclusion. 
50:31 06/09/22
Roy Sexton | A Magical Combination: Law Firm Branding & Culture Development
Roy Sexton is the Director of Marketing at Clark Hill, a law firm with more than 650 lawyers spread across 27 offices in the US, Ireland, and Mexico. Roy is also the 2022 President-Elect of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) and will become the President in 2023, previously serving as a board member, content expert, and presenter.  Roy has a passion for solving problems, improving culture, facilitating business growth, and collaborating on long-term strategies. He has nearly 20 years of experience in marketing, communications, and strategic planning across a range of industries. Roy has also written two books, Reel Roy Reviews volumes one and two, which is a compilation of his essays and reviews on movies and cinema. After supporting the rebranding of Clark Hill, Roy realized just how magical the combination of branding and culture development can be. In the process of branding, you’re uniting company values, the customer experience, and a diverse team, which, in turn, helps develop the true, authentic culture of your organization. In this episode… Branding (and rebranding) requires more than just updating a logo. Likewise, culture requires more than just checking off a box and labeling your firm as diverse. So, how do you effectively develop your brand and culture in a way that unites all segments of your law firm? According to Roy Sexton, affirming your brand has the magical power of galvanizing your culture and showing clients your true, authentic selves. First, you must take stock of who you are now and who you want to become. Once you gain clarity in those areas, you can craft your messaging and unite your culture in an open and transparent way.  In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman sits down with Roy Sexton, Director of Marketing at Clark Hill and President-Elect of the Legal Marketing Association. Roy discusses the process of branding and rebranding, how it’s connected to culture, and why these are key areas for creating a cohesive firm. He also shares marketing and social media tips and the powerful theater lessons that apply to business.      
49:31 30/08/22
Nora Riva Bergman and Chelsy Castro | Research-Based Strategies To Boost Wellness and Build Resilience
Nora Riva Bergman is a business coach, Certified Practice Advisor at Atticus, and the Founder of Real Life Practice, where she helps attorneys balance their life and law practice. Nora has practiced as an employment law attorney and certified mediator and has served as a Professor at both Stetson University College of Law and the University of South Florida, teaching courses in alternative dispute resolution and negotiation. As a licensed attorney for more than 25 years, she understands the frustrations attorneys face every day and is committed to helping them change their lives for the better.  Chelsy Castro is the CEO and Founder of Castro Jacobs Psychotherapy and Consulting (CJPC). As a lawyer-turned-psychotherapist, she’s an expert in lawyer well-being who teaches individuals and organizations how to build the skills they need to achieve their goals in a healthy, productive way. Chelsy’s publications and trainings focus on science-based skills and strategies for improving performance and increasing well-being in high-profit, high-pressure professions. Nora and Chelsy are Co-authors of the book 50 Lessons for Happy Lawyers: Boost Wellness. Build Resilience. Yes, You Can!, which is the most recent book in Nora’s 50 Lessons for Lawyers series. This book raises awareness on mental health and well-being challenges in the legal profession and equips individual lawyers with the skills needed to take action and live a happier life.  In this episode… A 2016 study from the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation shows that 28% of lawyers struggle with some level of depression, and 19% demonstrate symptoms of anxiety. On top of that, a Legal Trends Report from 2018 tells us that 75% of lawyers frequently work outside of business hours, and 39% said that working long hours has affected their personal lives. Since the emergence of the pandemic, these numbers are likely higher. So what can we do, whether on an individual or institutional level, to support lawyers’ mental health and well-being? Nora Riva Bergman and Chelsy Castro believe lawyers deserve to lead happy, healthy, and resilient lives. That’s why they co-authored the book 50 Lessons for Happy Lawyers, where they share tools and strategies to help lawyers support their health and well-being. Traditionally, the idea of lawyers’ physical and mental health has been swept under the rug, but now, Nora and Chelsy believe that the legal profession is at an inflection point — and they’re helping create change one small step at a time.  In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman is joined by Nora Riva Bergman, Certified Practice Advisor at Atticus and Founder of Real Life Practice, and Chelsy Castro, Founder of Castro Jacobs Psychotherapy and Consulting (CJPC). Nora and Chelsy share why they wrote 50 Lessons for Happy Lawyers, their favorite lessons from the book, and strategies lawyers can use to invest in their well-being and create lasting change.
41:14 23/08/22
Mary Balistreri | Does Professional Coaching Really Work? How Lawyers Become Business Developers and Leaders
Mary Balistreri is the President and CEO of More Business Today (MBT), ​​which offers coaching, professional development programs, and facilitation services. Mary is a certified Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) Coach, a Diversity to Belonging Facilitator, and a key member of the coaching team at The Lawyer’s Edge.  Mary has more than 20 years of experience in law as an internal business development and leadership coach. She was the first Director of Business Development at an AmLaw 200 firm, where she helped create industry teams, client service teams, a target marketing program, and a coaching program, among many other initiatives. The heart of Mary’s coaching practice lies in supporting individuals and teams to achieve their potential and build belonging into business. She has witnessed the power of conversation to clarify, communicate, and create improvements. Mary says that as long as clients are committed and ready to put the work in, coaching can transform their lives. In this episode… According to Mary Balistreri, the #1 most successful tactic to improve individuals and teams is coaching. Although Mary is a coach, this isn’t a self-fulfilling prophecy. Throughout her 20 years of experience, she’s witnessed countless transformations — both for the individual and their business.  In Mary’s very first year of coaching, she took on 13 attorneys who were drowning in work. Of those 13, five of them became top rainmakers in their firm. Since then, she’s worked with numerous attorneys and other professionals who embraced the power of coaching to help them achieve their loftiest goals. But what makes coaching so beneficial? It comes down to three things: individual solutions, accountability, and a goal-centered approach that propels you into action. In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman talks with Mary Balistreri, President and CEO of More Business Today (MBT) and Coach at The Lawyer’s Edge. Mary discusses the benefits of coaching and how it differs from other counseling, the impact conversations can have on business, and why commitment is key to beginning your coaching journey. 
41:35 16/08/22
Kimya Johnson | Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives: What Works, What Doesn’t, and Why It All Matters
Kimya Johnson is the Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer and Principal of the Corporate Diversity Counseling Practice Group at Jackson Lewis. With nearly 1,000 lawyers across 63 offices, Jackson Lewis is one of the largest national law firms specializing in the practice of labor and employment law.  As the firm’s Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, Kimya leads DEI efforts in alignment with the firm’s strategic plan and the realization of DEI as a core firm value. With almost 20 years of practice as an employment lawyer, Kimya knows how to develop and implement strategies to provide legally compliant, impactful, and organizationally integrative DEI action plans. Among many awards, Kimya was recognized as an Influential Woman by the NAACP Philadelphia Chapter and a Wonder Woman in Business. She also received a Multicultural Leadership Award from the National Diversity Council. Kimya earned a BA in Psychology from Spelman College, an MA from the Teachers College at Columbia University, and her JD from Case Western Reserve University School of Law. She then went on to earn a Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion Management from Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations. In this episode… Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts are evolving, and it’s crucial that your firm keeps up. But DEI is not one-size-fits-all, and it’s not just a series of programs. So, how can your firm figure out what works — and avoid what doesn’t work — when it comes to DEI initiatives? As a Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer and an employment lawyer who helps others realize their DEI visions, Kimya Johnson knows the best practices for building and expanding DEI initiatives. She says that first, you must assess your firm's current position. Next, you need to develop a strategy that addresses the goals and vision of your firm. What are you looking to achieve, and how does your strategy advance your people and business? The final step is putting people in place who marry their professional skills with their passion for DEI. In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman is joined by Kimya Johnson, Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer and Principal of the Corporate Diversity Counseling Practice Group at Jackson Lewis. Kimya talks about changing trends in law firms, how to measure success with your DEI initiatives, and why action and authenticity are so integral to your initiative.
48:29 09/08/22
Jim Persing | How Law Firm Owners and Emerging Leaders Accelerate Success With Professional Coaching
James (Jim) Persing is a former practicing lawyer who has been coaching professionals for more than 20 years. He supports clients through a collaborative process of designing, effectuating, and sustaining change. Jim married his law experience with his passion for coaching clients in a variety of professions to help others envision, achieve, and maintain success. Much of his work focuses on helping early and mid-career professionals develop their leadership vision and produce positive action. As someone who launched and ran a successful law practice, Jim is a specialist in helping other solo and small-firm attorneys succeed. In addition to working in the legal profession, Jim works with clients in healthcare, finance, and government agencies. He is a member of the coaching team at The Lawyer’s Edge, and he’s also partnered with BetterUp Coaching, Thrive Partners UK, The Wall Street Coach, Wellspan Health, and more. In this episode… Law school doesn’t teach you how to run a practice, develop your business skills, or foster relationships with other lawyers and leaders in your industry. For many lawyers, you have to learn these skills on your own while balancing your law practice, your personal life, and everything in between. The truth is that you don’t have to go it alone. Working with a coach can help you build on opportunities, see things from a different perspective, and sustain the success you desire. Instead of working tirelessly on your own, a coach brings an unbiased opinion to help you get clear on where you want to be, how to get there, and how to see continued success.  In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman is joined by professional coach Jim Persing to talk about the benefits of working with a coach. Jim shares how a coach can help you shift your perspective, illuminate blindspots, and strategize a plan of action. He also discusses the importance of integrating wellness practices into your life, getting intentional with your goals, and tackling new opportunities.
39:26 02/08/22
Stefanie Marrone | How Small and Mid-Sized Law Firms Can Elevate Their Visibility and Brand
Stefanie Marrone is the Fractional Marketing Director of Social Media and Marketing and Business Development Strategist at The Social Media Butterfly. In these roles, she helps law firms, individual lawyers, accounting and recruiting firms, and other business professionals build their brands and generate revenue.        As an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer and Social Media Consultant, Stefanie helps small and mid-sized law firms find their unique voices and tell their story. Her expertise derives from previous work at some of the most prominent law firms in the world, where she developed and executed internal and external communication strategies, including media relations, branding, multi-channel content, marketing, and thought leadership campaigns. Stefanie believes that many law firms are only scratching the surface of content marketing and social media. From her 20-year legal marketing career, she knows how both big and small law firms operate — and how they can improve strategies to get things done efficiently. She has particular experience in helping companies effectively utilize social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for business development, revenue generation, and visibility.  In this episode… Compared to big law firms, small and mid-sized firms have fewer resources, deals, staff, and matters to write about for awards. So, as a smaller law firm, how can you effectively market yourself and compete with the big firms — even when you have fewer in-house experts and resources?  Social media and marketing expert Stefanie Marrone says you need to get creative and strategic. Think about your goals as a lawyer or a law firm and shape your strategy around that. You don’t need to be a content machine and post daily on all social channels, but you do need to put your name out there. To elevate your brand visibility, it’s important to find where your clients are, start building your profile, and cultivate your network. In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman is in conversation with Stefanie Marrone, Fractional Marketing Director of Social Media and Marketing and Business Development Strategist at The Social Media Butterfly. Stefanie discusses how small and mid-sized law firms can best market themselves, tips for creating content that reaches your audience, and the top tools and channels to build your professional brand. 
52:24 27/07/22
Constance Beverley | How To Use Your Legal Skills to Impact Societal Change
Constance Beverley is the CEO of the Share Winter Foundation, a grantmaking organization working to improve the lives, health, and fitness of youth through winter sports. Share Winter Foundation is also working to create a more diverse, inclusive, and welcoming winter sports community.  Before joining the Share Winter Foundation, Constance was an attorney on Wall Street, representing large financial firms for more than six years. She then went on to work with other snow sports organizations, including The Kelly Clark Foundation, SheJumps, STOKED, and Boarding For Breast Cancer. When she first joined the Share Winter Foundation on their Board of Directors, Constance gained valuable insight into where the organization had been. Now, she’s using her legal skills to help shape its future. Constance earned her bachelor’s degree from St. Louis University, her law degree from Hofstra University, her executive certificate in sports philanthropy from the George Washington University School of Business, and her certificate in financial success for nonprofits from Cornell. In this episode… An education in law provides critical thinking skills that can help you diffuse any issue with facts, evidence, and policy. When faced with a challenge, lawyers can articulate what really matters. But how can you use these skills to affect societal change? Moving from corporate law to the nonprofit sector, Constance Beverley now uses her skills to innovate outside of the legal industry. Working in the snow sports space — which is often an elite community — Constance realized that many kids were being turned away from opportunities. But this isn’t unique to winter sports; it goes back to the same underlying systems of oppression, classism, and racism that we see in all industries. Armed with her legal knowledge, she has the power to drive change. In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman sits down with Constance Beverley, CEO of the Share Winter Foundation, to talk about using legal skills to impact societal change. Constance discusses how she translated her skills from big law to the nonprofit world, how lawyers can work through communication challenges, and the top legal skills that can be applied to any industry.
38:33 12/07/22
Robert Ingalls | How Your Law Firm Can Use Podcasting To Attract and Retain Clients
Robert Ingalls is a recovering attorney, speaker, and the Founder and Chief Podcast Strategist at LawPods. LawPods helps busy attorneys create world-class podcast content that boosts SEO, builds relationships, and drives revenue. They’ve worked with premier law firms including McGuireWoods, Blank Rome, and the Law Offices of John T. Orcutt.  Before founding LawPods, Robert battled anxiety from the pressure, long hours, and constant conflict of a litigation career. After creating podcasts for his law firm, Robert decided to turn it into a full-time career. With very few takers in the early days, he spent two years in a corporate banking gig, grinding nights and weekends to bring LawPods to life.  Robert frequently speaks on topics including positioning your podcast for success, prioritizing mental health, entrepreneurship, and law office technology. In his spare time, he enjoys teaching podcasting at community events, spending time with his family, skateboarding, and snowboarding. In this episode… Podcasting is growing year after year. More than one-third of people in the US are listening to podcasts — many of whom listen on a weekly basis. Podcasting has become a part of many people’s everyday lives. But what are the benefits of podcasting? Should your law firm start a podcast? Some people think a podcast is just an audio conversation. But Robert Ingalls says it’s more than that: it’s video, it’s social media, it’s SEO, and it’s a content marketing strategy all in one. Podcasting is a powerful tool that can position you as a trusted thought leader, connect you with listeners on an emotional level, and help you develop relationships — before you even meet someone.  In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman sits down with Robert Ingalls, Founder and Chief Podcast Strategist of LawPods, to talk about how law firms can use podcasting to build relationships and attract clients. Robert discusses how a podcast can help your firm grow and build trust with clients, the top reasons why law podcasts fail, and his advice for starting a podcast and enlisting a company of experts.
44:19 05/07/22
Niki Schaefer | How a Stroke at 38 Changed a Lawyer’s Approach to Life and Work
Niki Schaefer is the Vice President and General Counsel at ReliabilityFirst, a company that ensures the Mid-Atlantic electric grid is reliable and secure. Niki spent the first half of her career as a Commercial Litigator at Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff, a large law firm in Cleveland, Ohio. She spent the second half of her career in a variety of in-house roles, initially on ReliabilityFirst’s legal team. She proceeded to sharpen her expertise as a litigator in general counsel roles for a variety of business units at Eaton Corporation, a large manufacturing company based in Cleveland.  Two years ago, Niki returned to ReliabilityFirst as its General Counsel after suffering a stroke that not only impacted her speech and balance, but also her life and career. Niki believes that the changes she made to her life and work as a result of her stroke were a catalyst for achieving a balance and happiness she hadn't known beforehand. In this episode… Many ambitious lawyers fall into the trap of overworking themselves, saying “yes” to everything that’s asked of them, and putting their career before their own health. For Niki Schaefer, this kind of lifestyle led to a horrific experience — and forced her to change her approach to her life and work. Amidst the hustle and bustle of her career, Niki suffered a stroke. While taking 10 weeks off to recover, she had the most self-reflective moment: she needed to decide what was most important in her personal and work life and draw boundaries. When returning to the workforce, Niki’s stroke empowered her to say “no,” delegate tasks, and respond to uncontrollable situations in the most beneficial way possible. Now, she’s living a happy and well-balanced life inside and outside of work.  In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman sits down with Niki Schaefer, Vice President and General Counsel at ReliabilityFirst, to talk about how her stroke transformed her life. Niki describes the factors that contributed to the stroke, the pause that helped her shift priorities, and tips for being confident in your judgment — despite society’s expectations.
43:25 28/06/22
Chris DeSantis | Why I Find You Irritating: Navigating Generational Friction at Work
Chris DeSantis is a speaker, author, and consultant specializing in workplace interventions. With nearly 30 years of experience as an independent organizational behavior consultant, Chris is a trusted partner to some of the world’s largest companies in the professional services, tech, and pharmaceutical industries. When working with clients, his goals are to dig deeper, treat the root causes, and offer user-friendly solutions aligned with company initiatives.  Before becoming an independent consultant, Chris was the Director of Management Development and Training for the American Medical Association and a Human Resources Development Manager at Brunswick Corporation. Chris has a BBA from the University of Notre Dame, an MA in organizational behavior from Loyola University in Chicago, and an MBA from the University of Denver. Chris is the Author of Why I Find You Irritating: Navigating Generational Friction at Work. He’s also the Host of the Cubicle Confidential podcast, where he and Co-host Mary Abbajay share advice on outrageous workplace questions, comments, and concerns. In this episode… When it comes to generational differences, we’re all generalizing and fitting each other into categories — because it makes society easier to navigate. Based on these generalizations, we develop perceptions of others and judge them through the lens of who we are. However, these perceptions often cause friction in the workplace. So, what can you do to maneuver generational challenges? Chris DeSantis says we need to embrace the differences. If we want to get rid of generational tensions, we should reserve judgment, think rationally, and give people the benefit of the doubt. We’re all complex human beings whose experiences and characteristics amount to more than just a generational category.  In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman is joined by speaker, author, podcaster, and consultant, Chris DeSantis, to talk about strategies for navigating generational differences in the workplace. Chris discusses where generational characteristics are derived, advice for accepting other generations, and how embracing differences can help create more diverse, collaborative workplaces.
44:38 21/06/22
Brandie Knox | How to Better Serve Clients and Colleagues by Marrying Design and Technology
Brandie Knox is the Principal and Creative Director of Knox Design Strategy, a branding and design studio based in New York City. Today, Knox Design Strategy works with more than 30 law firm clients, creating designs that meet the firm’s goals. According to Brandie, a pretty design that doesn’t help clients compete is futile. Great design is useful, effective, strategic, and technology-driven.  Brandie earned her MFA from East Carolina University, where she also served on the faculty as an Assistant Professor. In 2002, Brandie moved to New York and started a small design agency, where she worked on her first law firm website as well as projects for General Electric, the Bank of New York, and Johnson & Johnson.  Brandie went on to join the design team for Shearman & Sterling, a renowned firm with more than 850 attorneys in offices around the world. In her five years there, she developed experience and expertise in every aspect of legal marketing and design for law firms. A longtime member of the Legal Marketing Association, Brandie was the 2020 Chair of the New York Local Group and led the organization through the beginning of the pandemic. In this episode… When most people think of design, they think of visuals like colors, fonts, and imagery. These elements are important, but great design is more than what meets the eye. Design should reflect a firm’s brand and create a pleasant, engaging experience. When coupled with technology, design elevates the user experience, allowing for efficient, flexible, and customizable processes. Brandie Knox has been working with law firms for over two decades, guiding them through the design process and helping them implement technologies like intranets, extranets, custom dashboards, and management systems. Especially as the digital world evolves and more companies continue working remotely, Brandie says it’s crucial that firms invest in design and technology. Not only do these strategies create more efficient and easy-to-use systems, but they promote your firm’s culture and help you differentiate from the crowd.  In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman sits down with Brandie Knox, Principal and Creative Director of Knox Design Strategy, to talk about how design and technology can help you better serve your clients. Brandie shares how technology can help firms achieve a variety of goals, why customization is key, and why design is a crucial component in the implementation and development of technologies and systems.
44:03 14/06/22
Robyn Addis | Pro Tips for Getting Past Your “Fear” of Digital Marketing
Robyn Addis is the COO and Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at Legal Internet Solutions Inc. (LISI). In this role, she oversees the systems and processes of the agency and provides strategic leadership and guidance to the marketing and business development teams, as well as outsourced legal marketing services clients. Additionally, Robyn guides the development and execution of multiple high-performing marketing channels, including LISI’s LinkedIn livestream and their recently launched podcast, All the Things.  Prior to joining LISI, Robyn spent 15 years at two of Philadelphia’s largest law firms, Ballard Spahr LLP and Dechert LLP. She also started her own consulting firm, where she helps executive women tell their stories and position themselves for career development and success.  After years of experience working in law firms, Robyn understands lawyers’ fears around digital marketing. For the industry as a whole, immersion in the digital world feels revolutionary. However, it’s crucial to leverage digital marketing tactics in order to reach more people, build relationships, and convert clients. Fortunately, Robyn has expert advice on how to overcome digital marketing fears and move the needle in your business.  In this episode… The digital world is expanding rapidly, and if you’re not leveraging digital strategies, you’re already far behind. But for many lawyers, there’s a major obstacle standing in their way: fear. So what can you do to get past your fear of digital marketing and reach more clients? Whether you’re afraid of making a mistake, saying the wrong thing, or changing up your marketing strategy, Robyn Addis has tips to help you work through these challenges and market yourself in the digital space. According to Robyn, if you’re just dipping your toe into the digital world now, you have some wiggle room to test out different tactics and see what works. Your audience isn’t necessarily expecting perfection — they just want to connect with authentic people that they can trust.  In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman talks with Robyn Addis, COO and Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at Legal Internet Solutions Inc. (LISI). Robyn discusses the valuable benefits of digital marketing for lawyers and law firms, how to nurture relationships through social channels, and mistakes to avoid when sharing content online.
34:23 07/06/22
Lauren Lynch | How to Intentionally Build a Desirable Law Firm Culture
Lauren Lynch is the first-ever Chief Culture Officer at Mandelbaum Barrett, where she focuses on improving employee engagement and establishing a positive culture for employee morale. She’s a force for cultural change and is passionate about internal communications and the employee experience.   To help improve the culture at Mandelbaum Barrett, Lauren has launched virtual and in-person events, wellness initiatives, birthday celebrations, employee recognition awards, take your child to work day, and more. Additionally, she creates focus groups to support employees and works closely with leadership teams to ensure that the firm’s messaging is aligned with its core values. Lauren is a marketing and communications professional and has spent more than 20 years in the legal industry. She's an expert at creating content, amplifying social media presence, planning events, and providing innovative thinking to the firm's leadership, maximizing their ROI for all aspects of marketing. Before joining Mandelbaum Barrett, she served in executive marketing roles at various firms, including Frier Levitt, Brach Eichler, and Martin Clearwater & Bell. In this episode… The legal industry has a bad reputation when it comes to work-life balance. A recent article from Law360 states that 63% of lawyers report burnout. So, what can you do to energize and motivate your employees and help them feel valued in the workplace?  The answer lies in your culture. Even initiatives as small as snacks in the lunchroom encourage employees to get up from their desks and take a mental break, foster conversations with coworkers, and do better work. Firms that intentionally build a desirable, compelling culture will retain top talent and see their business thrive — because when you invest in your people, you’re investing in one of the most important aspects of your business. In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman is joined by Lauren Lynch, Chief Culture Officer at Mandelbaum Barrett, to talk about the importance of intentionally developing your firm’s culture. Lauren describes the initiatives she’s implemented at her firm, how culture connects all departments and generations, and why improving your culture can improve your business.
41:53 31/05/22
Amy Goldsmith | How Mentoring Programs Can Drive Culture Development and Talent Retention
Amy Goldsmith is Partner at Tarter Krinsky & Drogin and Chair of their Privacy and Cybersecurity Group. In these roles, Amy guides clients through the legal aspects of building recognizable brands, developing desirable products and services, and devising strategic IP plans to mitigate risk.  Amy has served as the Vice President of the New York Women’s Bar Association and currently co-manages its continuing legal education programs. She also teaches CLE programs for Lawline. Additionally, Amy is part of the American Bar Association and the International Trademark Association (INTA) and is on the board of directors of Savvy Ladies, a nonprofit whose mission is to educate women to be financially savvy. Previously, Amy was a speaker at TEDxTimesSquare and served on its advisory board.  A committed mentor to both attorneys and business owners, Amy launched Tarter Krinsky & Drogin’s mentoring program over five years ago. As the firm grows exponentially over the years, the mentorship program gives new associates the skills and coaching needed to succeed. The program not only aids associates, but it also builds culture, helps the firm retain top talent, and gives everyone the opportunity to move up the career ladder.  In this episode… A key driver of growth and productivity, formal mentorship programs can be instrumental to the success of new associates on your team. As your firm grows, it’s easy for these associates to get lost in the onboarding process. But mentorship programs can help team members gain the information and skills necessary to thrive in the workplace, grow in their practice, and reach new opportunities.   However, as Amy Goldsmith points out, mentorship programs aren’t just beneficial to new hires. On the mentor side, leaders have the opportunity to get to know new associates and foster valuable professional relationships. For the firm as a whole, mentorship programs help build a strong culture by providing space for feedback, concerns, and new ideas. They are also crucial for retaining top talent and developing the next wave of leadership for your organization. In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman sits down with Amy Goldsmith, Partner at Tarter Krinsky & Drogin and Chair of their Privacy and Cybersecurity Group. Together, they talk about the benefits of mentorship programs for both new associates and firm leaders, how current partners can increase diversity in leadership, and the importance of active listening with colleagues and clients.     
38:34 24/05/22
Yen Chu | Becoming an Effective General Counsel and Using Your Voice To Drive Social Change
Yen Chu is the Chief Legal Officer of Equinox, an integrated fitness, wellness, and hospitality company. In this role, Yen oversees legal, ESG, government affairs, and community relations. She has led Equinox’s growth with the launches of new ventures and businesses, including the first Equinox Hotels, and is the Executive Sponsor for its Equality + Belonging Leadership Council.  Yen is a graduate of Columbia Law School and a member of the Board of Directors of the Columbia Law School Association and the nonprofit DirectWomen. Prior to joining Equinox, she spent 11 years in leadership roles at the Ralph Lauren Corporation, working closely with the Board of Directors and executive team. Yen began her legal career as a corporate attorney at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, where she spent nearly a decade executing complex corporate transactions for private equity firms, investment banks, and public and private companies. As an executive leader with 25 years of experience, Yen understands the importance of using your voice to uplift others, taking a stand on ESG issues, and admitting what you don’t know. In addition to these principles, Yen has built her career using a growth mindset, and she’s always looking to expand her knowledge and learn from others. In this episode… Over the past two decades, the role of in-house and general counsel lawyers has evolved. These positions are no longer perceived as cushy nine-to-five jobs and are now more focused on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives within a company. This shift has only become more dramatic over the last two years, with social upheaval and a global crisis altering the way organizations operate. So, what makes an effective general counsel today? According to Yen Chu, in-house attorneys have to be prepared to pivot, give a voice to the underrepresented, and learn from those who are different from them. Most importantly, Yen advises leaders and lawyers alike to execute with kindness and always remember the human aspect of their jobs. The recent global pandemic, social and political upheaval, and economic instability have affected so many lives — it’s imperative that we focus on the humanity of our actions, not just the results. In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman talks with Yen Chu, Chief Legal Officer of Equinox, about succeeding as an in-house lawyer and leader in today’s climate. Yen discusses the importance of creating a diverse and inclusive space, the key to thriving outside of your comfort zone, and how to drive growth and social change through continuous learning.
36:50 17/05/22
Diana Manning | What’s Surprising About Becoming Managing Partner
Diana Manning is the Managing Principal of Bressler, Amery & Ross, a full-service law firm with more than 150 attorneys across multiple states. She is also Co-chair of Bressler’s Business and Commercial Litigation practice group and spearheads the firm’s Appellate practice team. As a law firm leader, Diana strives to involve her team in decisions, work through surprising challenges, and transform the conversation around what leaders should look like. Diana has over two decades of experience in complex commercial litigation and is certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a civil trial attorney. She lectures and writes on a number of issues important to attorneys and clients, including legal ethics, business litigation, and professional liability. Diana is also the President-Elect of the New Jersey Women Lawyers Association and a member of the New Jersey State Bar Association’s Board of Trustees.  Diana served on the District XA Ethics Committee for 10 years and was appointed Chair by the New Jersey Supreme Court from 2017 to 2019. She is also a past President of Trial Attorneys of New Jersey, the Morris County Bar Association, and the Morris County Bar Foundation. In this episode… There’s a great deal of responsibility that comes with the role of managing partner — but it may not be what you expect. In addition to ensuring the firm runs smoothly, managing partners must also balance the personal side of leadership, from navigating team health concerns to developing a strong culture. So how can law firm leaders learn to lead through the unexpected? Diana Manning’s background in different committees, associations, and legal roles has helped her jump into her leadership position with enthusiasm. Not only has Diana succeeded as Managing Principal of her firm, but she has also defied the traditional image of a law firm leader. In Diana’s experience, there’s a high level of mental responsibility required for leaders, and a managing partner has to balance both personal and professional concerns while running the business. How does she manage it all? By embracing the unexpected and leading with authenticity, Diana has transformed the culture and growth of her firm.  In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman sits down with Diana Manning, Managing Principal of Bressler, Amery & Ross, to talk about the surprising challenges and opportunities for law firm leaders. Diana shares how she rose up to Managing Principal of her firm, the importance of getting involved and expanding your network, and how her leadership style helps her overcome obstacles and empower her team.      
37:42 10/05/22
Michelle Banks | What General Counsel Want Their Outside Counsel to Know, and the People-Helping Power of Networking
Michelle Banks is a Senior Advisor at BarkerGilmore, a company leading the way in legal and compliance optimization. At BarkerGilmore, Michelle specializes in executive leadership coaching for women general counsel.  Active in many nonprofits, Michelle is a member of the Board of Directors at DirectWomen and chairs Ms. JD’s annual LaddHer Up retreat. She is also the Co-founder and Co-chair of UCLA Women LEAD, a network of more than 3,000 women law students.  In her role at BarkerGilmore, Michelle primarily supports newer general counsel and those going through a transition period. Bringing an exceptional corporate perspective, she helps them transition into new roles, manage change, and successfully resolve the array of challenges they face. From working closely with various general counsel, Michelle understands what outside counsel should know — and the invaluable power of networking. In this episode… In-house counsel and their outside attorneys communicate on a regular basis. But private practice lawyers who haven’t worked in-house often don’t fully understand the in-house counsel role, potentially reducing the value that private practice lawyers deliver to their clients. On a separate topic, it’s no secret that, despite the fact that women have been graduating from law schools at the rate of 50% for nearly 30 years, women lawyers continue to be underrepresented in leadership roles. In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman is joined by Michelle Banks, former Global General Counsel at The Gap and a Senior Advisor and Executive Coach at BarkerGilmore, where she specializes in working with general counsel who are changing roles or taking on significant leadership responsibility. Michelle talks about what general counsel wish their outside lawyers knew about the demands of their jobs and the career-boosting tip that she wishes she had known early in her career. A tireless advocate for women’s advancement in the profession and the Co-founder and Co-chair of UCLA Law Women LEAD, Michelle offers tips to help individual women lawyers advance and thrive but also strongly believes that corporations and law firms must intentionally work to interrupt gender bias within their organizations so that talented women can lead. Michelle also goes into detail about her own professional journey, the passion she has for her volunteer work empowering women in the legal community, and the value of cultivating a growth mindset.
38:36 03/05/22
Janet Falk | How YOU Can Be the Lawyer Reporters Call
Janet Falk is a writer, speaker, and consultant with over 30 years of experience in public relations and marketing communications. Through her company, Falk Communications and Research, she helps attorneys, executives, and firms stand out in the market. Janet leads workshops and advises on media relations, websites, LinkedIn profiles, articles, nonlegal industry trade publications, and client newsletters, among other areas. She has published articles on media relations and marketing in the New York Law Journal, the New Jersey Law Journal, and Marketing the Law Firm. Janet is also a frequent speaker on webinars and podcasts about public relations and legal marketing. Janet advises attorneys at solo and small law firms on media relations and marketing communications so that they can attract new clients, remain top of mind with prior clients, keep in touch with referral sources, help recruit associates, generate a news story about litigation that puts pressure on opposing counsel, and achieve business goals. One of the major components that can help firms thrive in these areas is knowing how to deal with reporters. That’s why Janet is on a mission to help attorneys gain visibility, get in touch with reporters, and craft a memorable message that will make them the go-to lawyer for big news stories. In this episode… Why would an attorney want to be in the news? Beyond the immediate gain of being in front of your potential client, getting in the news can help you keep in touch with referral sources, recruit employees, advocate for a cause, and prove that you’re an expert on a given topic. So how can you situate yourself as the go-to lawyer reporters want to call?  According to Janet Falk, attorneys have to think about the reporter’s audience. This is crucial if you want reporters to continuously use you as a source. Additionally, you want to be memorable and quotable. But how? Janet breaks it down into the “four A’s:” acronym, analogy, anecdote, and alliteration. You have to be creative in your remarks to a reporter, and providing visuals, a story, or any one of the “four A’s” will give them something that they can latch onto and turn into a compelling account for their audiences.  In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman is joined by Janet Falk, consultant, writer, and speaker at Falk Communications and Research, to talk about strategies for dealing with reporters and getting in the news. Janet details how to identify and contact reporters, the best ways to shape your media profile, tips for dealing with spontaneous reporter calls, and why it’s crucial to keep the reporter’s audience top of mind throughout the process.
39:23 26/04/22
Hon. M. Margaret McKeown and Roberta Liebenberg | The Importance of “Office Work” and the Hazards of Women Lawyers Becoming “Office Moms”
Honorable M. Margaret McKeown is a Judge in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Before being appointed to the court in 1998, she was in private practice for over two decades in Seattle and Washington, DC.  Hon. McKeown is recognized for her work on judicial ethics, gender issues, and international rule of law. She is a member of various committees, has lectured throughout the world, and has participated in numerous rule of law initiatives with judges and lawyers. Hon. McKeown is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and received the ABA Margaret Brent Women Lawyers of Achievement Award, the ABA John Marshall Award, and the Girl Scouts Cool Women award, among others. Roberta (Bobbi) Liebenberg is a Senior Partner at Fine, Kaplan and Black, focusing her practice on antitrust and class actions. She’s also a Principal of The Red Bee Group, a women and minority-owned consulting firm that concentrates on helping organizations and law firms use data-based strategies to attract and retain talent, foster innovation, and attain diversity, equity, and inclusion objectives.  Bobbi is one of the nation's leading authorities on advancing diversity and inclusion inside the legal profession, and she has written, spoken, and consulted extensively on these issues. She has chaired organizations devoted to gender equality in the profession, spearheading a number of initiatives, studies, and publications concerning various matters of importance to women lawyers. Hon. McKeown and Bobbi have diligently researched implicit gender biases, specifically regarding office work in the legal space. “The Hazards of Female Lawyers Being ‘Office Moms,’” an article they co-authored, describes why women are often viewed as the “glue” or the “moms” of the firm — and thus why office work is often disproportionately delegated to them. Hon. McKeown and Bobbi dig into the history, the current trends, and their advice on how firms can avoid yielding to the “office mom” phenomenon. In this episode… The extra office work — like administrative tasks, lifting morale, and organizing client meetings — is mission-critical to the health of a firm. However, these duties are often uncompensated, unrecognized, and fall on the shoulders of women lawyers, feeding into the “office mom” phenomenon. So what can leaders do to ensure they’re assigning this work more equitably? And what strategies can individual lawyers use to avoid these gender-biased assignments? Through their research, Hon. M. Margaret McKeown and Bobbi Liebenberg were able to explore the “office mom” stereotype and brainstorm strategies to avoid this kind of implicit bias, specifically in law. Because of social pressure, obligation, and fears of penalization, it can be challenging to navigate resolutions to the biased office work assignments. However, Hon. McKeown and Bobbi have discovered solutions for women in any industry: speak up, use humor, and seek the advice of allies and mentors to help guide you. In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman talks with Hon. M. Margaret McKeown, Judge in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and Bobbi Liebenberg, Senior Partner at Fine, Kaplan and Black and Principal of The Red Bee Group. Together, they delve into the reasons why office work is so important, why the tasks are often assigned to women, and how individuals and firms alike can break this inequitable cycle.
42:08 19/04/22
Stephanie Scharf | The Career-Boosting Power of Sponsorship and Using Data Analytics To Drive Change
Stephanie Scharf is the Founding Partner of Scharf Banks Marmor LLC, a nationally prominent women-owned law firm that represents corporate clients across a range of litigation and corporate matters. Stephanie is also a Founding Principal of The Red Bee Group, a consulting firm that helps businesses, organizations, and law firms achieve their growth goals.  Stephanie was the Chair of the American Bar Association’s Commission on Women in the Profession from 2017 to 2020 and was the 2015-2016 Advisor to the American Bar Association’s Presidential Commission on Diversity and Inclusion 360. She has over 30 years of experience in complex litigation. Previously, she was a Partner at Jenner & Block and a Partner at Kirkland & Ellis LLP.   Stephanie has published innovative research on topics such as the success of law firms in retaining and advancing lawyers, attributes of effective leadership, and strategies for growth and talent development. She understands the importance of data and how it can help law firms be an advocate for change, diversify their workforce, and achieve the concrete goals of their entire team.  In this episode… How can you initiate change in your law firm? Why is sponsorship important for both leaders and growing lawyers? What role does data play in achieving your firm’s goals? Stephanie Scharf is here to share her insight into these difficult questions. As an industry thought leader with more than 30 years of experience in law, Stephanie understands the need for change — and the tools law firms can use to initiate change. Amidst the many moving parts of a law firm, one thing is for sure: if you are expecting change, you need to measure it. In her many years of research, Stephanie has discovered that data and metrics are major components of change. But the process doesn’t have to be complicated. Shape your goals around the needs of the team, craft a strategy to achieve them, and measure your progress each step of the way to decide what works. In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman is joined by Stephanie Scharf, Founding Partner of Scharf Banks Marmor LLC and Principal of The Red Bee Group. Stephanie shares insight into her research, discusses strategies to create change in your law firm, and talks about the importance of measuring data and metrics to reach your goals. She also explains how sponsorship is mutually beneficial — and why every lawyer should have a sponsor. 
39:46 12/04/22
Jemi Lucey | The Value of Authentic Leadership
Jemi Lucey is a Partner in the Litigation and Employment Law Departments at Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP and is Co-chair of their higher education practice group. She represents private companies, public entities, and institutions of higher learning in federal and state civil litigation matters across various practice areas.  Jemi is an American Bar Foundation Fellow. She was also recognized by the Commerce & Industry Association of New Jersey as one of New Jersey’s Women Business Leaders and was selected for inclusion by the New Jersey Law Journal on its 2020 list of the Top Women in the Law, among many other accolades. Jemi has held many leadership roles throughout her career. As the immediate past President of the New Jersey Women Lawyers Association, Jemi has experience leading a group through the pandemic, pushing for the advancement of women in the profession, and promoting equity and education in the legal space. Above all, Jemi’s leadership positions have shown her the value of being an authentic leader. In this episode… Thriving in a leadership role requires more than just being a good lawyer. For Jemi Lucey, leadership is about leaving an organization better than when you started, speaking up when you have issues, and enlisting others for help. But there’s one principle that can help you succeed through it all: authenticity. Authenticity is one of the best tools in the practice of law because it allows you to connect genuinely with others and gain their trust. People are drawn to help you advance a cause when you appeal to them authentically, but you have to be vulnerable, engaging, and willing to take risks. A leader should be someone that people want to follow — and when you lead with authenticity, they’ll happily support your plan to effect positive change and grow as a team.  In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman talks with Jemi Lucey, Partner at Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP, about what it means to be an authentic leader. Jemi discusses the characteristics of a great leader, why authenticity is vital, and how to lift up your team members and grow together. Plus, Jemi talks about her personal experience as a leader and shares the advice that guided her along the way.
42:53 29/03/22
Linda Perez Clark | Lessons in Leadership and Gratitude From a Law Firm Managing Partner
Linda Perez Clark is the Managing Partner of Kean Miller and the Program Director for Kean Miller Connection, an annual law school preparatory program for traditionally underrepresented individuals in law school and law practice. Linda has more than 20 years of experience representing clients in a wide variety of transactional matters, including engineering, procurement, construction-related contracts, asset and stock acquisitions, and commercial leases.  Linda is listed among the top Corporate/M&A lawyers in the state of Louisiana by Chambers USA 2020. She’s also on the Lawyers of Color’s (LoC) power list 2020. As the first female partner at Kean Miller, Linda is dedicated to diversity, inclusion, and leading with gratitude. In this episode… As the first-ever female managing partner at her firm, Linda Perez Clark diligently leads with transparency, gratitude, and a commitment to help other minorities receive support to grow in their careers. What has she learned from being a managing partner, and what are her top lessons for current and aspiring leaders?  Mentored by great lawyers and professionals, Linda had a front-row seat to inspirational leadership. As a trustworthy, hard worker, she earned the role of managing partner, vowing to elevate the firm and bring educational opportunities to the community. What has helped her thrive in this position? Linda says it’s vital to open your mind and heart to opportunities that will help you learn and grow. Most importantly, Linda advises you to lead with gratitude, acknowledge others’ contributions, and share thanks for the people who support you along the way.  In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman sits down with Linda Perez Clark, Managing Partner at Kean Miller, to talk about leadership lessons and share top tips for those in the legal industry. Linda discusses her journey to become Managing Partner, the challenges she faced transitioning from lawyer to partner, and why gratitude and relationships are vital to success.
44:23 22/03/22
Cathy Miron | What Your Cybersecurity Firm Isn't Doing to Disaster-Proof Your Law Firm
Cathy Miron is a seasoned leader and business mentor with experience in Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and nonprofits. She is known for her expertise in data protection, cybersecurity, and digital transformation. Cathy is the President and CEO of eSilo, a data protection company that offers managed backup and cybersecurity solutions. In this role, she works with business owners, CEOs, and CFOs to educate staff and deploy turnkey security and data protection solutions. Cathy has worked with many of the country’s premier law firms, accounting firms, financial advisors, consultants, healthcare institutions, and country clubs, implementing technologies that protect vital information. A cyberattack can happen to anyone at any time, so it’s essential to prepare before disaster strikes. That’s why Cathy is educating industries on all things cybersecurity — because you may not be as protected as you think. In this episode… As the digital world evolves, small and large organizations alike are seeing more threats to their data. According to Cathy Miron, cyberattacks have tripled in recent years. So what can you do to protect your data and your clients?  There are surprising — yet common — mistakes that can lead to cyberattacks, system failures, or loss of data, and Cathy has seen it all. From email phishing scams to cats walking across computers to billion-dollar ransomware threats, there are so many factors that could lead to a major loss. What will save you from this? Data backups, encryption, and disaster plans. Since data is one of your most important assets, you have to make sure you’re secure across the board. In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman is joined by Cathy Miron, President and CEO of eSilo, to talk about cybersecurity best practices. Cathy shares the most common mistakes that lead to data loss, how firms of all sizes can be affected, and the crucial investments that can protect you from cyberattacks and security threats.
39:25 15/03/22
Michele DeStefano | Legal Upheaval: How To Drive True Innovation in the Profession
Michele DeStefano is the Founder of Movelaw, a company that brings a  human-centered design perspective to the law industry in order to retain lawyers, create culture change, develop a collaborative approach, leverage technology, and bring cross-border initiatives to fruition. Michele is also an author, speaker, consultant, and facilitator in these areas of expertise. Michele is a Professor at the University of Miami School of Law, affiliated faculty at Harvard Law School Executive Education and IE Law School, Founder of LawWithoutWalls, and Co-curator of the Compliance Elliance Journal. She has been recognized as a “Legal Rebel” by the American Bar Association and as one of the “Top 20 Most Innovative Lawyers” by the Financial Times. Michele researches and writes about the intersections between law, business, and innovation. She has authored two books that leverage perspectives from countless lawyers and leaders on innovation, technology, and the future ecosystem of the legal sector. For Michele, creating a collaborative, culture-based firm relies heavily on innovation, creativity, and a team that’s ready to drive change.  In this episode… How can change-averse lawyers get on the path to innovation? What does it take to create a culture shift and build up a team of like-minded individuals? According to Michele DeStefano, creativity breeds innovation. Luckily, she says we are all born creative — yes, even lawyers — and drawing out this creativity is a launching point for change. You must leave behind the meticulous research, over analyzation, and hesitation to really get on the innovation track. Embrace the creative, be open to opportunities, start small, and begin with yourself. When you lead with these characteristics, your team will follow, and you’ll make a significant difference in the industry.          In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman talks with Michele DeStefano, Founder of Movelaw, about the mindset and behavior shifts needed to innovate. Michele shares why you need a team of like-minded early adopters, how to generate culture change on a big scale, and the importance of crafting a team-centered approach. Michele also discusses her 3-4-5 method for change and why a diversified network is a key to success!  
37:40 08/03/22
Heidi Friedman | You Do You: Charting Your Unique Path To Success and Happiness in the Law
Heidi Friedman is a partner in Thompson Hine’s Environmental and Products Liability practice groups and Co-chair of the firm’s ESG Collaborative. She serves as national environmental counsel for many large corporations, including Fortune 500 companies.  Heidi is also a Fellow of the American College of Environmental Lawyers (ACOEL), a Member of the International Association of Defense Counsel and DRI, and she’s on the Board of Directors and Honoree Committee for Bellefaire JCB and DirectWomen, respectively. As a mother, lawyer, and Founder and Former Chair of Thompson Hine’s Women’s Initiative, Heidi strongly advocates for diversity, equality, authenticity, and creating a culture of belonging. For Heidi, achieving these feats is all about crafting your unique course to success, both inside and outside of the workplace.  In this episode… Oftentimes, lawyers are expected to fulfill cookie-cutter examples of success, incessantly working their way up the ladder in order to make partner. But what about entry-level associates, parents, and others who want to find success and happiness in their careers right now? Is there a way to achieve your goals while straying from the traditional path? According to Heidi Friedman, the “you do you” philosophy can help anyone find happiness in their professional and personal lives regardless of age, gender, or experience. Based on prioritization, flexibility, and authenticity, this method allows you to chart your own path and find what works best for you. Instead of falling into the traps of comparison, begrudgingly following tradition, and feeding the voice in your head saying “you’re not doing enough,” Heidi suggests following the course that is genuinely and authentically you.  In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman is joined by Heidi Friedman, Partner in Thompson Hine’s Environmental Products and Liability sector and Co-chair of the firm’s ESG Collaborative. Together, they talk about shaping your unique track to success in the legal industry by embracing authenticity, asking for what you want, and nurturing relationships. Heidi also describes her journey to success and shares inspirational advice from mentors along the way.
53:16 01/03/22
Neha Sampat | Busting Imposter Syndrome To Promote Inclusion and Belonging
Neha Sampat is the Founder and CEO of BelongLab, a company that helps clients catalyze fundamental transformation in building cultures of belonging.  Harnessing the power of social-science data and stories, Neha helps BelongLab clients identify and align their personal and organizational values with their work. She’s coached across industries, including legal, business, higher education, tech, startup, entertainment, and nonprofit fields. She is an expert on inclusive leadership and disrupting imposter syndrome, and she runs the top-rated “Owning Your Value” programs to cultivate confidence and nurture authenticity. Through consulting, training, speaking, and writing, Neha helps organizations create inclusive teams by addressing hidden barriers to belonging. As a former lawyer, Neha has seen firsthand the costly mistakes organizations make regarding their people. That’s why she’s passionate about holistically closing the gaps in companies’ diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives to create an empowered, inclusive team.  In this episode… Recently, there has been a shift towards increased diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in the hiring and recruiting stages. However, organizations are seeing a high churn rate among these employees because crucial components are missing in the day-to-day strategy. So, what exactly goes wrong after the hiring stage? A significant factor that can diminish an employee’s sense of belonging is imposter syndrome. Although imposter syndrome refers to an individual’s feelings of fraud and self-doubt, it often manifests from being “othered” in the workplace. Imposter syndrome and anxiety are exacerbated by systemic racism, unconscious bias, and an employee implicitly being told they don’t belong — thus, leading to a high churn rate for those diverse candidates who were revered in the hiring process. How do you tackle imposter syndrome and other factors that affect employees’ sense of belonging? In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman sits down with Neha Sampat, Founder and CEO of BelongLab, to talk about busting imposter syndrome for a greater sense of belonging and inclusivity. Neha shares why many DEIB initiatives fail, the importance of non-homogenous leadership and addressing employee pain points, and the tried-and-true strategies for cultivating belonging on an organizational and individual level.
48:18 22/02/22
Andrew Laver | How To Blend Proven Principles With Fresh Ideas To Achieve Transformation in Life and the Law
Andrew Laver is a Business Development Manager for Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC, a national law firm with a reputation for providing progressive, industry-leading legal, business, regulatory, and government relations advice to clients. He’s also the Treasurer-Elect for the Legal Marketing Association’s Board of Directors. Before becoming the Treasurer-Elect, Andrew held other positions with the Legal Marketing Association (LMA). He was the President of the Metropolitan Philadelphia chapter, the Co-chair for the LMA Governance Committee, and the Co-chair for the 2019 LMA Annual Conference Advisory Committee. In these roles, he served as an advocate for advancing the industry and legal marketing professionals.  As a legal marketing and business development executive with over 25 years of experience, Andrew knows what it takes to build a team, develop procedures, and find innovative solutions. Since the pandemic hit, Andrew has been transforming his personal and professional spaces. He’s taking advantage of new opportunities, finding the motivation to attain his goals, and bringing fresh ideas to elevate proven strategies. In this episode… How can you blend existing principles with new ideas to achieve your personal and professional goals?  As a business development executive and father of two, Andrew Laver initiated significant changes in his professional and personal life at the start of the pandemic. With the opportunity to step away from work now and then, Andrew found the motivation to run a 15K, stick to his fitness goals, and discover strategies to stand out in the workplace. According to Andrew, transforming your life doesn’t require a reinvention of the wheel. You just need to take old ideas and put a new spin on them, reshaping the ideas to work best for you or your clients.  In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, Elise Holtzman interviews Andrew Laver, Business Development Manager at Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC and Treasurer-Elect of the Legal Marketing Association. Andrew shares the inspirational story behind his 15K race, the opportunities legal professionals can take to differentiate themselves, and how to combine proven principles with fresh ideas to transform any area of your life.
39:15 15/02/22