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The Hero Show

The Hero Show, a weekly podcast of OSI, explores the lives and achievements of heroes who have shaped our world, with Andrew Bernstein and Robert Begley. From freedom fighters, to pathbreaking scientists and inventors, to entrepreneurs and industrialists, these men and women can enlighten us, inspire us, and help us to be the best versions of ourselves today and in the future.


Jackie Cochran: Soaring Through Clouds and Cosmetics 54:07 21/10/21
Columbus: Discoverer of America 71:41 15/10/21
Howard Roark: The Ideal Man Part II 59:47 07/10/21
Howard Roark: The Ideal Man 69:19 30/09/21
The Blood, Guts, and Glory of Patton 63:12 23/09/21
Heroic Framers of the U.S. Constitution 66:47 16/09/21
Carl Sagan: The Astronomer Who Explained the Cosmos 62:20 09/09/21
Winston Churchill: The Victorious Statesman 75:14 02/09/21
Privatizing Education: The Marva Collins Way 62:10 26/08/21
Walt Disney: Creating Global Happiness 60:05 19/08/21
Tolkien’s World of Vivid Moral Conflict (Part II) 63:40 12/08/21
Tolkien’s World of Vivid Moral Conflict 77:43 06/08/21
Apollo 11: Man at His Best 45:49 29/07/21
Clarence Thomas: Supremely Just 56:16 15/07/21
Babe Ruth: The First Great Sports Icon 66:41 10/07/21
Clint Eastwood: American Individualist 74:38 02/07/21
Live Free or Die: John Stark and the War for American Independence 59:28 24/06/21
Shakespeare and the Heights of Elevated English: Part 2 60:14 17/06/21
Shakespeare and the Heights of Elevated English: Part 1 52:55 10/06/21
E. H. Harriman: The Man Afraid of Neither God nor J. P. Morgan 56:31 03/06/21
The Heroic Romance of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett 66:24 28/05/21
Richard Feynman: The Great-Souled Scientist 73:15 22/05/21
Michael Jordan: The G.O.A.T. 85:17 13/05/21
Andrew Carnegie: Titan of Steel, Part 2 66:12 06/05/21
Andrew Carnegie: Titan of Steel 58:50 29/04/21
Vladimir Lenin: The Master of Terror | The Villain Show 68:31 22/04/21
Jackie Robinson Breaks Baseball’s Color Barrier 64:57 16/04/21
George Washington Carver: the Plant Doctor 61:15 09/04/21
Edmond Rostand: Author of the Three Greatest Plays in History 63:52 01/04/21
George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla: The Current War Continues 61:28 25/03/21