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Based on the popular YouTube Channel 'Before They Were Famous' with over 3 Million YouTube Subscribers & nearly 1 Billion views. This is the audio version of those recordings documenting the rise to fame of both traditional stars but mainly internet stars. Artists in rap, comedy, instagram models & YouTubers. This channel profiles who they are, where they came from and how they reached the top of the entertainment industry. Thanks for tuning in.


Sky Bri | Dating History | Jake Paul, Mike Majlak, Adin Ross & More
When Sky Bri showed-up as a guest on the first episode of the Sidemen’s “Tinder in Real Life” dating series, she set the internet on fire by flashing her ample sized assets while in the midst of meeting Mike Majlak. Sky began her career a couple of years ago. While living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Bri wasn’t happy spending her days working at Target, earning somewhere around $1,000 a month. So, to supplement that income, she and her then-boyfriend began filming some of their nightly aerobic-sessions, which she then uploaded to “OnlyFans”. Shortly thereafter, Bri reached out to professionals who taught her the ins and outs of the adult entertainment business and if you’d like to learn more, be sure to check out our Before They Were Famous that Sky Bri herself has shouted-out for being almost entirely accurate over on TikTok! Of course, following her appearance on Side-Plus, Bri’s content would become all the more popular. Today, Bri charges around $20 a month for her tantalizing material and now – only two years or so removed from her days working retail -- she’s regularly earning around $500,000 a month! But just as important as the money she makes are the relationships she’s forged along the way. In fact, over the past few months, Bri’s been linked to a whole bunch of different men – the question is, which one if any of them is she actually dating? Let’s see if we can’t find out.
08:31 30/11/22
Andy Dісk | The Dark Side Of Fame | From Successful Comedian To Homeless Аddiсt
The trouble with Andy Dісk and his plunge into the Dark Side of Fame began long before headlines revealed that he’d been arrested in Santa Barbara, California on felony burglary charges after allegedly entering a home under construction and stealing multiple power tools. Stealing something might be a brand-new offense for Dісk, but groping is most definitely not. And if he’s not having problems keeping his hands to himself, well, he’s probably somewhere out there in La La Land, doing illegal stuff. In some ways, Andy Dісk fall from grace is a tragic chain of events that brought down a once-promising comic who was heralded by Time Magazine as “the most talented, gutsy, and truly strange comic of his generation”. In other ways, controversy and Andy Dісk have become such common bedfellows that to expect anything else from the dude would probably be asking too much at this point. You see, as Andy’s star rose in Hollywood thanks to his presence in the cult-classic television series, “The Ben Stiller Show” and “NewsRadio”, so too did his seemingly endless appetite for illegal substances.
15:29 28/11/22
Andy Dісk | Where Are They Now? | How He Sabotaged His Own Career
After American comedian and actor Andy Dісk would make a name for himself on a series of cult-classic 90s television series like “The Ben Stiller Show” and “NewsRadio”, he’d be heralded as “the most talented, gutsy, and truly strange comic of his generation” by Time Magazine. But then came the turn as a series of outlandish controversies would see him spiral out of control on his path toward becoming one of the most disliked individuals in Hollywood. But long before that switch-flipped, Andy Dісk was born in Charleston, South Carolina on December 21st, 1965. His actual birth name was Andrew Thomlinson, but he was adopted by his parents, Allen and Sue Dісk who then passed on their last name. During his childhood, Andy got to see a whole bunch of the world thanks to the fact that his father served as a commander of a nuclear submarine in the United States Navy. Andy’s family lived in seven different places, including Yugoslavia, before moving to Joliet, Illinois in 1982 when he was 17 years old.
14:59 28/11/22
Birdman | Where Are They Now? | What Happened To Cash Money Founder?
The rapper and record executive known today as Birdman was born Bryan Christopher Brooks on February 15th, 1969 at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana. Due to his father, Johnnie Williams, not signing his son’s birth certificate, Bryan would adopt his mother Gladys’ surname of Brooks. Far more unusual than that however, was the fact that for the first 30-days of his life, Bryan wasn’t given a first name at all and was simply referred to as “Baby” by those closest to him -- a nickname he would continue to use well into his adult life. As a kid, Bryan and his family lived on top of a bar that his father owned. Unfortunately, his mother was struck down by illness in 1975 when he was only five. After this tragic turn of events, Bryan and his three siblings, Kim, Ronald, and Ray were taken in by their Uncle and spent the next two years living in Prince George, British Columbia – a fast growing logging town that was on its way to becoming the second largest city in the province and one with more millionaires per capita than anywhere else in Canada.
10:42 24/11/22
Lola Brooke | Before They Were Famous | New Face of Brooklyn Drill
BEFORE becoming one of the most promising female emcees to ever emerge out of Brooklyn, rapper Lola Brooke was born Shyniece Thomas on February 1st sometime in the mid-to-late 90s and raised around Tompkins Avenue in the neighborhood known as Bed-Stuy. As you can tell from that quote, her childhood was far from easy, but that never prevented Lola from believing she was meant to accomplish something special. Everyday she’d wake up with a feeling deep inside of herself like she was meant to do something spectacular with her life. The question was, what was that something supposed to be? Throughout her childhood she was unsure, but that never stopped her from working towards it. Starting at around eight-years-old, Lola began using words as an outlet to express herself creatively. With her father having never had much of a presence in her life, her mom sent her to spend a summer in Birmingham, Alabama at her grandmother’s house. That’s where Lola came across a music video for the rap duo Kris Kross and instantly fell in love with hip-hop. While watching that video, Lola turned to her grandma and told her point-blank that one day, she was going to become a rapper herself. But a lot would happen between that realization and the fulfillment of her dreams. With how uncomfortable she was discussing the difficult emotions she was experiencing, Lola begged her mom to bring her home a bunch of journals from the 99-cent store and began chronicling her feelings as often as possible
08:56 24/11/22
Jason David Frank | Gone But Not Forgotten | Tribute To Legendary Power Ranger
Before actor Jason David Frank would pass away at the age of just 49-years-old, he made a name for himself as Tommy Oliver, otherwise known as one of the original “Power Rangers”. Frank was born on September 4th, 1973, in and those acrobatic abilities he regularly displayed on-screen weren’t manufactured through television magic because this talented actor wasn’t only an eighth-degree black belt in real life, he also possessed experience in multiple other forms of martial arts as well. His journey in the art of self-defense began at the age of four with the study of Shotokan Karate at a dojo known as Red Dragon Karate. By the time he reached 12, Frank had already earned his first black belt and became committed to passing on the Code of the Dragon through teaching. As he grew older, he’d absorb further art-forms including Taekwondo, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai on his way to gaining experience as a mixed-martial artist. Then, in 1994, Frank would become the owner of Red Dragon Karate where he had begun his journey 14-years-earlier. When Jason David Frank was introduced in 1993 as one of the original six crime-and-monster-fighting superheroes that were masked head-to-toe in flashy armor and kung-fu skills, it wasn’t actually something that was meant to last. Fans of the series will no doubt remember that Frank started off his career as Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger in Season 1. At first, he was introduced as an enemy of the Power Rangers during the five-episode arc known as “Green with Evil” – but when it became clear that he had instantly turned into a fan-favorite character, he signed on for a recurring role and inevitably made his way over to the side of good by transforming into the White Ranger and becoming the new leader of the group.
11:26 24/11/22
Fuzzz99 - The Most Наtеd TikToker In The History
An online content creator who goes by the handle of Fuzzz99 might very well have earned themselves the title of “the most hаtеd TikToker” of all time and on this newest episode of the Dark Side of Fame, I’m going to tell you why. Look – when it comes to TikTok, there’s always going to be a bunch of creators that people don’t like. When it comes to describing the content of TikTok creator Fuzzz99 – the one thing you’ll quickly notice is the adjectives people throw around pretty freely. I’m talking words like “cringe” and “embarrassing”. Fuzzz99 -- who also goes by the name Mol Fanikos -- began their content creation on TikTok in January of 2020. Six months later, they’d achieve their first viral video with a clip that earned over 342,000 views and well over 120,000 likes. So who is Fuzzz99 off camera? Due to the severity of the hatred being sent in Buzzz 99’s direction his real name, location, age haven’t really come to light but one duet revealed that he is likely 26 years old. Due to the vast amount of hate coming in left right and centre other social media apps like Instagram have been set to private. There is no famous birthdays page. Very little info, we do a little more about Buzzz’s birth genders which he revealed himself in a viral tik tok.
09:57 18/11/22
BandmanRill | Before They Were Famous | Jersey Club Sensation
BEFORE he would make his case for being the Garden State’s hottest new artist, rapper BandmanRill was born on August 17th, 2002 to a family of more than eleven children! Raised in Newark, New Jersey, Bandman didn’t grow up around every single one of his siblings. Most of the time it was him, his mother, his father, his grandfather, grandmother, sister, aunt, uncle, and cousin living under one roof. But over the years, the people living alongside him would fluctuate. Some would leave -- including his dad -- while others would arrive, but for the most part, Bandman always had two or three brothers somewhere around the house and he’d catch up with the others whenever he could. In regards to growing up in Newark, Bandman never knew what he was going to experience on any given day and this led to him growing up pretty fast. You could certainly say that he was a product of his environment, but Bandman always did what he could to turn that to his advantage. For instance, while attending Maple Avenue Elementary School from kindergarten through Grade 5, he heard the beat that would eventually become the sample of his breakthrough track “Heartbroken” for the first time.
09:08 18/11/22
Amari Bailey | Before They Were Famous | Biography of Drake's Stepson
BEFORE he would dream of becoming an NBA superstar and briefly look up to Drake as a father-figure, Amari Bailey was born on February 17th, 2004 in the city of Chicago, Illinois, to his parents Johanna Leia and Aaron Bailey. Not unlike his son, Aaron Bailey is a former professional athlete who cut his teeth playing for Louisville University before eventually going pro as a member of the Indianapolis Colts whom he played for across five seasons. Amari’s dad didn’t play all that much with the starting line-up and served more as a kick-returner on special teams, but there was this one time that he almost caught a game-winning pass at the end of the 95 AFC Championship game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. For the most part however, Amari was primarily raised by his mother Johanna alongside his sister, Savanna. Johanna is a former model and current brand ambassador-slash-entrepreneur who split from Aaron during Amari’s childhood and pursued entertainment opportunities for herself and her kids like the Lifetime series “Bringing Up Ballers”. This reality show aired back in 2017 and followed five Chicago-based families as they sacrificed and struggled to support their promising up-and-coming basketball playing sons. Think “Basketball Wives” meets “Dance Moms” and you’ve got a pretty good sense of what this show was like. It was an unusual level of exposure for a teenaged athlete, but it helped Amari share his basketball talents with the rest of the world and he appreciates everything his mother has done for him throughout his life, including offering shooting technique advice.
09:03 15/11/22
Kazumi | Before They Were Famous | Your Favorite OF Model
Before she would become an online content creator, influencer, business owner, and actress, Kazumi was born on February 14th, 1997 in the West Asian country of Kuwait. Over the past couple of years, Kazumi’s online fanbase became the first to recognize that there’s a lot more going on with this talented woman than meets the eye -- and while her TikTok clips, Instagram pics, and Twitter content are certainly appealing in and of themselves, it’s the depths of her ideology that’s taking the internet by storm. But before we get into all of that, let’s start at the beginning. Now, unfortunately, I can’t tell you Kazumi’s birth name. Believe me -- we asked -- but because she keeps her career a secret from her parents, she hasn’t revealed her given name to the wider world at large just yet. What we do know is that after being born in Kuwait, it wasn’t long before Kazumi’s parents moved their family of Filipino heritage to California where she would spend her childhood growing up in Northeast Los Angeles. In fact, Kazumi would stick around this part of the country for the next two decades and over those years she’s come to consider herself a true LA native.
11:04 14/11/22
Bouba Savage | Before They Were Famous | Youngest Bronx Drill Rapper
BEFORE Bouba Savage would become one of the youngest hip-hop performers ever, he was born Boubacar Diallo on October 17th, 2006 in Conakry, Guinea. That’s where Diallo would spend the first decade of his life growing-up in an Islamic family in West Africa, where he learned to appreciate hot-sauce as his go-to condiment and got pretty good at basketball and soccer to boot. Unfortunately, he was a little bit less interested in reading an every-single page of the Quran during class hours and when he’d make the mistake of falling asleep, his teachers would ensure he regretted it by whipping his hand with a wire coat hanger. Then, in 2016, he and his siblings left their mom behind and immigrated to the United States, settling in New York City – more specifically, Courtlandt Avenue in the Bronx – to live with their father. At the time of his arrival in North America, Diallo couldn’t speak a single word of English, so he quickly integrated himself in not only the city’s culture, but his new step-family as well and within two years he was speaking the language fluently.
08:30 14/11/22
Hit-Boy | Before They Were Famous | Story Of Jay Z & Beyonce's Beat Maker | King's Disease III
Before Hit Boy would earn his name by producing some of the biggest hip-hop tracks of the past decade, he was born Chauncey Alexander Hollis Jr. on May 21st, 1987. As a child, Chauncey grew-up in Fontana, a city about fifty miles East of downtown Los Angeles. For most of his young life, Chauncey’s father was in and out of prison, leaving him to be raised primarily by his mother – the one person he says he has to thank more than anyone else for believing in him from the start. From the time he was a kid, his mom would always let him play music all around the house as loud as he wanted and when other moms would ask why she’d let her son listen to music at such a high volume, she’d tell them that at least that way, she always knew where he was and what he was getting up to. Chauncey wasn’t the only musician in the family either. His Uncle, Rodney Benford, was a member of the R&B group Troop, and he encouraged his young nephew regularly to pursue his talents to their fullest extent by skipping out on other normal teenaged social activities like parties to focus on developing his musical abilities.
11:28 12/11/22
BruceDropEmOff | Before They Were Famous | How Twitch Changed His Life Forever
Before becoming one of the most popular streamers currently gaming on Twitch and all across social media, BruceDropEmOff was born Bruce Ray Jones on September 23rd, 2000 in Riverdale, Georgia. As a kid, Bruce grew up in the nearby Clayton County area where he developed a deep-seeded passion for two things in particular, fashion and gaming. Back then, Bruce attended Kendrick Middle School before heading off to high-school where a few of his fellow classmates would turn out to be Lil Keed and Lil Gotit. During his teenaged years, Bruce had to battle back against depression as a result of difficulties he was facing in school. Not only was he suspended multiple times early on in his high-school career for misbehaving, but his grades began circling the drain and he failed a series of classes as well. On the other side of things, his family life wasn’t doing all that well either. After having spent much of his childhood living with his mom, at the age of 13, Bruce moved into his dad’s place and wouldn’t see his mom again for nearly five years.
10:19 12/11/22
Suki Baby | Before They Were Famous | Her Loss Girl From Drake & 21 Savage Album Cover
BEFORE her face would be revealed in November of 2022 as the cover image of Drake and 21 Savage’s collaborative mixtape “Her Loss”, model, adult dancer, nail stylist and artist, Suki Baby, was born Qui Yasuka in North Carolina. As you might imagine – when Drake and 21 originally revealed Suki Baby as the front cover to their new mixtape, it left many fans confused, wondering not only who this mysterious woman was but how she earned this distinction in the first place. To begin with, Suki is of Japanese, Black, and Cherokee descent and after being born in the state of North Carolina, she spent the majority of her childhood living in Japan with her mom. During that period of time, Japanese would become the first language she ever learned to speak, but her adolescence overseas was marked by a serious case of bullying. As the only student of mixed Black and Japanese descent in her city, Suki put up with a lot of snide remarks and outright insults during class hours. And not just from the other students, but the teachers! Her mom would do her best to defend her, but eventually, it all became too much. Rather than keep Suki in a toxic setting, her grandmother put her foot down and encouraged Suki’s mother to send her back to live with her father, so she could grow up more comfortably in Houston, Texas.
08:05 10/11/22
Edot Baby | Gone But Not Forgotten | Tribute To Harlem Drill Pioneer
Before he would tragically pass away at the age of only 17 years old, rapper Edot Baby would be born Elijah Irvin on February 6th, 2005 in New York City’s Harlem Hospital to his mother Tanya Gabriel -- a hairstylist -- and his father, Vincent Irvin. Thanks to the name he’d make for himself incredibly early on as a promising drill-rapper, most people tend to think that Edot came from the Bronx, but in point of fact, he was raised in Harlem. Now, last time we told Edot’s story, we got our information a bit mixed-up and said that he was raised by a legal guardian named Tiffany Taylor. That was our mistake and one we’re looking to rectify. Tiffany is actually Edot’s sister and while he considered her both a sibling and a mother-figure, his actual mom, Tanya, as well has his father, both maintained a meaningful presence in his life as well.
08:43 08/11/22
Jas Prince | Before They Were Famous | The Man Who Discovered Drake
Before becoming the man who first discovered Drake, Jas Prince was born on October 30th, 1987 in Houston, Texas to his mother, Mary, and his father, James Prince – the CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records. Back when Rap-A-Lot was still looking to find its footing, Jas recalls showing up at his father’s business to sweep the floors, work in the mail room, and occasionally hype up the label’s newest release as a member of the street team. Since then, the company has established a reputation as one of hip-hop’s most influential labels, an estate that Jas may one day very well inherit for himself. But with his father still going strong and not looking to retire anytime soon, Jas recognized he’d have to make his own way in the industry and he’d wind up doing so by discovering one of the biggest celebrity talents of recent memory. Looking to follow in his father’s incredibly successful footsteps, in 2007, a then 19-year-old Jas went searching for an artist of his own to groom. While still in college, he scoured the internet for a potential client and ultimately stumbled upon the MySpace page of a Canadian rapper named Drake.
12:05 05/11/22
TaTa | Before They Were Famous | The New Face of Brooklyn Drill
Before he would become arguably one of the most popular members of hip-hop’s newest collective known as “41” -- the rapper TaTa was born Zaire Tasean Rivera on February 17th, 2005 in the Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. Born to his mother, Joniqua Alvarez and his father, Zaire Rivera, Zaire Jr. was raised in a Puerto Rican and Panamanian family alongside three brothers, Zyon, King, and Prince, as well as one sister, Laila. Together, these four spent the vast majority of their youth growing up on the streets of Brownsville in Brooklyn. As a kid, Zaire’s early life was pretty rudimentary. He used to fill his hours by playing basketball in the park and then picking up a controller and gaming well into the night. He also had a deep-seated passion for music, looking up to a number of hip-hop icons including Drake, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, and Lil Wayne. His infatuation with these rappers’ skill sets would lead to Zaire trying his hand at writing rap lyrics of his own from a young age -- but he didn’t concentrate on music as much as he might have liked to at first because he also had to focus on his education.
08:12 04/11/22
Sky Bri | Before They Were Famous | From Target to Jake Paul's New Girlfriend
Before becoming the newest piece of eye-candy blowing-up “OnlyFans”, adult entertainer and model Sky Bri was born on February 21st, 1999 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Growing up in the small town of Lancaster, Pennsylvania prior to their emergence in the public eye, the only real friendship Sky Bri had in her life was the one she had with her boyfriend. Well, until she walked in on him sleeping with someone else when she was only 18 and was charged with assault for scratching up the dude’s face. Other than that, she was a good girl – no drinking, no excess partying, just staying in the night, after night. Why was she so often on her own? Well, according to Sky, she’s battled a horrible case of social anxiety from the time she was a kid and often struggled to figure out what to talk to other people about in social situations. Naturally awkward, Sky felt pressure to fill those quiet moments with discussion, but could never quite figure out what there was to say. Couple that pressure with the fact that everyone was always staring at her because of how beautiful she is and it became the perfect storm for creating a constant sense of uneasiness inside her at all times.
08:44 04/11/22
Takeoff | Gone But Not Forgotten | Tribute To Migos Founder
Before influential rapper Takeoff -- one-third of the hip-hop collective Migos -- would lose his life in a tragic passing on Halloween night, he was born Kirshnik Khari Ball on June 18th, 1994 in Lawrenceville, Georgia. That’s just the beginning as we have lots to cover in this video from their childhood. 2008 beginnings as the Polo Club. Old videos you wont find anywhere else and the latest on what happened late into the night on this tragic Halloween. That was 7 years ago and this man accomplished more in those few years than most do in a lifetime, okay let’s get into this Gone But Not Forgotten. When Offset was in elementary school, his family moved to the Atlanta suburbs of Gwinnett County where he spent the vast majority of his childhood alongside the two other individuals he’d come to form Migos with, his Uncle Quavo and his first-cousin once-removed, Offset.
10:27 02/11/22
Nicole Moorman | Before They Were Famous | Lil Durk's Hot Lawyer
Before Nicole Moorman would become the hottest celebrity defense attorney this side of Camille Vasquez, she was born on April 17th, sometime in the late 80s, in Chicago, Illinois. Nicole would then spend the next two decades of her childhood and adolescence living in the greater Chicago area while working her all-too fine derrière off to become a criminal defense lawyer. Upon her graduation from high school, Nicole would accept an academic scholarship to Southern Illinois University where she would spend the next four years obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree of Science, specializing in Criminal Justice and Corrections with a minor in Pre-Law Studies. During her career at that prestigious institution, Nicole would pad her resume by spending a considerable amount of her free time partaking in a number of extra-curricular endeavors, including as a member of the Student Body Government, the Criminal Justice Association, as well as the Pre-Law Association. Following her graduation from SIU in 2010, Nicole ramped up her workload by finally ditching Chicago and moving to Atlanta, Georgia where she enrolled at Troy University and earned herself two Masters of Science Degrees -- one in Criminal Justice and a second in Public Administration. Nicole would go on to achieve a 3.8 GPA at Troy despite the fact that she was moonlighting all throughout her time there as a Probation Officer for the Georgia Department of Corrections, eventually graduating from her program in 2013 with honors.
09:23 27/10/22
Curly Savv | Before They Were Famous | Brooklyn Drill Sensation
Before he would become one of drill’s longest-running Emcees, rapper Curly Savv was born David Simpson on October 18th, 1999, in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Canarsie -- a place where he generally got along with most people he met. In terms of his childhood, David grew up in a half-Jamaican and half-Italian family where he was the middle child of 5 -- but his parents split when he was quite young. His relationship with his dad early on wasn’t great because his pops always seemed to think that his son was out there acting up on the streets. But on the more positive side of things – his dad was also a DJ who introduced his young son to music for the first time. As a youth surviving on the streets of Canarsie, David would come to be acquainted with his eventual musical partner in crime –the rapper, Dah Dah. These two first met while playing little league football, which is actually where David came by his nickname of “Curly” as well. As anyone who’s ever seen a picture of this dude can tell – he’s got some mad curly hair – a characteristic that he’s had his entire life. Once he joined the football team, one of his teammates began calling him “Curly Fries” – the latter part of which Curly wasn’t feeling for obvious reasons. But he’d wind up keeping the first part of the nickname and add onto it later as he worked his way up the streets.
08:35 26/10/22
Loski | Before They Were Famous | The Legend of Harlem Spartan
Before UK rapper Loski would become one of his country’s most promising new performers, he was born Jyrelle O’Conner on May 6th, 1999 and grew-up out on Kennings Way – a brutal stretch of South London located in Kensington. As a kid, Jyrelle was a huge movie fanatic and he especially loved any film starring Adam Sandler or Chris Tucker. He’d watch those classics with his two siblings on his father’s side of the family -- a little sister and kid brother -- both of whom he’s quite close with, which is similar to the relationship he has with his parents – including his father, former Brixton rapper, Ty Nizzy. Despite having a father in the biz, Jyrelle didn’t grow-up dreaming of becoming a rapper. Instead, he initially sought out a career as a professional football player (that’s “soccer” to us uncivilized folk over here in North America). Meanwhile, his earliest creative outlet was his love for drawing which he practiced often in the hectic halls of Lilian Baylis Secondary School where his favorite classes were Religious Studies and History. Over the years however, things would change. To begin with, Jyrelle incurred an injury that put his playing days on ice and he was eventually dropped from the team. With his dreams of becoming a professional athlete now dashed, Jyrelle fell in with a bad crowd around his local neighborhood and got caught up in the trappings of the hood. Starting around 2012, Jyrelle launched his career as a performer under the moniker of Lil Nizzy -- a reference to his father -- but by the time he started taking the prospect of becoming a performer more seriously three years later, he had adopted the name of Loski -- given to him by a friend -- and joined the Kennington based crew known as the Harlem Spartans.
10:21 26/10/22
The Downfall of James Corden
For eight-years now, James Corden has been a late-night host heralded by many for reimagining the more proto-typical elements of that tried and true formula to re-invent it for the viral age. If you need proof, look no further than “The Late, Late Show’s” YouTube channel which has almost 10 billion views and more than 28 Million subscribers. When Corden took over hosting duties from Craig Ferguson in 2015, he was already an award-winning actor and writer who had co-starred in the Bafta winning BBC sitcom, “Gavin and Stacy”, but as big of an impact as Corden made almost immediately upon taking over, he also found himself mired in controversy, perhaps best personified by 2019 Ask Me Anything on Reddit that became, if you’ll allow me to quote The Hollywood Reporter: An embarrassing reminder of his unpopularity”. In what was quite possibly the shortest question and answer session of all time, Corden only wound up responding to three inquiries before being flooded with somewhere around 700 negative comments. Seriously. Once that happened, James Corden promptly left the chat, perhaps in the hope of preserving some semblance of his carefully cultivated reputation as a loveable Brit taking over America. But over time, that act has become tired and run its course. Simply put, audiences just don’t seem to be buying Corden’s “nice guy” image anymore, especially not when it conflicts with the many controversial things he’s done over the past few years. So, if you’ve ever wondered what it took to bring down the King of “Carpool Karaoke”, then keep watching our newest episode here on SnapChat where we’re going to investigate “The Downfall of James Corden”.
12:17 26/10/22
2Rare | Before They Were Famous | Hottest Philadelphia Freshman
Before rapper 2Rare would secure himself a “big-bag” as one of hip-hop’s hottest new rappers, he was born Naseem Young on August 12th, 2000 in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Growing up on the streets of North Philly, Naseem found himself exposed to the rough side of the city up close and personal. While witnessing robberies and shootings, Naseem did what he could to avoid the perils of the streets and wound up earning a reputation for himself through different means. First, Naseem turned heads with his remarkable talent for dancing. And it wasn’t a skill that he kept hidden. He not only uploaded videos online of himself doing the Wu-Tang – an energetic dance that originated in his hometown – he even headed over to his neighborhood skating ring on the weekend to showcase his skills in public. Eventually, however, Naseem would gravitate more and more towards football – dedicating as much of his free-time as he could towards getting better at the sport in the hopes of going professional. In fact, before long he was ranked in the Top-10 in all of Philly as a wide-receiver at Lincoln High School.
08:01 21/10/22
Kyle Richh | Before They Were Famous | Rising Star of Brooklyn Drill
Before becoming one of the newest driving forces behind the Brooklyn-drill rap scene, Kyle Richh was born Kyle Henry Fasheun January 22 in 2003 to a pair of African parents in the neighborhood of Brownsville, New York. And while Kyle has always gotten along with his folks, they haven’t exactly been the biggest supporters of his career – in point of fact, they hardly know anything about rap music at all. It probably didn’t help matters that, as a kid, Kyle often found himself out on the nearby streets of Brownsville getting into all kinds of trouble -- sometimes until 5 or 6 AM. Whenever he’d finally get home in the early hours of the morning, he says he could always see the disappointment etched on his parents’ faces. As such, when it comes to the inter-dynamics of Kyle’s family, things have gotten a little complicated over the years. While the young rapper claims to love his mother and little sister to death, he’s got a far more contentious relationship with his father. Throughout the course of his life and right up until the present day, Kyle’s dad has never once told him that he loves him -- instead, he’s chosen the path of tough love, hoping that discipline and a firm hand would keep his son on the straight-and-narrow – not that it ever actually worked.
09:05 21/10/22
Why G | Before They Were Famous | Toronto's Top Demon
Before rapper Why-G would become one of Toronto’s most promising young artists, he was born on November 12th 1994 and would spend the better part of his youth growing-up around the city’s most notorious neighborhood – Jane & Finch. It was in this part of the city that Why-G would bounce between his mom’s place on Orpington crescent, his Auntie’s home in Driftwood, and his grandma’s house at the intersection of Jane and Sheppard while his mom headed off to her job as a Child Youth worker during the day. As much back and forth as he was doing at home, Why-G was doing nearly as much shuffling at school as well, heading from Beverly Heights Middle School to Elmbank Junior Middle Academy for a year of Grade 8 and then off to C.W. Jeffrey’s Collegiate Institute for his high-school career. It was a hectic adolescence to say the least, but all this moving around never got in the way of him making friends. In fact, Why-G grew-up alongside Quinto Armani Gardner, aka, Pressa, and their history goes back a long way with both sets of their parents having been friends from the time they were attending high-school together.
08:08 21/10/22
Kara The Vampire Slayer | Before They Were Famous
Hey guys welcome back, it's Kara The Vampire Slayer and today I'm doing my "BEFORE I WAS FAMOUS". I might not be famous (yet) but as the soon-to-be Michael McCrudden's wife, and the host of Famous Entertainment, I thought it would be fun to react to some of my best throwbacks. I'm gonna check out everything from my baby photos, to my wild party girl memories, even some embarrassing videos. I appreciate you all for tuning in every Sunday, and I'm almost at 1000 subs! LET'S DO IT! Then I can film another juicy Q&A. Don't forget to LIKE and Subscribe!
10:46 21/10/22
Victor Wembanyama | Before They Were Famous | Future NBA Superstar
Before Victor Wembanyama would be hailed as everything from an Alien to the single greatest NBA prospect since LeBron James, he was born in the Paris suburb of Le Chesney on January 4th, 2004 to a family of very, well, tall stalk. Let’s start with his pops, Felix -- a former longjumper who measures in at 6-foot-6. Then there’s his mother, Elodie, a former basketball player and coach who clocks in only three inches shorter than that at 6-foot-3! While Victor’s parents tend to shy away from the spotlight, it was his mom who introduced her young son to his love for the game of basketball. And while Victor has suggested in the past that his mom reminds him the most of himself, the list of athletes in his family definitely doesn’t end there. Not only is Victor’s sister, Eve, also a professional basketball player, his younger brother, Oscar, plays for a French under-18 club, and even his grandparents used to ball! Seriously, Victor’s grandfather played professionally in the 60s in the French first division for Paris University Club as a rugged 6-foot-7 center, while his grandma was also known for her skills on the court! So yeah, you could say that a dedication for sports runs deep in this family, but for Victor himself, it started when he spent his earliest days following his mom around the gym with whichever youth basketball team she happened to be coaching at the time. Soon enough, he started to play the ball around the age of 7 for his local club, Entente Le Chesnay Versailles. Then, at 10, he entered the JSF Nanterre Youth system after being discovered by their coach, Michael Allard, who originally thought he was looking at an assistant-coach when he first laid eyes on Victor – that’s how tall this kid already was back then.
10:03 20/10/22
Is Tory Lanez Being Blackballed?
Canadian rapper Tory Lanez has been a recognizable name to most folks in the hip-hop industry for a handful of years now -- ever since working his way up from the Toronto underground with the release of his hit single “Say It” and the Grammy-nominated track “Luv”, both of which were cuts off his debut studio album, “I Told You” that dropped in 2016. That project would be the very first that Tory ever released on a big-time label, more specifically, Interscope, whom Lanez would partner with for the next four years, releasing a further three-studio album and one mixtape. But by the early stages of 2020, Tory’s time with Interscope was officially over following an epic confrontation with Megan Thee Stallion that would result in shots being fired and a seemingly never-ending court case that has yet to work its way through the US legal system. In fact, the aftermath of what happened between these two would lead to Tory believing he’s been blackballed by the entire industry. To be honest, it looks like her has a point. The crazy thing is how innocently enough all this started off. Because by the time we realized that Tory and Megan were even in one another’s orbit, they honestly seemed like the best of friends. In April of 2020 -- only weeks after the pandemic set in -- a video popped up on Instagram Live of these two hanging out at Megan’s place. For the most part, fans of both rappers were immediately enamored over how Megan and Tory seemed into one another. Whether or not this relationship ever escalated to anything more than a flirtation, we don’t know for sure, but only a few months later, things would get complicated. Fast so let’s talk about the incident.
12:22 20/10/22
Marquise Jackson | Before They Were Famous | Why 50 Cent Disown His Own Son?
Before getting wrapped up in a rivalry with his own father, Marquise Jackson was born on October 13th, 1997 to parents 50 Cent and Shaniqua Tompkins. Upon his kid’s birth, the world-famous rapper would credit his son for totally changing his outlook on life. A noble intent to be sure, but one that wouldn’t exactly come to fruition. During Marquise’s early years, however, everything seemed to be going great. Not only would he regularly model for 50 Cent’s G-Unit clothing line, but he’d even walk the runway side-by-side with his pops on a few occasions as well. In 2009, when Marquise was only 12, Shaniqua would sue her former spouse, claiming he had gone back on his promise to “look after” her for life. As the subsequent court case unfolded, the judge would wind up dismissing Shanqiua’s demands for $50 Million, instead ordering the hip-hop mogul to provide around $25,000 per month in child support to Shaniqua until Marquise’s 18th Birthday in 2015 while also calling the feud between these former partners, “an unfortunate tale of a loving relationship gone sour.”
08:27 20/10/22