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Software Engineering Radio is a podcast targeted at the professional software developer. The goal is to be a lasting educational resource, not a newscast. New episodes cover all topics software engineering -- either tutorials on specific topics or interviews with characters from the software engineering world. All SE Radio episodes are original content - we do not record conferences or talks given in other venues. Each episode features two speakers to ensure a lively listening experience. SE Radio is published by IEEE Software magazine and the IEEE Computer Society. All content is licensed under the Creative Commons 2.5 license.


Episode 541: Jordan Harband and Donald Fischer on Securing the Supply Chain
Open source developers Jordan Harband and Donald Fischer join host Robert Blumen for a conversation about securing the software supply chain, especially open source. They start by reviewing supply chain security concepts, particularly as related to open..
51:48 07/12/22
Episode 540: Joe Nash on DevRel
Joe Nash of Twillio's TwilioQuest discusses the role of developer relations/advocate, which is a role at tech companies in-between developers, marketing, sales, and HR. Host Felienne speaks with Nash about the skills people need if they want to become...
54:18 01/12/22
Episode 539: Adam Dymitruk on Event Modeling
Adam Dymitruk, CEO and founder of Adaptech Group, joins host Jeff Doolittle for an exploration of the event modeling approach to discovering requirements and designing software systems. Adam explains how the structured approach eliminates the specifics of implementation details and technology decisions, enabling clearer communication for all stakeholders while keeping conversations focused on the business opportunity. Using concrete examples of event modeling in practice, they examine event modeling in the context of other related approaches and methodologies, including event sourcing, event storming, CQRS, and domain-driven design.  
64:56 23/11/22
Episode 538: Roberto Di Cosmo on Archiving Public Software at Massive Scale
Roberto Di Cosmo, Computer Science professor at University Paris Diderot and founder of the Software Heritage initiative, discusses how to protect against sudden loss from the collapse of a "free" source code repository provider, how to protect...
72:06 18/11/22
Episode 537: Adam Warski on Scala and Tapir
Adam Warski, the co-founder and CTO of SoftwareMill, discusses Scala programming and the Tapir library. Scala is a general-purpose JVM language, and Tapir is a back-end library used to describe HTTP API endpoints as immutable Scala values. Host Philip Winston speaks with Warski about the implications of Scala being a JVM language, the Scala type system, the Scala community's view of functional vs. object-oriented programming, and the transition of the ecosystem from Scala 2 to Scala 3. The Tapir discussion explores why Tapir is a library and not a framework, how server interpreters work in Tapir, how interceptors work, and what observability features are included with Tapir.
67:00 09/11/22
Episode 536: Ryan Magee on Software Engineering in Physics Research
Ryan Magee, postdoctoral scholar research associate at LIGO Laboratory – Caltech, joins host Jeff Doolittle for a conversation about how software is used by scientists in physics research. The episode begins with a discussion of gravitational waves...
55:34 02/11/22
Episode 535: Dan Lorenc on Supply Chain Attacks
Dan Lorenc, CEO of Chainguard, a software supply chain security company, joins SE Radio editor Robert Blumen to talk about software supply chain attacks. They start with a review of software supply chain basics; how outputs become inputs of someone...
49:34 25/10/22
Episode 534: Andy Dang on AI/ML Observability
Andy Dang, Head of Engineering at WhyLabs discusses observability and data ops for AI/ML applications and how that differs from traditional observability. SE Radio host Akshay Manchale speaks with Andy about running an AI/ML model in production and how...
54:17 20/10/22
Episode 533: Eddie Aftandilian on GitHub Copilot
Eddie Aftandilian, Principal researcher at GitHub discusses GitHub copilot and how it can improve developer productivity with host Priyanka Raghavan. The discussion explores various subtopics such as the history of copilot, how it can improve developer...
43:35 11/10/22
Episode 532: Peter Wyatt and Duff Johnson on 30 Years of PDF
Peter Wyatt, CTO at PDF Association and project co-Leader of ISO 32000 (the core PDF standard), Duff Johnson CEO at PDF Association and ISO Project co-Leader and US TAG chair for both ISO 32000, discuss the 30 years' history of PDF, how to make a PDF...
73:31 05/10/22
Episode 531: Xe Iaso on Tailscale
Xe Iaso of Tailscale discusses how a VPN can be a useful tool when building software. SE Radio host Jeremy Jung spoke with Iaso about what VPNs are, onboarding, access control, authentication in the network vs individual services, peer-to-peer vs...
50:15 30/09/22
Episode 530: Tanmai Gopal on GraphQL
Tanmai Gopal, CEO of, joined SE Radio host Jeff Doolittle for a conversation about GraphQL. They discussed the history and rationale behind the original conception of GraphQL, as well as some of the use cases it is best suited for...
60:42 21/09/22
Episode 529: Jeff Perry on Career Management for Software Engineers
Jeff Perry, career coach with experience in multiple engineering and technology fields discusses how software engineers can be intentional and proactive in evaluating and pursuing career options, with host Kanchan Shringi.
63:07 14/09/22
Episode 528: Jonathan Shariat on Designing to Avoid Worst Case Outcomes
Jonathan Shariat, coauthor of the book Tragic Design, discusses harmful software design. SE Radio host Jeremy Jung speaks with Shariat about how poor design can kill in the medical industry, accidentally causing harm with features meant to bring joy...
56:20 07/09/22
Episode 527: Adrian Kennard and Kevin Hones on Writing a Network OS from Scratch
Adrian Kennard and Kevin Hones, Founders of FireBrick routers and firewalls, discuss how to design, build, test and support a hardware router and network operating system from scratch, while sharing the lessons learned. You'll also learn that in certain..
63:01 30/08/22
Episode 526: Brian Campbell on Proof of Possession Defenses
Brian Campbell, Distinguished Engineer at Ping Identity discusses cryptographic defences against stolen tokens for the OAUTH2 protocol with host Priyanka Raghavan. The discussion explores various subtopics such as the history of Proof of possession...
53:45 24/08/22
Episode 525: Randy Shoup on Evolving Architecture and Organization at eBay
Randy Shoup of eBay discusses the evolution of eBay's tech stack. SE Radio host Jeremy Jung speaks with Shoup about eBay's origins as a single C++ class with an Oracle database, a five-year migration to multiple Java services, sharing a database...
58:54 17/08/22
Episode 524: Abi Noda on Developer Experience
In this episode, Abi Noda, founder of Pull Panda and DX, discusses developer experience with SE Radio host Brijesh Ammanath. They examine the basic concept of DX and its importance before diving into a wide variety of issues, including methodologies...
57:40 11/08/22
Episode 523: Jessi Ashdown and Uri Gilad on Data Governance
Jessi Ashdown and Uri Gilad, authors of the book "Data Governance: The Definitive Guide," discuss what data governance entails, why it's important, and how it can be implemented. Host Akshay Manchale speaks with them about why data governance...
64:14 03/08/22
Episode 522: Noah Gift on MLOps
Noah Gift, author of "Practical MLOps", discusses MLOps, which are tools are techniques used to operationalize machine learning applications. Host Akshay Manchale spoke to Noah about the foundational aspects such as basic automation through DevOps, data...
52:01 27/07/22
Episode 521: Phillip Mayhew on Test Automation in Gaming
Phillip Mayhew of GameDriver discusses test automation for games and game-like applications. Host Philip Winston spoke with Mayhew about the increasing role of test automation in modern game development, the impact on the QA role, how to run tests...
59:52 21/07/22
Episode 520: John Ousterhout on A Philosophy of Software Design
John Ousterhout, professor of computer science at Stanford University, joined SE Radio host Jeff Doolittle for a conversation about his book, A Philosophy of Software Design. They discussed the history and ongoing challenges of software system design, especially the nature of complexity and the difficulties handling it. The conversation also explored various design concepts from the book, such as modularity, layering, abstraction, information hiding, maintainability, and readability.
64:39 12/07/22
Episode 519: Kumar Ramaiyer on Building a SaaS
Kumar Ramaiyer, CTO, Planning Business Unit at Workday, discusses the Infrastructure services needed for and the design of Building and lifecycle of supporting a SaaS application.
55:54 06/07/22
Episode 518: Karl Wiegers on Software Engineering Lessons
Karl Wiegers, Principal Consultant with Process Impact and author of 13 books, discusses specific software development practices that can help you make sure that you don't repeat the same problems he sees time and time again with every customer...
65:05 29/06/22
Episode 517: Jordan Adler on Code Generators
In this episode, SE Radio host Felienne speaks with Jordan Adler of OneSignal about code generation, a technique to generate code from specifications like UML or from other programming languages such as Typescript. They also discuss code transformation, which can be us
52:24 21/06/22
Episode 516: Brian Okken on Testing in Python with pytest
In this episode, we explore the popular pytest python testing tool with author Brian Okken, author of Python Testing with pytest. We start by discussing why pytest is so popular in the Python community: its focus on simplicity, readability, and developer ease-of-use; what makes pytest unique; the setup and teardown of tests using fixtures, parameterization, and the plugin ecosystem; mocking; why we should design for testing, and how to reduce the need for mocking; how to set up a project for testability; test-driven development, and designing your tests so that they support refactoring. Finally, we consider some complementary tools that can improve the python testing experience.
50:39 16/06/22
Edpisode 515: Swizec Teller on Becoming a Senior Engineer
This week, senior software engineer, instructor, and blogger Swizec Teller spoke with SE Radio's Brijesh Ammanath about the "senior mindset." Becoming a senior engineer is about more than just years of experience but rather about cultivating a different..
62:56 08/06/22
Episode 514: Vandana Verma on the Owasp Top 10
Vandana Verma, Security Leader at Snyk and vice-chairperson of the OWASP Global Board of directors, discusses the "OWASP top 10" with host Priyanka Raghavan. The discussion explores various subtopics such as the history behind OWASP, the OWASP top 10 security risks, example of common vulnerabilities and ends with information on top projects in OWASP and how can contribute to it.
49:07 31/05/22
Episode 513: Gil Hoffer on Applying DevOps Practices to Managing Business Applications
Gill Hoffer, co-founder and CTO at Salto, talks with SE Radio host Kanchan Shringi about a new persona -- the Business Engineer -- created by the rise of SaaS and adoption of best-of-breed business applications for back office systems. They examine...
51:17 25/05/22
Episode 512: Tim Post on Rubber Duck Debugging
Tim Post of discusses Rubber Duck Debugging, a way to wrap your head about problems and solutions. Host Felienne spoke with Post about Rubber Duck debugging, and how it can help you to find answers to complex problems.
49:52 17/05/22