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Listen to the gripping details of the world's most brutal murders presented to you by two attorneys who rely on their sarcasm and wit to plow through the horrors of the crimes. Court and police records are heavily relied on to ensure the accuracy of each episode. Listen to Crimes and Consequences for your weekly dose of hardcore true crime.


EP234: The Septuagenarian Serial Killers
Ray and Faye Copeland were a couple trying to make ends meet in the 1980s. At this point in their lives, the couple were in the 70s and they were struggling. Ray, a career thief who made a living by stealing livestock and had been caught so many times, was banned from cattle livestock. Ray then decided to devise a much more devious plan to make money. Listen to this week's episode to hear more about this deadly couple.SOURCES:1) Crime Library2) Medium.com3) Book: "Serial Killer Grandparents" by Olivia Watson4) New York Times5) Investigation Discovery6) ThoughtCo.com7) State v. Copeland
40:52 17/06/2024
EP233: The Cannabis Psychosis Killer
May 28, 2018, around 1:15 AM: Deputies with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office responded  to a report of a disturbance at a residence in a condo in  Thousand Oaks California. When they arrived they found 26-year-old Chad O’Melia dead and 27-year-old Bryn Spejcher suffering from “self-inflicted stab wounds.  Did she commit murder while in a cannabis-induced psychosis?  Listen to form your own opinion.Sources:1) People Magazine: DailyMail: Rolling Stone: Ventura Star: New York Post: New York Post: Dr. Phil:
35:05 11/06/2024
EP232: The Hadley Family Murders
On July 16, 2011, 17-year-old Tyler Hadley was preparing to have a party at his parent’s house. He had been planning this event for a few weeks, but Tyler didn’t post on Facebook until that day. He told everyone that his parents were out of town and that it was time to party! That evening, around 60 teenagers would go to the Hadley household in Port St. Lucie, Florida, having no idea the horror that occurred just hours earlier. SOURCES:1)
43:32 03/06/2024
Ep230: The Murder of Alexis Murphy
On August 3, 2013, Alexis Tiara Murphy, a 17-year-old high school student from Nelson County, Virginia disappeared after being seen at a gas station in Lovingston, Virginia. Eventually, Randy Taylor was convicted of her brutal slaying.  The question is how many others did Rany kill?Thank you Rachael Spillers for writing this episode and SHANEL B. for suggesting this case.Sources:Alexis Tiara Murphy obituary. Lacaze, Katherine.  “17-year-old…”  The News and Advance.  06 Aug 2013.Hardy, Steve.  “Car found…”  The News and Advance.  07 Aug 2013.The Charlottesville Daily Progress.  “Family’s agonizing wait…”  The News and Advance.  08 Aug 2013.Bayne, Liana.  “Searching for…”  The Daily Progress.  08 Aug 2013.Bayne, Liana.  “Search for teen…”  The Daily Progress.  09 Aug 2013.Bayne, Liana.  “Clock is ticking…”  The Daily Progress.  10 Aug 2013.Hardy, Steve, and Koerting, Katrina.  “Nelson rallies in…”  The Daily Progress.  11 Sun 2013.Reed, Ray.  “Arrest made in…”  The News and Advance.  12 Aug 2013.Hutchins, J. Reynolds; Richardson, Aaron; Evans, K. Burnell; and Bayne, Liana.  “A suspect, but…”  The Daily Progress.  13 Aug 2013.Bayne, Liana.  “Nelson County abduction…”  The Daily Progress.  14 Aug 2013.Evans, K. Burnell, and Hutchins, J. Reynolds.  “Defense: teen was…”  The Daily Progress.  15 Aug 2013.Mohrmann, Barrett.  “Murphy’s family skeptical…”  The News-Virginian.  16 Aug 2013.Evans, K. Burnell.  “Shadows of 2010…”  The Daily Progress.  18 Aug 2013.Thompson, Dave.  “Taylor’s bond hearing…”  The Daily Progress.  21 Aug 2013.Bayne, Liana.  “Judge denies Taylor…”  The Daily Progress.  23 Aug 2013.Mohrmann, Barrett.  “River search turns…”  The Daily Progress.  01 Sep 2013.Mohrmann, Barrett.  “Family, investigators hopeful…”  The News adn Advance.  04 Sep 2013.Staff Writer.  “Person contacted in…”  Richmond Times-Dispatch.  24 Sep 2013.Faulconer, Justin.  “Teen’s DNA linked…”  The News and Advance.  06 May 2014.Faulconer, Justin.  “Jury deliberating Taylor’s…”  The Daily Progress.  08 May 2014.Faulconer, Justin.  “Taylor guilty of…”  The News and Advance.  09 May 2014.Mohrmann, Barrett.  “Murphy’s family accepts…”  The News and Advance.  19 May 2014.Faulconer, Justin.  “Taylor lands more…”  The News and Advance.  02 Jul 2014.Faulconer, Justin; Busse, Matt; and Cropper, Nick.  “Remains of Alexis…”  The News and Advance.  18 Feb 2021.
40:19 28/05/2024
EP231: The Honolulu Xerox Shooting
Those in the workplace whether it be an office, department store, fast food, or corporation should never have to fear for their safety. From the time you clock in, to the time you clock out, there should be no worry about getting back to your homes and families unharmed. Unfortunately, those who worked at the Xerox Corporation of Honolulu, Hawaii in 1999, would never feel safe at work again after an employee walked into the building with a loaded semi-automatic weapon tucked under his shirt.SOURCES: 1) State v. Uyesugi ( Man Opens Fire in Xerox Office, Killing 7 - The New York Times ( Byran Uyegusi | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers4) The Chilling Story Behind The Worst Mass Shooting in Hawaii | by The True Historian | Lessons from History | Medium5) Massacre's 20th Anniversary: Lessons from the Xerox Murders | Hawai'i Public Radio ( The Xerox Murders — Examining Workplace Homicide — Crime Library7) Delusional Disorder: Causes, Symptoms, Types & Treatment ( Honolulu Star-Bulletin Local News ( Peter Brent Mark (1953-1999) - Find a Grave Memorial10) John Keiji Sakamoto (1963-1999) - Find a Grave Memorial11) 20 years ago, a killer shattered the morning calm and changed Hawaii forever (
40:59 24/05/2024
EP229: The Death of Martha Moxley
On October 31, 1975, around 12:15 in the afternoon, Sheila McGuire, a teenager living in the exclusive Belle Haven community in Greenwich, Connecticut, was walking from her house to her friend Martha Moxley’s to invite her to go downtown that day. To get to her friend’s house, she cut through a wooded section of their backyard. She spotted underneath the low-hanging branches of a pine tree what looked like a sleeping bag lying on top of a foam mattress. As she continued to walk closer, she was able to see that it was the partially clothed body of her friend, Martha Moxley. Listen to this week's episode to hear more.SOURCES:1),Kennedy5) "Murder in Greenwich" by Mark Furman12) Redhanded Podcast EP 297 "Martha Moxley: Death and Dynasty"
60:24 13/05/2024
EP228: The Mysterious Murder of Lisa Au
Lisa Au was only 19 when her car was found abandoned on a highway during a storm in Hawaii. Strange clues emerged as the police examined her car. Then, 10 days later her naked, murdered body was found in a ravine. Who killed Lisa? Listen to this episode to make your own decision.
54:49 07/05/2024
EP227: Japan's Serin Gas Attacks
On March 20, 1995, Japan's subway system was attacked by a cult using Serin gas to poison the passengers. The goal was to cause so much panic and damage and then blame the attack on the United States--in the hope the Japanese government would start a war. The cult's leader, Shoko Asahara preached to his followers that the end times were near, and if a war was started, his prophecies would come true. Listen to this week's episode to hear more about the Aum Shinrikyo cult, and the damage it caused to the people of Japan.SOURCES:1),33009,982760-7,00.html4),33009,982749-2,00.html7)
46:03 22/04/2024
EP226: The Zombie Hunter/Serial Killer
Bryan Patrick Miller was a local celebrity in Phoenix, Arizona, for decades. He worked for an Amazon Center and was raising his daughter, however, there was a dark side to him that took decades to be discovered.Subscribe to us on or on Apple Podcast for weekly episodes not released to the public.
42:17 15/04/2024
EP225: The Death of Becky Watts
In February of 2015, 16-year-old Becky Watts was starting a normal day. When Becky failed to show up to a lunch date planned with her boyfriend that afternoon and stopped responding to texts from family and friends, worry set in for Becky's loved ones. Just over 24 hours later, her father and stepmother reported her missing and the search began.SOURCES:1) Police Tapes: The Murder of Becky Watts (episode 1)(Prime Video)2)'s%20parents,the%20mother%20of%20Nathan%20Matthews4),second%20half%20of%20their%20sentence10)
47:12 08/04/2024
EP224: Why Gary, Why?
Jeff Doucet opened a karate studio and was very attentive to his students, especially Jody Plauche. He gained the trust of the Plauche's and the community, leaving no one to suspect he was a monster who preyed on children.SOURCES:1)
46:49 02/04/2024
EP223: Deadly Obsession: The Death of Betty Jean Hansen
In the United States, the 4th of July holiday weekend is usually spent celebrating summer with friends and family, by BBQing and other outdoor activities. However, July 5, 1951 was not a celebration for Betty Jean Hansen and her family. On that day, the deadly obsession that Betty Jean's stepfather, Frank Walter Kristy had with her ended. This is the story of that obsession and of Betty Jean's demise.SOURCES:1) Creepy Kristy: Prople vs. Kristy: USC Libraries: Newspaper article5) Find a grave:
36:30 25/03/2024
EP222: The Speargun Murders
In 2004, John Sharpe and his wife Anna Marie (Kemp) were the parents of a beautiful 20-month-old named Gracie.  They were also expecting their second child, a boy whom they were going to name Francis.  However, on March 23rd of that year, and unspeakable and gruesome tragedy occurred that would cost the lives of three of the Sharpe family members.Join us on to get early, ad-free releases, plus a bonus episode only released to our patrons every week.SourcesLeigh, Natasha.  “The dreadful case…”  Medium.  12 Jun 2023.Staff Writer.  “Fatal mistake of a …” Mercury.  02 Feb 2005.Staff Writer.  “A Real Madness…”  Herald Sun.  13 Aug 2006.Associated Press.  “I killed wife…” The Sydney Morning Herald.  02 Feb 2005.Staff Writer.  “Man in Court…”  The Sunday Age.  24 Jun 2005Find a grave.  Anna Marie Kemp.Staff Writer.  “An act of …”  The Sunday Mail.  07 Nov 2004.Staff Writer.  “Family Letters Reveal…”  Sunday Herald Sun.  13 Nov 2005.
39:00 18/03/2024
EP221: Madame LaLaurie's House of Horrors
If you were a fan of "American Horror Story", you may remember this character from America's history--Madame LaLaurie. If you were not a fan of that television show, buckle up, because you're in for a story about the worst of humanity. Madame Delphine LaLaurie was born into wealth and privilege in the late 1780s to a family in New Orleans. She married and was widowed three times, the last husband being lost in a housefire where finally, the true depravity of what was going on inside of her mansion, with her slaves, was discovered.Join us on Facebook and IG: @HARDCORETRUECRIME Web:>Get ad-free early releases of each episode, plus over 170 exclusive Members Only episodes by going to or joining our Apple Channel on the Apple Podcast App.SOURCES:1)
42:27 12/03/2024
EP220: The Pastor's Wife
Elizabeth ("Liz") and Charles Sennett had a beautiful marriage and two amazing sons. Charles became a pastor at the age of 24 and Liz was a cherished member of their small community in Alabama. In March of 1988, Liz was brutally beaten, stabbed and eventually died. Within one week, Charles was also dead. What happened to the Sennett family and who would want to kill them? Listen to this episode to learn more about this tragic story.Join us on Facebook and IG: @HARDCORETRUECRIME Web:>Get ad-free early releases of each episode, plus over 170 exclusive Members Only episodes by going to or joining our Apple Channel on the Apple Podcast App.Sources:- West Cromer, Marie. Birmingham Post-Herald. 19 Mar 1988.- Associated Press. The Selma Times-Journal. 20 Mar 1988.- Erwin, Bill. Birmingham Post-Herald. 21 Mar 1988.- Associated Press. Birmingham Post-Herald. 22 Mar 1988.- Associated Press. Birmingham Post-Herald. 24 Mar 1988.- Erwin, Bill. Birmingham Post-Herald. 26 Mar 1988.- Associated Press. The Montgomery Advertiser. 27 Mar 1988.- Associated Press. Birmingham Post-Herald. 29 Mar 1988.- Associated Press. The Montgomery Advertiser. 02 Apr 1988.- Whitaker, Al. Birmingham Post-Herald. 02 Apr 1988.- Erwin, Bill. Birmingham Post-Herald. 04 Apr 1988.- Associated Press. Alabama Journal. 04 Apr 1988.- Associated Press. The Montgomery Advertiser. 04 Apr 1988. - Associated Press. Birmingham Post-Herald. 19 May 1988. - Staff Writer. Birmingham Post-Herald. 30 Jan 1989.- Associated Press. Alabama Journal. 31 Jan 1989.- Erwin, Bill. Birmingham Post-Herald. 02 Feb 1989.- Associated Press. Birmingham Post-Herald. 23 Feb 1989.- Associated Press. Birmingham Post-Herald. 01 Mar 1989.- Erwin, Bill. Birmingham Post-Herald. 23 Mar 1989.- Associated Press. The Montgomery Advertiser. 04 Jun 1989.- Associated Press. The Anniston Star. 04 Jun 1989.- Associated Press. Birmingham Post-Herald. 08 Jun 1989.- Staff Writer. Alabama Journal. 22 Jun 1989.- Hicks, Roderick. Birmingham Post-Herald. 02 Nov 1989.- Cullen, Susan. Birmingham Post-Herald. 04 Nov 1989.- Associated Press. The Montgomery Advertiser. 17 Mar 1990.- Newberry, Paul. The Anniston Star. 10 Oct 1992.- Poovey, Bill. Birmingham Post-Herald. 23 Dec 2000.- Associated Press. The Montgomery Advertiser. 22 Apr 2009.- Rawls, Phillip. The Montgomery Advertiser. 28 Apr 2010.- Associated Press. The Opelika-Auburn News. 08 Jun 2010.- Johnson, Bob. The Montgomery Advertiser. 10 Jun 2010.- Associated Press. The Andalusia Star News. 10 Jun 2010.- Shoalanda. Shoalanda Speaks. 11 Jun 2010.- Associated Press. The Anniston Star. 19 Dec 2010.- Hrynkiw, Ivana. Capital Punishment. 30 Sept 2022.- Chandler, Kim. NBC15 News. 03 Oct 2022.- Mealins, Evan. The Montgomery Advertiser. 15 Nov 2022.- Faulk, Kent. News. 17 Nov 2022.- Chandler, Kim. 17 Nov 2022.- Harry, Brittany. WAAY31 ABC. 22 Nov 2022.-
36:28 04/03/2024
EP219: Killing Just for Fun
John Alexander Lawson was born in 1976, and seemed to have a relatively normal upbringing in Clemmons, North Carolina...or at least there seemed to be nothing to indicate why John, at the age of 24 years old, seemed to radically change his personality and his name. He became Pazuzu Algarad. His name was inspired by "The Exorcist" and he claimed his mother was a Satanist (she wasn't). He didn't shower but once a year, and his house became a party house for many people but not for his victims--it was hell on Earth. Listen to this week's episode to hear more.Join us on Facebook and IG: @HARDCORETRUECRIME Web:>Get ad-free early releases of each episode, plus over 170 exclusive Members Only episodes by going to or joining our Apple Channel on the Apple Podcast App.SOURCES:1)
57:03 29/02/2024
EP218: Things Aren't Always What They Seem
On December 4th, 1998, in the small town of Gillette, Wyoming, the Trover family experienced a horror that would forever change their lives and leave one of them dead. Listen to this episode to learn about their story.Join us on Facebook and IG: @HARDCORETRUECRIME Web:>Get ad-free early releases of each episode, plus over 170 exclusive Members Only episodes by going to or joining our Apple Channel on the Apple Podcast App.Sources:Luckett, Bill. “Shocking end to…” Casper Star-Tribune. 08 Dec 1998.Stoelzle, Deirdre. “Student, teachers angry…” Casper Star-Tribune. 08 Dec 1998.Luckett, Bill and Stoelzle, Deirdre. “Mother apparently tied…” Casper Star-Tribune. 08 Dec 1998.Luckett, Bill. “Community works to…” Casper Star-Tribune. 09 Dec 1998.Luckett, Bill. “High school principal…” Casper Star-Tribune. 10 Dec 1998.Associated Press. “Campbell County High…” Casper Star-Tribune. 19 Dec 1998.Associated Press. “Gillette tragedy” Casper Star-Tribune. 03 Jan 1999.Associated Press. “Children’s aid set up” Casper Star-Tribune. 12 Dec 1998.Luckett, Bill. “Police: probe wrapped…” Casper Star-Tribune. 07 Dec 1998.Associated Press. “Wyoming murder had…” Deseret News. 14 Dec 1998.Staff Writer. “Investigators tell how…” Gillette News-Record. 14 May 2001.Find-A-Grave. Cheryl Trover.
44:50 19/02/2024
EP217: It Was No Accident
Natasha "Tasha" Waalen was a beautiful young woman who thought she met the man of her dreams when she met Ryan Boland. However, Ryan wasn't Prince Charming, he allegedly abused Natasha--even after she gave birth to their daughter. In September 2008, a woman's body was found wiped out next to her motorcycle on a highway in Minnesota, and soon it was discovered to be Tasha. But some things just didn't add up...Listen to this week's episode to hear more about what happened to Tasha Waalen.Join us on Facebook and IG: @HARDCORETRUECRIME Web:>Get ad-free early releases of each episode, plus over 170 exclusive Members Only episodes by going to or joining our Apple Channel on the Apple Podcast App.SOURCES:Simmons, Abby and Harlow, Tim. “Anoka motorcyclist’s death…” Star Tribune. 20 Sept 2008.Associated Press. “Woman found dead…” News-Press. 21 Sept 2008.Associated Press. “Man tried to make…” Lacrosse Tribune. 22 Sept 2008.Associated Press. “Police deny brother’s…” Lacrosse Tribune. 23 Sept 2008.Associated Press. “Man accused of…” The Winona Daily News. 23 Sept 2008.Pabst, Lora. “Biker’s death staged…” Star Tribune. 23 Sept 2008.Associated Press. “Man charged with…” Lacrosse Tribune. 24 Sept 2008.Levy, Paul. “No easy solutions…” Star Tribune. 29 Sept 2008.Gervais, Brady. “Benefit will help…” Twin Cities Pioneer Press. 05 Dec 2008.“Motorcycles: handy for…” Sport-Touring.Net. 24 Sept 2008.Lyons, Sheri. “Local tragedy hits…” North Oaks News. 30 Oct 2008.Levy, Paul. “Bloody baseball bat…” Star Tribune. 08 Dec 2009.Associated Press. “Anoka man pleads…” MPR News. 09 Dec 2009.Associated Press. “Second brother pleads…” Post Bulletin. 02 Mar 2010.Ngo, Nancy. “Man gets 11 years…” Twin Cities Pioneer Press. 26 May 2010.State of Minnesota vs. Timothy Ian Boland.
46:18 12/02/2024
EP216: Lacey and the Couch
Sheila and Clay Fletcher had one daughter, Lacey. When Lacey was a teen she was diagnosed with Autism and became homeschooled. No one saw Lacey for 18 years until her parents called 911.Sources:Steinbuch, Yaron. “Parents of woman found…” New York Post. June 27, 2023.The Cambridge Dictionary, accessed September 16, 2023.Richard, Stacie. “Parents charged in the murder…” BRProud. April 26, 2022.Salk, Ariel. “People who knew parents…” BRProud. April 27, 2022.Rai, Arpan. “Parents could face charges…” Independent. April 28, 2022.Bonvillian, Crystal. “Louisiana couple face grand jury…” WOKV. April 29, 2022.Kalmbacher, Colin. “Authorities push for grand jury…” Law & Crime. April 30, 2022.Steinbuch, Yaron. “Louisiana woman found…” New York Post. April 29, 2022.Gross, Crystal. “Colleague of Lacey Fletcher’s…” Baller Report. April 30, 2022.Woodfield, Greg. “Neighbors of homeschooled autistic…” Daily Mail. May 5,’s Justice for Lacey Fletcher, accessed September 18, 2023.Bashinsky, Ruth. “I can’t conceive how…” Daily Mail. May 26, 2022.Nakamoto, Chris. “Court delay?...” WBRZ-2. July 4, 2022.Duhe, Lester. “Parents of woman found dead…” WAFB. June 8, 2023.Crabtree, Emma. “New twist in death…” The U.S. Sun. June 14, 2023.Staff writer, “After judge tossed indictment…” WBRZ-2. June 19, 2023.Bruce, Matt. “Accused of letting daughter…” The Advocate. June 20, 203.Arceneaux, Jordan. “Parents arrested again…” Unfiltered News. June 21, 2023.Alexander, Harriet. ”Parents of autistic…” The Daily Mail. June 26, 2023.Kalmbacher, Colin. “Parents indicted on murder…” Law & Crime. June 26, 2023.Find A Grave. Lacey Ellen Fletcher. Accessed September 18, 2023.Page, David. Paging Sports. The Zachary Plainsman-News. November 14, 1974.Obituaries. The Advocate. April 13, 2007.HelpGuide. Social Anxiety. Accessed September 18, 2023.Mount Sinai. Asperger Syndrome. Accessed September 18, 2023.Johns Hopkins. Causes and Symptoms of Caregiver Burnout. Accessed September 18, 2023.
48:42 05/02/2024
EP215: The Blonde Bombshell Killer
Ruth Ellis was a beautiful platinum blonde who occasionally modeled in 1950s England. The mother of two children and divorced, Ruth met a man who would change the trajectory of her life forever--David Blakely. Ruth and David began a volatile love affair, one wrought with lies and bitter jealousy, that ended with one of them dead and one getting sent to the gallows. Listen to this week's episode to hear more!Join us on Facebook and IG: @HARDCORETRUECRIME Web:>Get ad-free early releases of each episode, plus over 170 exclusive Members Only episodes by going to or joining our Apple Channel on the Apple Podcast App.WATCH US ON VIDEO ON YOUTUBE'S TRUE CRIME DAILY!1) The Story Of Ruth Ellis, The Last Woman Hanged In The United Kingdom ( Ruth Ellis: the murder case we can’t forget | Crime | The Guardian3) Ruth Ellis: The model who smiled at her executioner – The Irish Times 4) Ruth Ellis And The Hanging That Rocked Britain | HistoryExtra 5) Book – Ruth Ellis: The Last Woman to be Hanged By Andrew Alexander
45:28 29/01/2024
EP214 - The Terrifying Duvall Brothers
In 1985, two best friends went to the rural Northern Michigan town of Mio to kick off their start of the deer hunting season; they never returned home. After 18 years a witness came forward to reveal the unspeakable fate of the hunters. At the time of their disappearance, the terrifying Duvall brothers lived near Mio. The brothers liked to drink, fight, and tend to their pigs. And on the night the hunters died, they did all three.Join us on Facebook and IG: @HARDCORETRUECRIME Web:>Get ad-free early releases of each episode, plus over 170 exclusive Members Only episodes by going to or joining our Apple Channel on the Apple Podcast App.WATCH US ON VIDEO ON YOUTUBE'S TRUE CRIME DAILY!Sources:1) Court Records2) Darker than Night: The True Story of a Brutal Double Homicide and an 18-Year Long Quest for Justice (St. Martin's True Crime Library) Mass Market Paperback – October 3, 2006
52:39 23/01/2024
EP213: The Mercer Law School Stalker
In the summer of 2011, the quiet town of Macon, Georgia, was shaken to its core by a horrifying and baffling crimeLauren Giddings was a 27-year-old law school graduate with a bright future ahead of her. Described as diligent, intelligent, and extremely kind-hearted, she was well-liked by her peers and had a promising legal career on the horizon. However, on June 29, 2011, she disappeared. Here is her story.Sources: -remembers-her-10-years-after-brutal-murder 084405-20230828
35:32 18/12/2023
EP212: The Utah Cabin Murders
In a small town in Utah at a very remote cabin, the Tiedes were preparing to celebrate Christmas at their vacation home when they were surprised by some unexpected guests. This story is filled with some shocking twists and a lot of tragedy. Here is their story.Thank you so much for supporting us during this difficult personal time- we appreciate you all more than you know!CBS - - Crime Storytime - - Surviving Evil Season 2 Episode 3
41:00 15/12/2023
EP211: The Cannibal of Munsterburg
Karl Denke was beloved around Munsterburg, Germany in the years between the great World Wars. Germany experienced a depression due to its loss during WWI, and Karl sold goods to his neighbors such as shoelaces, and soap but the big seller was his pickled pork. It flew off the shelves, so to speak. Until one day, a man named Vincens was found covered in blood running from Karl's apartment and he told one unbelievable tale--Karl tried to kill him! No one wanted to believe it but as time went on, that was the least of the crimes the authorities would uncover.
41:37 04/12/2023
EP210: Nancy's Grave
On March 10, 2016, a teenager named Stephen, went missing from his home. He seemingly vanished into thin air leaving no clues behind. His family and friends did everything they could to find him. Unfortunately, Stephen's case grew cold. Then, 13 months after his disappearance, a woman named Evette revealed a secret. She described a chilling tale of murder and betrayal. Stephen was dead...and she knew exactly who did it.Join us on Facebook and IG: @HARDCORETRUECRIMEWeb:>Get ad-free early releases of each episode, plus over 170 exclusive Members Only episodes by going to or joining our Apple Channel on the Apple Podcast App.SOURCES:Macomb County 16th Circuit Court file
55:56 27/11/2023
EP209: Missing: Gary McCullough and Lena Chapin
On May 11, 1999, Gary McCullough went missing after realizing his wife Sandy was having an affair with another man (and Gary had been her lover during her prior marriage, to Gary's brother, Albert). Sandy had six daughters who were fond of their stepfathers (the brothers McCullough) but one had a secret that she wouldn't reveal for years regarding Gary's disappearance. Then the daughter with the secret--Lena Chapin--disappeared too.SOURCES:1) Netflix "Unsolved Mysteries" Volume 1, Episode 6
46:24 24/11/2023
EP208: The Murder of Lisa Harnum
TW: DOMESTIC VIOLENCELisa Harnum was a beautiful and adventurous young woman who loved everything about fashion, makeup, and hair. She was an aspiring model and hairdresser, who moved from her home in Toronto, Canada to Sydney, Australia. While in Sydney, Lisa met a man named Simon Gittany who became so controlling, that Lisa had to quit her hairdressing job and also stopped wearing makeup and fun clothing. Then things got worse.oin us on Facebook and IG: @HARDCORETRUECRIME Web:>Get ad-free early releases of each episode, plus over 180 exclusive Members Only episodes by going to or joining our Apple Channel on the Apple Podcast App.SOURCES:1) Book: "Why Did They Do It? Inside the Minds of Australia's Most Unlikely Killers" by Cheryl Critchley and Helen McGrath The Lisa Harnum Foundation: The Sydney Morning Herald:
44:52 13/11/2023
EP207: The Stay Family Massacre
July 9, 2014, started off as a beautiful summer day in suburban Houston, Texas. The Stay Family consisted of seven people—Katie and Stephen (mom and dad, 33 and 39 respectively), and their five children, 15-year-old Cassidy, 13-year-old Bryan, 9-year-old Emily, 7-year-old Rebecca, and the baby of the family, 4-year-old Zachary. On this particular Wednesday, Katie and Stephen were out running errands and had left the children at home with the eldest, Cassidy at the helm. Cassidy and her brothers and sisters were just hanging around the house in Spring, TX when the doorbell rang. Cassidy answered and with that, Cassidy's life, as well as those of her family would change forever.Join us on Facebook and IG: @HARDCORETRUECRIME Web:>Get ad-free early releases of each episode, plus over 180 exclusive Members Only episodes by going to or joining our Apple Channel on the Apple Podcast App.SOURCES:1) Houston Chronicle: NBC News: Murderpedia: ABC13: ABC13: NBC News: CNN:
41:18 06/11/2023
EP206: The Murderous Rampage of Joseph Palczynski
Joseph (or as he liked to be called, "Joby") Palczynski was a piece of work. He grew up in a relatively normal family, however, he someone turned out to be an abusive piece of crap to every girlfriend he ever had. He preyed on younger women, some barely legal, so he could manipulate them. Eventually, though, something triggered him and sent him on a murderous rampage.Join us on Facebook and IG: @HARDCORETRUECRIME Web:>Get ad-free early releases of each episode, plus over 180 exclusive Members Only episodes by going to or joining our Apple Channel on the Apple Podcast App.SOURCES:1) Joseph Palczynski's Murdepedia Page: Medium: Sometimes Interesting: The Good Men Project: Morbidology: From the Darkside Podcast on YouTube:
64:51 30/10/2023
Listen Now: New Podcast “Ghost Story”
Tristan Redman is a journalist who doesn’t believe in ghosts. But weird things happened in his teenage bedroom – weirder than normal. When, years later, he discovers subsequent occupants of his family home say they have been visited by the ghost of a faceless woman, he’s curious. It just so happens that the house Tristan grew up in is right next door to the house where his wife’s great grandmother, Naomi Dancy, was murdered – killed by two gunshots to the face. Could there be a connection? Tristan decides to investigate and soon finds himself where no son-in-law should ever be: delving deep into his wife’s family history asking questions no-one wants answered. Wondery and Pineapple Street Studios present Ghost Story — a seven-part podcast series about family secrets, overwhelming coincidence, and the things that come back to haunt us. Follow Ghost Story on the Wondery App or wherever you get your podcasts. You can binge all episodes of Ghost Story ad-free right now by joining Wondery Plus. Listen now: Ghost Story on Wondery
09:10 24/10/2023

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