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This podcast is for individual interviews on the Scott Horton Show. See the Q & A show feed to hear Scott answer listener questions and for the full show archives. Scott Horton is the author of Fool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan, and is the host of the Scott Horton Show podcast. He has conducted over 5,500 interviews with authors, journalists, activists, and whistleblowers on the most important foreign policy issues since 2003.


9/24/21 Capt. John Vaughn on His Experience at the Kabul Airport During the Evacuation 52:12 27/09/21
9/24/21 Barbara Slavin on the True Winner of Iraq War 2 31:19 26/09/21
9/22/21 Hassan El-Tayyab on How We Can Help End the War in Yemen by Tomorrow 23:03 22/09/21
9/17/21 Weimin Chen on Why the Approaching Completion of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Is Great News 25:31 20/09/21
9/13/21 Aaron Maté on the Seemingly Forgotten American Occupation of Syria 40:39 17/09/21
9/13/21 Mathieu Aikins on the Recent US Drone Strike in Kabul and Life in Afghanistan Post-Withdrawal 36:26 15/09/21
9/9/21 Joe Dyke on the Civilian Bodycount of American Airstrikes 30:39 15/09/21
9/9/21 Dave DeCamp on Developments in Afghanistan and Syria 29:38 13/09/21
9/6/21 Clive Stafford Smith on Ahmed Rabbani and the Other Innocent Men Being Held at Guantanamo Bay 34:20 10/09/21
9/6/21 Magnus Panvidya on the Upcoming Day of Antiwar Protests 35:11 09/09/21
9/3/21 Coleen Rowley on the Many Ways 9/11 Could Have Been Prevented 63:52 08/09/21
9/3/21 Danny Sjursen on Afghanistan, Veterans and Counterinsurgency 62:28 07/09/21
9/3/21 Gareth Porter on the Media’s Reaction to the Withdrawal From Afghanistan 31:20 06/09/21
9/3/21 Dan McKnight on Defend the Guard and the Withdrawal From Afghanistan 32:57 05/09/21
8/30/21 Jack Murphy on America’s Failed Drone Campaign in Afghanistan 57:58 01/09/21
8/27/21 Ashraf Nubani on Why Sirhan Sirhan, the Man Convicted for Killing Robert Kennedy, Ought to Be Released 31:36 31/08/21
8/27/21 Daniel Davis on the Kabul Airport Bombing 32:11 31/08/21
8/27/21 Peter Van Buren: There Will Be Another Afghanistan 53:21 31/08/21
8/27/21 Grant Smith on the Open Secret of Israel’s Nuclear Weapons 43:52 31/08/21
8/20/21 Trita Parsi on the True Drivers of Middle East Instability 28:34 24/08/21
8/20/21 Daniel McAdams on Hubris of the Foreign Policy Establishment 46:49 24/08/21
8/20/21 Dave DeCamp: An Update on the Afghanistan Evacuation 28:00 24/08/21
8/17/21 Eric Margolis: This is Not the Worst Case Scenario in Afghanistan 39:10 20/08/21
8/17/21 Matthew Hoh on the Systemic Failures Behind America’s Loss in Afghanistan 89:59 20/08/21
8/16/21 Andrew Cockburn on the Legacy of Zalmay Khalilzad 31:38 20/08/21
8/13/21 Joseph Solis-Mullen: China Won’t Be Taking Over the World 41:14 18/08/21
8/13/21 Ken Bensinger on the Role of FBI Informants in the Michigan Kidnapping Plot 29:53 18/08/21
8/13/21 Adam Kokesh on Quitting the Military and Big Tech Suppression of Dissident Voices 30:26 18/08/21
8/13/21 Daniel Davis on the Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan 25:11 15/08/21
8/12/21 Ray McGovern on the History of US-Russia Relations and the Threat of a New Cold War 159:19 14/08/21