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The NETGEAR Switched On Thinking podcast discusses the latest innovations in business networking technology, from WiFi 6, to PoE+ to AV over IP and more. Hosted by Neil C. Hughes and featuring interviews with leaders from NETGEAR and its key partners, the show delivers an insightful and informative analysis of the key role networking technology plays in driving business success and ensuring business continuity during times of uncertainty.


12: How NETGEAR is Helping to Launch a New Era of Business
Welcome to the final episode in this series focused on the real-world networking challenges faced by businesses of today and the future. This year has been an incredibly difficult one, but Episode 12 of the Switched On Thinking Podcast explores the many positives that we can take away from 2020. Our demands on technology have dramatically increased in the last 12 months. That's only going to continue in 2021. Host Neil C. Hughes is joined once again by our first ever guest, Richard Jonker, vice president of SMB product line management at NETGEAR, to discuss the trends that Richard has observed and what makes him not only hopeful but quite excited about the next year ahead.
31:17 04/12/2020
11: Helping Schools Achieve New Levels of Connectivity
Welcome to this latest episode that explores the real-world networking challenges faced by businesses of today and the future. Schools are becoming more connected than ever before. Changing the way we learn has been a whole new facet for every education facility across the world. In Episode 11 of the Switched On Thinking Podcast, host Neil C. Hughes is joined by Alexandra Méhat, NETGEAR’s SMB product marketing director, and Bryan Turner, the director of IT at Trinity Pawling School, in Pawling, New York, to learn more about the experiences they’ve faced this year, and how they've worked together to provide students with the networks that they expect as standard now.
39:07 20/11/2020
10: Mobile Working and The Importance of an Always on Connection
This year we have seen a huge change in the way we work and the need to work from anywhere- not just in the office, or at home. With many of us experiencing WiFi down times at home, the need for an always on connection, is more important than ever to work efficiently. For those of us travelling and also needing to be connected we face a dilemma of sacrificing our mobile phone battery using it as a hotspot, or risk connecting to an unsecure public WiFi connections. Janice Ting and Max Wu join us on this episode to discuss these very real issues, and talk a bit more on those alternative options we all have available but possibly didn’t know too much about.
31:26 06/11/2020
9: How AV Brings Digital Experiences to Life Part 2
Following on from part one where we took a look at the technology behind the curtain bringing theatres, lobbies, music venues, malls and much more to life; we’ve asked John Henkel and Laurent Masia to join us again to discuss the importance of service and support.
23:10 23/10/2020
8: How AV Brings Digital Experiences to Life Part 1
Welcome to the first of a two-part topic that explores the power behind AV technology and how it is bringing digital experiences to life in a way that’s impacting the way we live and the way we work. Join us as we take a look behind the curtain at the tech that brings theatres, lobbies, music venues, malls and much more to life. Switches, AV over IP and Audio over IP are integral parts of the digital experience and in this podcast, we explore the tech that makes everything look and sound better.  
35:01 09/10/2020
7: Understanding the Demands of the Small Business Network
The standard expectation of every user is that connectivity is seamless wherever we are. What does that mean to a company like NETGEAR who are challenged with delivering that flexibility and continuity to homes and businesses? Ollie Randall & Gary Newson from NETGEAR join Neil on the podcast to explore the changing demands of networks in the home and the office. We also discuss how the lines between the connectivity we use in an office, school, or at home are disappearing. Today's guests also discuss the benefits and features of NETGEAR WiFi 6 and the best applications. Finally, they share what drives Netgear and inspires them to create new technologies that make connectivity roaming and seamless.
36:33 25/09/2020
6: How Cloud Managed Networks Can Help Your Business To Grow
Join us as we discuss how cloud managed networks can help your business to grow with Shaheen Kazi and Arend Karssies and discover how embracing cloud networking can provide your business with the ultimate flexibility to succeed.  
34:24 11/09/2020
5: The Importance of a Smooth-Running Surveillance System
In today's episode, we explore how SMBs are adding surveillance systems without extreme cost implications and the impact it can have on an SMB (security, prevention, etc.) Marynel Rapinan and Iphie Chen Product reveal more about Ultra60 PoE++. We also discuss how the surveillance industry is moving from the old, grainy quality to higher resolution connection 4K/PTZ cameras that can be managed through your smartphone.
26:12 28/08/2020
4: Designing Networks Together for Live Broadcasting- Hawk-Eye Innovations & NETGEAR
Understanding how Hawk-Eye and NETGEAR are working together and how critical the relationship is in situations where networking has to work and work now. We talk about how NETGEAR adapts to client requirements and needs in a fast-paced live environment.
32:53 14/08/2020
3: The Versatility of PoE
An introduction to what PoE is and real-world examples and applications. We also discuss the benefits of PoE when power outlets are not accessible and Its ability to run a diverse number of IT Applications while saving money elsewhere. In the conversation highlight places where PoE is used that is often taken for granted and how it’s able to be flexible to how you work while being cost-effective and efficient. Derek Falberg and Bradley Verona the story of a specific SMB who utilized the advantages of PoE and how PoE can help with Budget, power more devices along with the future possibilities on the horizon with PoE
44:04 31/07/2020
2: The Home Office of the Future
Doug Cheung talks about why business-grade Wi-Fi at home is important. We also discuss the importance of clear and concise communication with customers, colleagues, and partners. Learn how WiFi can help with productivity in the home office, what the future of the home office looks like and where can we improve the home office moving forward?
37:37 17/07/2020
1: How SMBs Can Tackle The Remote Working Challenge With WiFi 6
In the first episode of Switched on Thinking, Neil C. Hughes talks to NETGEAR VP of SMB Product Line Management, Richard Jonker, and learns why he thinks bad WiFi is like bad breath. They also discuss ways to improve business WiFi at home by using WiFi 6 technology, which has become especially important due to the numbers of people working remotely.
46:59 03/07/2020