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(don't) Waste Water!

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S5E10 - Why is One Water the Best Way to Manage our Vulnerable Water Cycle? 35:26 18/05/22
[Extract] "They became energy positive and they gave back to the community" - Susan Moisio - Jacobs 00:59 18/05/22
S5E9 - How Water UK intends to Reach a Good Net Zero, Two Decades Early! 50:58 16/05/22
[Extract] "Net Zero is not the next new thing, it's an operating environment!" - Maria Manidaki - Mott MacDonald 00:59 16/05/22
S5E8 - How to ensure Energy and Carbon Resilient projects with a Simple Screening Tool 37:36 15/05/22
[Extract] "You must consider the future operation and plan for the next 10-15 Years!" - Stephane Bessadi - Asian Development Bank 00:59 15/05/22
S5E7 - How to cut Wastewater's Energy Related Carbon Emissions in Two at No Cost? 47:24 14/05/22
[Extract] "If you want to be a preferred supplier of Xylem, we want you to do this" - Austin Alexander - Xylem 00:59 14/05/22
S5E6 - Who will become the US's first Water Reuse Champion Ever? 48:03 11/05/22
[Extract] "We'll take our wastewater, treat it, and give it to you to drink" - Jon Freedman - SUEZ WTS 00:59 11/05/22
S5E5 - 3 Crazy Simple Tips to take the Bore out of Business Meetings or Water Conferences 68:46 04/05/22
[Extract] "We go to crappy meetings, get promoted, and then run crappy meetings" - Annyse Balkwill - The LuminUS Group 00:59 04/05/22
S5E4 - How to Save Time, Money, and Water thanks to 92% Accurate Leak Detection 54:42 27/04/22
[Extract] "Can you imagine burning 40 BMW Supercars?" - Victoria Edwards - FIDO 01:36 27/04/22
S5E3 - Part 2 - How to Reshape Water Markets (and Beyond) Using Blockchain Technologies 48:18 22/04/22
S5E3 - What would it Empower, if Water Actually Became a Non Fungible Token? 50:12 20/04/22
[Extract] "How could we provide mechanisms of Transparency?" - Katrina Donaghy - Civic Ledger 01:36 20/04/22
S5E2 - How to Systemically drive Money into Water and escape Global Water Stupidity 58:52 13/04/22
[Extract] "Now we can afford to piss off clients" - Christopher Gasson - Global Water Intelligence (GWI) 01:36 13/04/22
S5E1 - The 7 Secrets of the Water Company of the Year you shall Absolutely Steal! 62:14 06/04/22
[Extract] "I have no explanation for these valuations!" - Reinhard Huebner - SKion Water 01:36 06/04/22
S4E20 - 17 Decisive Insights that could Actually Impact the Water Industry 37:21 30/03/22
[Extract] How do Specialized Water SaaS beat Behemoths the Likes of Asana or ESRI? 06:41 30/03/22
S4E19 - How to Make your Wastewater Treatment Plant Remarkably Carbon Negative 52:34 23/03/22
[Extract] "This is the lowest emission, most sustainable and circular economy way" 01:36 23/03/22
World Water Day 2022 Must Be The Final One! 03:51 18/03/22
S4E18 - Is the Hydrogen Economy actually an Astounding Investment Opportunity? 59:09 16/03/22
[Extract] "The Idea is to Mobilize Private, Industry, and Policy Money" 01:36 16/03/22
The Truth Behind the 470 Bn€ Hydrogen Opportunity 20:54 14/03/22
S4E17 - Is Hydrogen more of a Water Sector Miracle or a World's Decarbonization Problem? 78:18 09/03/22