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The Next Wave Leadership podcast is hosted by Dov Pollack where Dov talks to leaders about how they’re creating great places to work and more importantly great places to grow.


Mark Levy, Business Strategist and Differentiation Expert, On: Finding Your Signature Idea and Setting Yourself Apart in a Homogenous World by Being Real, Honest, and Compelling
Mark Levy is a keynote speaker, advisor, author, and the Owner of Levy Innovation, a positioning and branding firm that helps organizations and thought leaders differentiate themselves from the crowd. Over the last 20-plus years, his notable clients include Simon Sinek, a head of a division of two White House administrations, a head of the strategy unit for Harvard Business School, and a speaker to the United Nations. Mark is the author of five books, including Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insight, and Content. In addition to his primary career, he is also a magician, with popular shows performed in Manhattan and Carnegie Hall. In this episode… The sad truth is that amazing companies and organizations are not always successful. Marketing, presentation, reputation, and networking are all crucial for growth. This is all easier said than done but can be boiled down to one essential point: differentiation. Mark Levy has centered his brand and his consultancy around differentiation. He has worked with world-renowned businesses and public figures to create narratives that separate them from the crowds. His format has been proven effective, and now he offers that same valuable framework to you. In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack has an informative interview with Mark Levy on the topic of differentiation. They discuss his approach to coaching, how to stand out from the competition, and how to capture what Mark calls Your Big Sexy Idea. They also go through the importance of honesty and how Mark’s background in magic influences his work with his clients.
36:09 30/01/2023
Kate Terry, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Surround Insurance, On: Being an Insuretech Entrepreneur, an Amiable Disruptor, and What It Takes To Build a Healthy Co-Founder Partnership
Kate Terry is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Surround Insurance, which reinvents age-old insurance products to serve new customers. With 18 years in the insurance industry, she is a respected figure in the insurance space and works as a member of the board of directors for Skyward Specialty Insurance. Kate has also held leadership positions at Liberty Mutual and Progressive. She has an MBA in general management from Harvard Business School. In this episode… With established industries, it can be difficult to see customers’ pressing needs beneath the tradition. It can be especially daunting to create a successful business that breaks those molds. Kate Terry saw the limited selection of insurance options during her time in the industry. She and her Co-founder started Surround Insurance to fill frequently overlooked needs. Drawing from her experience and pattern recognition abilities, she stepped into a new leadership role. So what can be learned from her story? In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack interviews Kate Terry, the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Surround Insurance, to discuss her career and her insights as a leader. They break down the insurance industry and what needs were failing to be met for consumers. They also go through the partnership with her Co-founder, working within conservative companies, and why blame is so damaging within organizations.
40:27 23/01/2023
Rachel Cossar, CEO/Co-Founder at Virtual Sapiens, On: The Choreography of Business, Inhabiting a Milestone Mindset, and What You May Be Communicating Before You Even Speak
Rachel Cossar is the CEO and Co-founder of Virtual Sapiens, a machine learning SaaS platform that helps client-facing professionals develop and amplify their communication skills and presence in a virtual world. As a former professional ballet dancer and gymnast with unparalleled expertise in nonverbal communication and live performance, Rachel has a knack for translating unique skills into relatable business skills and competencies. In response to a need for holistic communication and presence training in the workplace, Rachel founded Choreography For Business, LLC. Her thought leadership has been featured on the TEDx Northeastern stage, Harvard Business Review, and The Boston Globe, to name a few, and she has worked with leaders, including GE, Pfizer, and Accenture. In this episode… One of the key characteristics of a strong leader is the ability to adapt and overcome. This process looks different for everyone, but in the case of Rachel Cossar, it turned into an entirely new career path. Rachel was a professional ballet dancer for the Boston Ballet until an injury kept her from performing. Once realizing there was a world of possibility outside of ballet waiting for her, she discovered that she had a talent for communication, understanding her audience, and engaging in conversation. Especially with the onset of the pandemic, Rachel found there was a real need for people to be able to communicate effectively. The virtual world requires a combination of verbal and nonverbal skills, so using her skills in communication and leadership, she found a new field and went on to start a thriving company. Her experience has led to incredible insights — now, she shares those with others. In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack invites Rachel Cossar, the CEO and Co-founder of Virtual Sapiens, to talk about her journey and how she successfully started her business. They talk about her background in gymnastics and ballet, how she developed her talent for communication, and how she found a new business niche. Additionally, they touch on the work Virtual Sapiens is doing and how they operate as a sidekick for other companies.
33:47 16/01/2023
Wei-Li Chong, Founder and Managing Partner at Culture Playbook Partners, On: Helping CEOs Connect the Dots, Accelerate Performance, and Get the Business Results They Desire
Wei-Li Chong is the Founder and Managing Partner of Culture Playbook Partners (CCP), a company that helps organizations make their culture a tangible lever that drives business performance. He spent almost 30 years successfully leading human capital and culture transformations, driving business performance in billion-dollar-plus organizations.  Before CPP, Wei-Li was the SVP of Human Resources at ANN Inc. and served in multiple leadership positions at KinderCare Education. As the previous US President of MindGym, he helped the company weather the pandemic and rebuilt its operational infrastructure for scalable growth. In this episode… In business, it can be all too easy to get wrapped up in the numbers and miss out on what matters most. Rules and procedures are important, but they can often eclipse the more vital aspects of running a company. This is especially true for businesses built on compassion and the people who provide it. Wei-Li Chong was brought into KinderCare during a season of steady decline. During his time there, he helped the company regain its footing and enter a new period of success. Much of this was based on his approach to people, transforming culture to transform the business. Dov Pollack has a powerful interview with Wei-Li Chong, the Founder and Managing Partner at Culture Playbook Partners, to discuss how to lead a company and its culture authentically. They talk about what can be learned from poor leaders, listening to employees, and connecting with others to encourage change. They also walk through the personal approach Wei-Li used to help bring KinderCare out of its descent. Hear the rest on this episode of Next Wave Leadership!
34:48 09/01/2023
Coco Brown, Founder and CEO of The Athena Alliance, On: Women Climbing the Corporate Ladder and Navigating the Business World Ecosystem
Coco Brown is an entrepreneur, board member, and the Founder and CEO of The Athena Alliance. The Athena Alliance is a digital ecosystem and platform designed around community, education, and opportunity for the top women in business. Coco has been actively leading Silicon Valley-based professional services and tech companies since 1997.  Before founding Athena in 2016, Coco was the President, COO, and Board Director of Taos, a global leader in IT professional and managed services that has served hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies. She led the company to $54 million in revenue while navigating massive economic cycles and transformative business model evolution. In this episode… On a previous episode of the Next Wave Leadership podcast, Dov Pollack talked with Lucy Basta about helping women find roles in the business industry. Now, the conversation continues with an important question: How do we support women once they’re in executive positions? It’s too easy to add a few women to the boardroom and feel satisfied with the so-called diversity. However, women in leadership roles need the backing of the community, education for a smooth transition, and access to further advancement opportunities. It’s a difficult task — but women like Coco Brown are dedicated to seeing this process through. She has been helping women flourish in their leadership roles for almost two decades. Now, she’s here to help you.  In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack invites Coco Brown, the Founder and CEO of The Athena Alliance, onto the podcast to discuss how to establish women in leadership and help them grow. They talk about her personal journey, the dinners hosted for leading women, and how she applies what she learns to her current role. They touch on the library of content that Coco and her team have curated for women to use and discuss the three elements needed for women to thrive in their positions.
43:16 26/12/2022
A Look Back at 2022 With Dov Pollack
Dov Pollack is an executive coach and development consultant who has helped brands such as Charles Schwab, Slack, and Amazon. Through his executive coaching consultancy, Next Wave Leadership, he works one-on-one with leaders to find their presence and better tell their stories. He is a Founding Partner of Riverene and has previously worked with Future State Inc. and Hill Physicians Medical Group. Dov is the host of the Next Wave Leadership podcast, where he interviews leaders about how they're building great places to work by creating inspiring cultures in which to grow. In this episode… Dov Pollack has had the incredible opportunity to interview some of the greatest business leaders working today. The guests on Next Wave Leadership have not only shared their insights with the listeners but also shifted Dov’s viewpoint on leadership. This year has featured some incredible guests with some unique lessons on leadership. Now Dov shares some of his favorites with you. In this special episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack is once again interviewed by Chad Franzen of Rise25 to talk about the best episodes of the year. They discuss topics such as being a citizen of the world, learning financial responsibility from a young age, the pink ghetto, how the Enneagram is being used in the military, and much more. They also touch on what Dov will be working on in the future.
23:43 19/12/2022
Dov’s Favorite Episodes of the Year — Shiva Dustdar
Shiva Dustdar is the Director, Head, and Dean of the European Investment Bank, the European Union’s investment bank and one of the largest international lenders in the world. Shiva has worked there for almost 20 years and has held positions in the risk management, lending directorate, and advisory services departments.  Before her work at European Investment Bank, Shiva served as the Director of High Yield at Fitch Ratings, one of the “big three” credit rating agencies in the United States. In this episode… Are you looking for strategies to help you evolve as a leader? Do you want to create teams that are forward-focused and initiate lasting change? It is easy to feel stuck in your strategy, ambitions, or values as a leader. However, Newton’s notorious first law of motion holds an important reminder for determined leaders and teams everywhere: an object at rest will stay at rest, but an object in motion will stay in motion. In other words, continuous growth leads to more growth down the road — while consistent stagnation can lead to full-blown crises and roadblocks. So, how can you champion a culture of innovation and growth in both your personal and professional life while avoiding harmful setbacks in your workplace?  In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Shiva Dustdar, the Director, Head, and Dean of the European Investment Bank, sits down with Dov Pollack to discuss the importance of innovation in the finance industry and beyond. Listen in as Shiva talks about rethinking your value system, evolving the financial and investment industries, and using failure to your advantage as a leader. Stay tuned!
52:44 12/12/2022
Dov's Favorite Episodes of the Year — Eric Severson
Eric Severson is the Executive Vice President and Chief People & Belonging Officer at Neiman Marcus Group (NMG), a chain of luxury department stores based in the United States. NMG has been a pioneer of luxury fashion items, superior service, and elegant retail experiences for more than 100 years.  Eric is the Director of the Board of Directors for HR People + Strategy, as well as the Director of the Board of Directors for the La Napoule Art Foundation. He is also a member of the Board of Advisors for the University of Colorado and an advisory board member for IM Human. In this episode… Do you want to create a more diverse workplace — but don’t quite know where to start? Are you looking for strategies that will help your organization create positive change instead of perpetuating bias? Fostering a positive workplace experience where every executive, employee, and customer feels welcome is vital to creating a healthy, inclusive company. Crafting this experience isn’t easy, however; it takes lots of attention, time, and hard work. According to Eric Severson, “Behavior change comes from creating the path of least resistance to doing the right thing.” And, at the end of the day, this path can only be formed by examining and reforming your company’s core values and processes. By analyzing your business’ day-to-day operations, you will quickly see where biases rear their ugly head — and how to get rid of them. So, how can you take concrete steps to form a more diverse and welcoming workplace today? In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack sits down with Eric Severson, Executive Vice President and Chief People & Belonging Officer at Neiman Marcus Group (NMG), to discuss the importance of belonging and equality in the workplace. Listen in as Eric talks about creating positive employee experiences, overcoming prejudice and championing inclusion, and developing a growth-oriented mindset throughout your company. Stay tuned! 
50:20 05/12/2022
Amy Kraft, SR. Director of Development and Children’s Programming at Pinna, On: Leadership During Lockdown, Creating Engagement, and Why Kids Are the Most Honest Audience
Amy Kraft is the Senior Director of Development and Children's Programming at Pinna and a seasoned content strategist. In her position, she leads the production of more than 60 podcasts and dozens of audiobooks.  Amy co-founded Monkey Bar Collective, which designed and produced over 75 games for clients such as Scholastic, Barnes & Noble, Sesame Workshop, and Sylvan Learning. She has over two decades of experience in content creation and curation. In this episode… Every business leader strives to capture their audiences in unique and powerful ways. This audience usually consists of adults, but how do you accomplish these same goals with children? Creating educational and engaging content for children is a unique challenge. Many tried-and-true tactics fall flat when applied to a rapidly changing constituency. This opens up new opportunities and ways to inspire future generations. It requires a great deal of leadership to successfully lead these programs. Here is how one of the greatest minds in the field does it. In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack has an informative discussion with Amy Kraft, the Senior Director of Development and Children's Programming at Pinna. Together, the two break down the process behind children’s content and how Amy leads her team to create valuable programming. They also touch on Amy’s introduction to the field, the lessons learned from other executives, and why children are the most honest audience.
38:31 28/11/2022
Suzi Sosa, Co-Founder and CEO of Verb Inc., On: Refreshing Your Relationship Towards Failure Once You’ve Achieved Incredible Success, Lost Everything, and Been Set Free To Start Over Again
Suzi Sosa is a serial social entrepreneur with experience in leadership, corporate programming, and financial services. She is the Co-founder and CEO of Verb Inc., a leadership development platform for businesses to leverage the potential of their employees. Previously, she served as the Executive Director of the Dell Social Innovation Competition and was a contributing editor for Inc. magazine.  Before Verb, Suzi helped co-create the social entrepreneurship program at UT Austin and was a social entrepreneur within the financial inclusion sector. In this episode… Most leaders are intimately familiar with the value of experience. After all, knowledge and wisdom are rooted in lived experiences and lessons learned the hard way. While it is far from a one-to-one correlation, greater struggles can often lead to greater successes. Suzi Sosa understands this principle firsthand. With several rises and downfalls in her life, she learned how to adapt to whatever was thrown her way. These trials and tribulations apply directly to her leadership in the corporate world, where Suzi specializes in social entrepreneurship. She now pays her experience forward to those who follow. Dov Pollack has a powerful conversation with Suzi Sosa, Co-founder and CEO of Verb Inc., about leadership and company culture. They discuss her story of being an immigrant and the moment she lost almost everything. They then delve into leadership development, venture capital for women, and why Suzi sees herself as an action hero. Hear all this and much more on this episode of Next Wave Leadership!
40:41 21/11/2022
Andy Bass, Author of Start With What Works and Committed Action, On: The Culture of Optimization and Liberating Your Company’s Potential By Revealing the Truth, Not Inventing It
Andy Bass is the Founder and Managing Director of BassClusker Consulting, where he works with senior executives to increase their growth and productivity. He's advised leaders in more than 30 industries across 12 countries. As a strategist, Andy has counseled executives at large organizations such as Deutsche Bank, L'Oreal, and Aon and many mid-sized businesses and trade associations. Andy has also taught executives at leading business schools, including Oxford Saïd, Warwick, Aston, and Strathclyde. He is the Forum Chair for MacKay CEO Forums and is a member of the associate faculty at Aston Business School Centre for Executive Development. Along with his positions, Andy has written several books, including Start With What Works and Committed Action. In this episode… In the pursuit of improving their businesses, many executives look to external factors to gain a competitive advantage. Millions upon millions of dollars are spent on outside resources and, ultimately, very little changes. While these solutions can be helpful, they should never be a leader’s first option. In fact, many businesses already have the tools they need to succeed. Andy Bass is a leadership advisor who pushes clients to reassess the resources they already have at their disposal. Rather than spend exorbitant sums of money to get ahead, Andy shows leaders how they can better utilize their current assets. The process is easily adaptable, and the results can be surprising. In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack interviews Andy Bass, the Founder and Managing Director of BassClusker Consulting, to talk about liberating your company’s potential through overlooked resources. They talk about reassessing your business and finding creative ways to improve systems. They also touch on innovation, eliminating waste, and looking for answers internally. Stay tuned for more.
41:23 14/11/2022
Sarah Gaeta, Former CEO of Conversion Logix, On: Getting Paid What You Are Worth, Being a Learn-It-All vs. a Know-It-All, and Adobe’s Big Bet
Sarah Gaeta is a recognized leader in the technology space and an accomplished executive. She is the CEO of Conversion Logix, a digital marketing and technology partner that has been ranked on the Inc. 5000 list. She has held leadership positions at companies, including Adobe, Motorola, Nuance Communications, and TiVo. Additionally, Sarah serves as a consultant for other business executives to strengthen their organizational and leadership skills. In this episode… Is it possible for someone outside of the business world to be a successful leader? How can women flourish in historically male-dominated industries, and what challenges do they face?  Sarah Gaeta's career was a long and winding road before becoming a CEO and technology consultant. She started in teaching, photography, and liberal arts. However, through determination and a desire to keep growing, she found her niche in business and technology. She has faced many obstacles and learned countless lessons along the way. Now, she shares her stories and insights with you. In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack interviews Sarah Gaeta, the CEO of Conversion Logix, to talk about her story and her thoughts on leadership. They start with the importance of validating employees, why she worked with a coach, and how her early life influenced her leadership style. They also discuss her struggles in the technology industry and what she learned from those who came before her.
35:15 07/11/2022
Judah Pollack, Head of People at KindEarth.Tech and Former Faculty at Stanford StartX, On: Working With Military Leaders, Introducing the Enneagram Into a Corporate Setting, and the Import of Engaging
Judah Pollack is an accomplished author, executive coach, trainer, speaker, and the Head of People at KindEarth.Tech, a science- and sustainability-focused ecosystem. He has written The Net and the Butterfly and is working on his upcoming book The Genius Myth: How Anyone Can Learn To Access Their Inner Einstein. He also works as an Instructor of Psychological Awareness for the US Army Training and Doctrine Command. As an executive coach, Judah has worked with a broad variety of people and organizations, including tech founders, Fortune 100 executives, US Army Generals, Lucasfilm F/X teams, and several nonprofits. He is particularly known for his work on the impact of the impostor syndrome and the inner critic on innovation potential. In this episode… The Enneagram model has exploded in popularity over the past decade. Organizations and everyday people alike have made use of applying its nine personality types to their lives. It can also be a helpful tool for businesses, but many fail to use the model correctly.  As an expert in psychology, Judah Pollack is interested in the overlap between how people act and how it applies to a business setting. He uses the Enneagram model to show people the roads to growth and expansion in their lives without the fear that accompanies it. Using the Enneagram model as a tool can also show you how to be a better leader, parent, friend, and human being by making you more aware of yourself as a person and recognizing your strengths and weaknesses. It can change your behavior and help to create more effective business leaders. So, how can you apply it to your life and interactions? In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack sits down with his brother Judah Pollack, Head of People at KindEarth.Tech, to talk about using the Enneagram model as a tool in the workplace and your everyday life. Judah starts with his work in the military and the importance of knowing yourself in that environment. They also discuss finding your strengths and weaknesses, knowing how to work well with others, and what it means to look at your own shadow.
36:08 31/10/2022
Keli Frazier-Cox, Former Chief Commercial Officer at MindGym and the Founder of Promote Leaders, On: Leading as an Introvert, Educating Yourself in a Mid-Size Company, and Why Taking Action Doesn’t Re
Keli Frazier-Cox is an experienced executive and is the Chief Commercial Officer of the Americas for MindGym, a company that uses scientific principles to create a unique set of experiences, products, and tools to promote company-wide behavior changes. She is also the Founder of Promote Leaders, Inc., an organization that equips emerging leaders through coaching, speaking, and consulting. Keli specializes in building and scaling high-performing teams and helping entrepreneurs navigate the corporate world. For 15 years, she climbed through the ranks of Euromonitor International, developing her expertise during her time there. In this episode… Growing in leadership requires action and purpose. Time alone doesn’t sharpen leaders, but it’s the effort, intentionality, and learning they put in that ultimately make the difference. It doesn’t have to be a perfect path, but pushing forward is the only way to improve yourself and your company. Few people know this better than Keli Frazier-Cox. Keli is the CCO of the Americas for MindGym and a well-known leadership coach. She has pushed for true diversity and acceptance within the workplace. During the George Floyd tragedy, she was further motivated to make a change within her company. Keli knows the importance of striving for a more inclusive environment, and now she explains what that looks like in practice. In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack talks with Keli Frazier-Cox, the COO of the Americas for MindGym, to discuss leadership in action and how to promote diversity. They talk about Keli’s career and how she lives out her personal motto. They also touch on the difference between diversity and belonging, taking responsibility, and even how to lead as an introvert. Stay tuned to hear all of this and more!
37:23 24/10/2022
Achim Daub, Former Global President of Symrise AG and Current Global Strategic Advisor, On: Leadership Lessons From the Kitchen, Letting Your Mask Down, and How Mistakes Provide Learning Opportunities
Achim Daub is the Principal and CEO of his consultancy, Achim Daub Global Strategy Advisory, LLC, which he founded in 2021. He is a board member for OnScent and works closely with other notable businesses, including Sweegen, Pamplona Capital Management, and Ranger Ready Repellents. He has 19 years of experience in management and leadership in both B2C and B2B contexts.  In addition to these roles, Achim developed the industry's first and only fully functioning AI system for fragrance creation through a partnership with IBM Research. In this episode… Ambition is a necessary element of any successful business or leader. The desire to go further is what leads to innovation, improvement, and excellence. However, unbridled ambition can be dangerous, so leaders need compassion and structure to utilize it properly. Few people in the corporate world embody this combination better than Achim Daub. Starting in a kitchen and rising to the status of a global business leader, Achim knows the importance of ambition and hard work. His career has led him to work with premiere companies and taught him the value of an innovative culture. He knows the key elements for successful leadership and now shares them with you. Dov Pollack talks with Achim Daub, the Founder, Principal, and CEO of Achim Daub Global Strategy Advisory, LLC, about innovation and ambition in leadership. They talk about Achim’s extensive career and the crucial lessons he learned early on. They discuss how to create an effective rewards system in your business, how to inspire innovation, and why you should embrace failure. Hear the rest on this episode of the Next Wave Leadership podcast.
30:20 17/10/2022
Jennifer DaSilva, President of Berlin Cameron and Founder of Connect4Women, On: Letting Go of Perfection, Building Networks for Women by Calling Them In, Not Calling Them Out, and Learning To Lead Wit
As a seasoned marketer and executive, Jennifer DaSilva has almost 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 brands. She is the President of Berlin Cameron, a full-service boutique and creative agency. She founded Connect4Women in 2019 to empower women and allow them to network effectively. Her career also includes leadership positions at companies such as M&C Saatchi, J. Walter Thompson, and Project Playdate. In this episode… In previous episodes of Next Wave Leadership, the topic of diversity and empowerment for women has been covered by a host of great guests. Now, one of the leading figures in female networking and platforming continues that conversation. Jennifer DaSilva is the President of Berlin Cameron and also founded Connect4Women. In both roles, she has been finding unique and effective ways to help women in the professional world. Her work has recently expanded into bold new directions. So what are people doing now to remedy these inequalities, and what work remains to be done? Dov Pollack invites Jennifer DaSilva, the President of Berlin Cameron, onto the podcast to talk about leadership and networking for women. They talk about the work being done at Connect4Women and why Jennifer started it. They then discuss a host of topics, such as active inclusion, what LLShe does, and why owning mistakes is important for a positive company culture. Hear it all on this episode of Next Wave Leadership!
36:39 10/10/2022
Elle Bruno, Managing Director at Techstars Boulder, On: Helping Women Invest in Women, Changing the Game Through Angel Investing, and Summoning the Courage To Speak Out
Elle Bruno is the Managing Director of Techstars Boulder, an operational investor supporting entrepreneurs from idea conception to a successful business. Founded in 2006, Techstars has invested in more than 3,000 companies and today has a market cap of $75 billion. Elle is a sales expert, working for companies, including Trunk Club and Luxury Garage Sale. In 2003, She co-founded and was the Head of Business Development. Along with her current positions, she also serves as an angel investor and advisor focusing on investing in female-founded companies. In this episode… What is the overlap between angel investing and leadership? How does one correspond to the other? While separate concepts, the two have quite a few things in common. Leadership requires wisdom, patience, tenacity, and the ability to listen to those around you. However, leadership also directly relates to angel investing. Few people know more about both subjects than Elle Bruno. She has worked as a leader at several notable companies and recently began her work in angel investing. Now she explains both sides to those who want to listen. Dov Pollack talks with Elle Bruno, the Managing Director at Techstars Boulder, on this episode of Next Wave Leadership to discuss leadership and angel investing. They begin with Elle’s career and the lessons she learned from a young age. They also touch on topics such as investing in women-led startups, maintaining company culture during growth, and gender inequality in the business world.
36:31 03/10/2022
Michelle Gadsden-Williams, Managing Director and Global Head of Dei at BlackRock, On: Taking the Stairs to the C-Suite, Why Your Dreams Should Scare You, and the Strategic Importance of Diversity
As a knowledgeable executive, Michelle Gadsden-Williams has an extensive career working with organizations and industries of all kinds. She is the Managing Director and Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at BlackRock, a fiduciary that offers financial and investment services. BlackRock is one of the world’s leading providers of investment, advisory, and risk management solutions. With almost three decades of experience to back it up, Michelle specializes in diversity, inclusion, talent acquisition, talent management, and organizational development. She also recently published her first book: Driven by Intention: Own Your Purpose, Gain Power, and Pursue Your Passion as a Woman at Work. In this episode… More than most leaders, Michelle Gadsden-Williams knows the true value of belonging and diversity. Not only has she faced her share of problems in the workplace, but she has worked with companies of all sizes. Her journey has taught her many lessons that she wants to share with others. Her books, Driven by Intention and Climb, both offer a valuable perspective on what it takes for diverse people to thrive in their careers. Now she expands on those concepts with you. Dov Pollack has a powerful conversation with Michelle Gadsden-Williams — the Managing Director and Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at BlackRock — to discuss leadership and diversity. They talk about why your dreams should scare you and the roadblocks that stop many from reaching their goals. They then touch on the gender feedback gap, affinity groups, and turning your wounds into wisdom. Hear the rest on this episode of the Next Wave Leadership podcast!
37:45 26/09/2022
Dawn Hudson, Former President and CEO of PepsiCo North America, CMO of the NFL, and Coauthor of “You Should Smile More”, On: The Stubborn Remnants of Gender Bias, Playing to Your Strengths, and Leadin
Dawn Hudson is an experienced executive, board director, and business speaker. She works as the Executive Vice President of the NFL and is a Board Director for both NVIDIA and the Interpublic Group. She previously served as the President and CEO of Pepsi-Cola North America and coauthored You Should Smile More along with many of her colleagues at PepsiCo. Her expertise includes consumer goods, food service, and sports management. In this episode… All of us can learn from our leaders, whether it’s a simple manager or an international CEO. Although, some lessons can only be taught by those who have excelled at a higher level. Dawn Hudson is a speaker, board director, and the Executive Vice President of the NFL. Her career has taken her through multiple industries and positions, giving her a complete view of what it means to be a leader. It has also given her key insights into some of the continuing problems in the business world today. Want to know what she has to say? In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack interviews Dawn Hudson, the Executive Vice President of the NFL and coauthor of You Should Smile More, about her perspective on leadership and diversity. They discuss her career and how she came to work for PepsiCo and the NFL. They also dive deeper into topics such as trusting your gut to make decisions, the remnants of sexism in business, and the contents of her new book.
45:27 19/09/2022
Lori Tauber Marcus, Cie Nicholson, & Angelique Bellmer Krembs of The Band of Sisters & Authors of “You Should Smile More” On: At the Table, Not in the Conversation; Accidental Sexism & Micro-Moments;
Angelique Bellmer Krembs is a marketing expert and a founding member of The Band of Sisters. She spent 23 years at PepsiCo, leading turnaround and growth for many beloved brands, including Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and SoBe. She was also the CMO at News America Marketing, created a CMO Advisory practice, and was the Managing Director and Global Head of Brand at BlackRock. Lori Tauber Marcus is a corporate board director, executive coach, and a founding member of The Band of Sisters. After 24 years in multiple roles at PepsiCo, including Senior Vice President, Marketing Activation, she served as SVP of The Children’s Place Retail Stores and Chief Global Brand and Product Officer at Keurig Green Mountain. Lori also has significant board experience and presently sits on the boards of Fresh Del Monte Produce and 24-Hour Fitness. Cie Nicholson is an investor, advisor, speaker, and another founding member of The Band of Sisters. Her career includes 11 years at PepsiCo, serving as the EVP and CMO of Equinox and Softcard. She presently serves as Public Board Director for Selective Insurance and also served as a Private Board Member for Heartland Food Group and the ANA (Association of National Advertisers). In this episode… The roots of sexism in the business world are often deeper than we realize. It’s all too easy to identify the more obvious problems and be satisfied, but most are much more subtle. The only way to promote inclusion and diversity in the workplace is to confront the small and the large issues alike. This requires honesty from the people who are affected the most. The Band of Sisters is a collective of women in leadership with a common goal towards eradicating gender bias. They have come together to write a book entitled You Should Smile More that outlines the current state of gender bias in business and what can be done. It’s filled with many real-world experiences, and now they share some of them with you. Dov Pollack interviews Angelique Bellmer Krembs, Lori Tauber Marcus, and Cie Nicholson of The Band of Sisters to talk about gender equality and how we can move forward. They discuss their book, some of the key takeaways, and how they wrote it. They touch on a host of important topics like speaking truth to power, cultivating a welcoming workplace, and why remote work can be so valuable. Hear it all on this episode of the Next Wave Leadership podcast.
69:01 12/09/2022
Steve Ossad, Award Winning Military Biographer and Author Of “Omar Nelson Bradley America’s GI General 1893-1981”, On: Lessons in Leadership From the Battlefield to the Board Room, How Great Leaders
Steven L. Ossad is an independent biographer, historian, and retired Wall Street technology analyst who specializes in leadership and operational level command. He is the author of books such as Omar Nelson Bradley: America's GI General, 1893-1981 and Major General Maurice Rose: WWII’s Greatest Forgotten Commander. He also spent 20 years working at various investment banks as a technology and financial analyst. In this episode… History is crucial if we are ever to learn from our past. More specifically, leaders need to know the mistakes and successes of those who came before them to make the most of their own position. World War II is a popular point of interest for this very reason, highlighting the very best and worst of leadership. Yet not every leader is well remembered. Omar Nelson Bradley was a GI general in World War II, often overshadowed by Eisenhower. However, his singular and powerful approach to leadership was important to the allies victory. So why is he not as well remembered and what does his legacy say about how to lead? In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack speaks with Steve Ossad, a military biographer and the author Of Omar Nelson Bradley America’s GI General, about Omar Bradley and his leadership. They talk about Steve’s background and what led him to write the book. They then dive deep into World War II where they cover Bradley’s work, his accomplishments, and what his decisions say about how best to lead.
41:26 05/09/2022
Soon Mee Kim, Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer at the Omnicom Group, On: Growing Up in a Korean Wakanda, the Moral Imperative of DEI, and the Work of Creating a Culture of Belonging
Soon Mee Kim is the Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer for the Omnicom Group and is a worldwide leader in marketing communications. She spent 14 years at Porter Novelli where she was a leader in their diversity and technology departments at different times. Her forte is found in uncovering and articulating why people should care about complex issues. Soon Mee is a proven leader and creative problem-solver, and she considers her favorite roles to be mentor, coach, and student. In this episode… Leadership is often synonymous with power in the corporate world. Control is often sought out but is rarely given to the people who deserve it the most. While performance is expected, leaders can and should do more for their workplace culture. It’s a delicate balance of power and love that is conducive to bring lasting change. Soon Mee Kim has found power in her own voice, drawing from her lived experiences to help others find belonging in business. She works closely with the Omnicom Group to further diversity and inclusion for some of the world’s leading brands. So how do you find that balance and transform your culture? Dov Pollack sits down with Soon Mee Kim, Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer of the Omnicom Group, to discuss diversity in the workplace. They go through Soon Mee’s childhood and what she took from growing up in what she calls “Korean Wakanda.” They then touch on a host of topics such as the need for power and love, how to address diversity issues, and Soon Mee’s guiding concept of the year. Hear it all on this episode of the Next Wave Leadership podcast.
29:53 29/08/2022
Watchen Nyanue, Founder and CEO of I Choose the Ladder, On: Developing Black Female Talent, Finding Your Tribe, and Why Talent Only Matters When You’re in the Room
Watchen Nyanue is the Founder and CEO of I Choose the Ladder, a career development agency that works with corporations to develop and retain black female talent. She was also the Senior Vice President of Marketing partnerships at Chicago Sky WNBA and the Co-founder of the Little Doebahyou activity box. Her career has led her to work with prominent companies, including Yahoo, Comedy Central, and Time. In this episode… Historically, black women have dealt with enormous biases in the corporate world, dealing with both racism and sexism. The tide is beginning to turn, but much work is left to do. Some corporations that promote diversity are either not diverse themselves or don’t have a deep understanding of it. Watchen Nyanue, however, has both. Born in Liberia, Watchen has experienced firsthand the difficulties of being an immigrant and a black woman. She has worked in several fields and knows the corporate framework that limits most minorities. She has dedicated her career to helping others like her navigate the current business landscape.  Dov Pollack invites Watchen Nyanue, the Founder and CEO of I Choose the Ladder, onto the Next Wave Leadership podcast to talk about her work and her life’s story. They begin with her childhood, her introduction to privilege at university, and why she started her organization. They also talk about validation in careers, developing black female talent, and why talent alone isn’t enough.
38:49 22/08/2022
Natalie Egan, CEO and Founder of Translator Inc., On: The Journey of Transitioning as a Human Being and Transforming as a Leader, Moving From Toxic Masculinity to Empathy, and Recognizing Your Privile
Natalie Egan is an entrepreneur, sales expert, and software executive. She is CEO and Founder of Translator, a DEI learning platform that is designed to grow diversity and overall work culture. She previously worked at LinkedIn, Ecolab, Autonomy, and her own business PeopleLinx. Her career started in hospitality before moving into business. In this episode… Leadership is all about learning from mistakes and applying those lessons in the future. While most people know this, few actually persevere to find success on the other side of hardship. It takes humility, ambition, and empathy to grow as a person and to make a business grow. The perfect example of this ideal is Natalie Egan. From identity to values to workplace culture, Natalie has transformed much of her life step by step. Her journey has taken her from a strict leader to an understanding one and a failing business to a thriving one. It has been a difficult path, but she now has lessons to share about her path to where she is today. In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack talks with Natalie Egan, the CEO and Founder of Translator, to discuss what it means to change as a leader and as a person. They go through Natalie’s childhood and early career, her career missteps, and how she changed her direction. They also touch on topics like toxic masculinity, creating a great work culture, and finding purpose in life.
39:53 15/08/2022
Chris L. Fuentes, Founder and CEO of Ranger Ready Repellents, On: Disrupting a Billion Dollar Industry, Being a Courageous General, and Operating Like a Big Company but Acting Like a Start-Up
Chris L. Fuentes is a lifestyle brand CEO who has worked in leadership roles at companies such as Yankee Candle and Cycling Sports Group. After helping lead other businesses, he decided to disrupt the $1 billion insect repellent industry. Chris founded Ranger Ready Repellents in 2017 with a mission to combat vector-borne diseases. He gained much of his expertise at the VF Corporation, where he worked for nearly 15 years. In this episode… The story of the humble start-up is common in leadership. Everyone loves an underdog story, but there are genuine and underexplored pitfalls that come with leading young companies. While tenacity is a great start, there’s a lot of strategy involved — the kind of strategy that comes from larger businesses. Fortunately, Chris Fuentes has experience in both worlds. Chris is an experienced executive who has worked with leading brands like Yankee Candle and the VF Corporation. He took his knowledge and applied it to his company, Ranger Ready Repellents, to disrupt the insect repellent industry. His approach to leadership takes key values from the intimate and corporate aspects of business and has led to immense success. Dov Pollack sits down to interview Chris L. Fuentes, the Founder and CEO of Ranger Ready Repellents, on this episode of the Next Wave Leadership podcast. They talk about the business and how it uses elements from start-ups and larger companies alike. They then discuss what reverse mentoring looks like, the ideal of the courageous general, and how Chris helps build the company’s culture.
32:16 08/08/2022
Nicole Yelsey, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at KindWorks.AI, On: The Scientific Research Around Kindness, Why Diversity Is Crucial To Innovative Teams, and Building Culture From the Ground Up
Nicole Yelsey is the Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at KindWorks.AI, a software that promotes kindness and well-being through AI technology. She has worked with Fortune 100 companies and startups alike with 20 years of experience in marketing and brand development. She's worked on Superbowl commercials and Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award shows. Nicole serves on the advisory board of Apologue Spirited Liqueurs and is the Co-president of the Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Chicago. In this episode… In the business world, efficiency and profit are often valued over everything else. This overwhelming emphasis can lead to success, but it can cost you your people. These cutthroat models rarely work in the long term and typically create hostile cultures for your employees and customers. However, there is a better way. KindWorks.AI is a startup with a mission to introduce kindness into the fabric of work culture. Nicole Yelsey is in charge of their marketing and brings her own leadership style to the budding company. Her vision of a healthy workplace is inspired by the great leaders in her life and what they passed on to her. Now she passes it on to you. In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack interviews Nicole Yelsey, the Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at KindWorks.AI, to talk about kindness in corporate culture and how it can make a positive lasting difference. They discuss the importance of core values and their impact on company culture, how innovation is encouraged, and the philosophy behind KindWorks.AI. Nicole also talks about her own life and what has influenced her along the way.
31:58 01/08/2022
Terry Moore Executive Chairman at BRIGHT : Advancing Innovation for Brain Health, How to Expand Your Solution Space, and His Big Idea to End Pandemics
Terry Moore is the Executive Chairman at BRIGHT, a health technology company that seeks to combat cognitive decline with brain health and wellness products. Coming out of retirement to start the company, he is a recognized executive and business philosopher with a background in marketing and strategy. He is also the Founder and CEO of Sequence Ventures and the Founder and President of his philanthropic organization, Radius Foundation. Before his retirement, Terry led his own consulting firm for more than 20 years. In this episode… Changing the world is a common idea but how many people actually attempt to make it happen? Terry Moore started his own company, BRIGHT, based on research to prevent Alzheimer’s—a disease that currently has no cure and virtually no treatments. He envisioned a future where people could find relief from the disease and has made measurable progress towards that end. His approach to change involves challenging the status quo and encouraging the outliers. There’s no singular answer to how to change the world, but his unique perspective might be a step in the right direction. In this episode of the Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack talks with Terry Moore, the Executive Chairman of BRIGHT, to discuss his career and his ideas on change. They discuss the need to encourage young outliers in society, how to approach problem solving, and why treating life like a game can be effective. They also walk through BRIGHT’s current work and their plans for the future.
40:44 25/07/2022
Dov Pollack, Executive Coach and Founder of Next Wave Leadership, On: Building an Executive Presence, Understanding Your Story, and How the Podcast Has Changed Dov’s Coaching
Dov Pollack is an executive coach and development consultant who has helped brands such as Charles Schwab, Slack, and Amazon. Through his executive coaching consultancy, Next Wave Leadership, he works one-on-one with leaders to find their presence and better tell their story. He is a Founding Partner of Riverene and has previously worked with Future State Inc. and Hill Physicians Medical Group. Dov is the host of the Next Wave Leadership podcast, where he interviews leaders about how they're building great places to work by creating inspiring cultures in which to grow. In this episode… What actually makes a great leader great? Which qualities or features separate the average executive from inspirational torchbearers? Dov Pollack has built his brand, Next Wave Leadership, around coaching executives to find their voice and develop their presence. He has expanded the concept into a podcast where he interviews prominent leaders to see how they guide their organizations. Along the way, he has developed a keen sense for what differentiates them from the rest. Now it's time to hear from him on how to authentically lead. Chad Franzen flips the script and interviews Dov Pollack this week on the Next Wave Leadership podcast to hear his story and his perspective on building an executive presence. They start with Dov’s coaching and the mentality-shifting questions he asks his clients. He then dives into more detail on harnessing your story, why minority leaders are invaluable, and the reason behind leaving his screenwriting.
23:05 18/07/2022
Jinny Uppal, Award-Winning Author of In/Action: Rethinking the Path to Results and a Principal at CK Advisory, On: Meditation vs Mindfulness, Nonlinear Paths to Nonlinear Success, and Why Your Formula
Jinny Uppal is the Principal at CK Advisory LLC and has held leadership positions at Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, and Macy’s. She has more than 20 years of working experience with Fortune 500 companies, helping drive growth and lead corporate transformation. She is an experienced technology and business leader with a track record of driving growth in telecom, e-commerce, and retail businesses. Jinny recently wrote her first book, In/Action: Rethinking the Path to Results, where she dissects counterproductivity and how to reconfigure your business. In this episode… The zeitgeist of modern entrepreneurship is constant work. Many people believe that the more you work, the more successful you are. However, this rhetoric has left many people in business feeling drained and coming up short. When this is added on to the immense weight that already falls on leaders, burnout is inevitable. Something needs to change. For Jinny Uppal, she discovered that utilizing strategic rest and mindfulness had resulted in the greatest growth of her career. She has spent many years leading brands such as Macy’s and Kohl’s but is now redirecting her goals to help others find what she has with her book, In/Action. Now, she offers some of those same insights to you. Dov Pollack sits down with Jinny Uppal, the Principal at CK Advisory LLC, on this episode of Next Wave Leadership to see how nonlinear paths can lead to nonlinear success. They discuss Jinny’s own story of taking a step back and how others have used similar methods to great results. They also touch on the difference between goals and principles, why daydreaming can be so effective, and the powerful stories in Jinny’s book.
35:51 11/07/2022
Samantha Choi Cadley, the CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Manual Labor, On: Why the Story a Brand Tells Is More Important Than the Product It Sells, How To Show Up as You Are Whether Society Is Read
Samantha Choi Cadley is an entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and the CEO and Chief Creative Officer for Manual Labor. She has helped lead the company for over a decade, helping them become a leading creative and marketing studio. She started her career in design and creative direction at prominent brands such as GAP, Polo Ralph Lauren, and John Allan. Recently, she has started sharing her experience with TinkerBarn Ventures and Your29 as an advisor. In this episode… People are often drawn towards success stories that involve people to cheer for and challenges to overcome. This is why telling your brand’s story can be the deciding factor for many customers. After all, if there is a similar quality of service being provided, how do you differentiate yourself from the competition? Few people know the power of a great story more than Samantha Choi Cadley. Samantha came to the United States as an immigrant, was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and eventually found success as an entrepreneur. Her company, Manual Labor, is not only a thriving marketing studio but is an extension of her own story. She now helps others tell their stories and works with her own employees to bring out the best in them. Here’s how she does it. In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack has a powerful conversation with Samantha Choi Cadley, the CEO and Chief Creative Officer at Manual Labor, about leadership and how to tell your brand’s story. They touch on the background of the studio and how Samantha became the executive she is today. They then discuss topics like delegating work, how to stay humble yet respectable, how to handle stress, and much more.
36:42 04/07/2022