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A Paranormal podcast containing stories of the weird, spooky, Supernatural and Paranormal. We share ghost stories from listeners as well as our own experiences and discuss famous haunted and paranormal locations as well as some lesser known myths, legends and spooky tales!


Infrasound in the Paranormal
This episode we dive beneath the waves for our paranormal bucket list, or perhaps this time we might name it the paranormal sonar! As we share a spooky location we’d love to visit. We have listeners stories from Kat, Nancy and Katherine and we get a bit deep as we dive into the fascinating world of Infrasound and the paranormal… and discover that things are rather more complicated than they may first appear.   Timestamps: Intro: 00:00:00 Paranormal Bucket List: 00:02:23 Kate’s Story: 00:09:48 Nancy’s Story: 00:21:47 Kat’s Story: 00:41:28 Infrasound in the Paranormal: 00:50:12
137:57 27/02/2024
Haunted Railways
On this special Christmas episode we have one of our favourites – a tenuous paranormal story from the local papers, listener stories from Kat, Harper, and Becky, and then we’ll take you on a journey along some of the most haunted railways of England, as we dive into tales of ghost trains and phantom passengers. Not forgetting, of course, the slightly silly Christmas Quiz!
140:20 24/12/2023
Return to Mother Shipton's
This episode we are returning to Mother Shipton's to share the ghost stories and other exciting stuff that we just couldn't fit into the last episode. We've got haunted pubs, Fawkes facts, coin tree folklore and the second installment of our listeners stories from Sarah, Kelly and Bea and, much, much more!
122:03 11/12/2023
Premonitions & Prophecies
The world seems to be turning ever faster as it is spooky season once again! Of course, in many ways its spooky season all year round at KOFY HQ, and whereas most creators save up their creepiest content especially for October, we tell ghost stories all year round. So, for this, our 7th year podcasting and our 7th Hallowbirthdayween episode, we thought we’d do something a bit different, and we are diving into premonitions and prophecies!  This episode the paranormal radar is being resurrected from it’s early grave. We have listeners stories from Paul, Kelly, Sarah, and Bea and we travel all the way up to Yorkshire to visit the home of a prophetess, in a cave by the river Nidd, and learn her petrifying story.
132:14 31/10/2023
Journey To The World's End
This episode we have a whole new segment, as we partially retire the paranormal radar. Instead, we'll be taking a look at some locations that we'd love to visit in future as we bring you - the paranormal bucket list! We have true paranormal stories from listeners Cody, Megan & Maddie. And we bring you not just one but 4 haunted locations on this episode’s paranormal radar, as we take you all, on a Journey to The World’s End….
150:11 19/10/2023
The Unbinding - with Greg and Dana Newkirk
We are so excited to bring you this special episode with Greg and Dana Newkirk as they prepare to release their brand new feature length documentary 'The Unbinding' into the world. Whether you know them from The Newkirk Museum of the Paranormal, The Haunted Objects Pod, or the award winning Hellier, the Newkirks always bring a fresh perspective to the paranormal field, and this latest release is no exception. Join us as we dive deep into a conversation about the Newkirks' fascinating journey, and explore why their documentary about a haunted object known as 'The Crone' is set to break the mold of paranormal programming as we know it. Check out the trailer over at Planetweird and we hope you're as excited as us for the release on the 8th September!
62:59 02/09/2023
The Lost City Of Dunwich
This episode there's a new sighting of the ghost of Barford bridge, caught on camera, We have listeners stories from Sara, Rowan & Kate, a nd we’re following the footsteps, or perhaps rope burns of fearless abseiling archaeologists, by visiting what’s left of Dunwich; Britain’s Atlantis, before what remains is devoured by the north sea.
112:59 29/05/2023
Old Crockern - Mini Episode
A mini episode on some of the ghosts, myths and legends of the beautiful and mysterious Dartmoor National Park, and the battle facing the park today. Originally intended to be a short news article for the paranormal radar, this story, about the folklore of Dartmoor gaining relevance and meaning in these turbulent modern times, ended up turning into something bigger and demanded to be given its own episode, and who are we to deny the ancient land spirits?!
35:48 18/04/2023
Jim Harold: Pioneer of Paranormal Podcasting
This episode we look into a spate of paranormal activity in the 80’s that spurred the local council to take dramatic action on the paranormal radar.  We have listeners stories from Cody, Eliott and Megan. And we’ll be speaking to one of the pioneers of paranormal podcasting – The one and only Jim Harold!   Check out all of Jim's shows at
93:20 07/02/2023
Ghosts of Lincoln - Christmas Special
It's the Knock Once For Yes 2022 Christmas Special! So, get your crackers at the ready, stand by to don your party hats and brace yourselves for some terrible, terrible jokes. We’ve got an update on the creepy dolls washing up on a Texas beach and a ghost cow on the paranormal radar. We have listener stories from Alyson, Bob and Cody. We’ll be giving you a detailed run down of why Fitz shouldn’t be left unattended in charge of planning, as we share our Christmas Comedy of Errors, from Lincoln. And of course, as if you might have believed that we’d forgotten, we have the terribly cheesy, but always fun, Knock Once For Yes Christmas Quiz!
183:50 24/12/2022
Folklore and the Paranormal with Icy Sedgwick
This episode we’ve got some of our favourite tenous-link Halloween news stories today on the paranormal radar. We have listener stories from Harriett, Tony and Selena, and an update from Caroline about the ghost chicken. We’ll be chatting to our very special guest, Folklorist Icy Sedgwick, about Folklore and the Paranormal and we round out the show with some of your recollections of Ghostwatch; we were thrilled that so many of you got in touch to share these with us following the release of our special Ghostwatch bonus episode on Halloween.   00:00:00 – 00:02:15     Intro 00:02:16 – 00:17:15     Paranormal Radar 00:17:16 – 00:23:57     Caroline – Ghost Chicken Story 00:23:58 – 00:39:28     Harriett’s Story 00:39:29 – 00:49:45     Tony’s Stories 00:49:46 – 00:55:29     Selena’s Stories 00:55:30 – 02:00:33     Interview with Icy Sedgwick 02:00:34 – 02:08:19     Ghostwatch comments 02:08:20 – 02:09:18     Outro
129:19 13/12/2022
Ghostwatch 30th Anniversary Special Episode with Stephen Volk
In this episode we diverge from our usual content to bring you a special Halloween Bonus episode in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the 1992 BBC classic; Ghostwatch. Join us on a trip down memory lane as we share our childhood memories and experiences of that infamous Halloween night that would become part of our paranormal origin story, and hear an interview 30 years in the making, as we talk to the man behind the legend - Ghostwatch writer Stephen Volk. So grab yourself some popcorn and maybe even a cheese and pickle sandwich for this one, it’s an unabashed and joyous celebration of 90’s Halloween nostalgia, and the genius and legacy of Ghostwatch.   Stephen Volk - Homepage Ghostwatch - Behind the Curtains Buy Ghostwatch - Limited edition 30th Anniversary Blu Ray! Buy Afterlife - Series 1 DVD! Buy Afterlife - Series 2 DVD! Buy The Awakening on Blu Ray!   20th Century Geek Podcast   Ouijatorium - Instagram Buy Ghosts in the Garden of England - Alan Tigwell Buy Collecting Ouijaboards in the UK - Alan Tigwell
86:54 31/10/2022
Framlingham Castle
This episode, on the paranormal radar, as is becoming a bit of a tradition in our Halloween episodes, we looked for the cheesiest Halloween tie in from a business not even slightly related to the paranormal, and we’ve got quite a good one for you this year. We have listener stories from Megan, Tony and Rochelle and we walk the ramparts of the haunted Castle of Framlingham where we might have gotten more of a feel for the place than we originally intended.
104:59 28/10/2022
The Old Ferryboat Inn
This episode, we have a bit of a catch up about some of the spooky activity here at KOFY HQ, and play you a possible EVP caught during one of our patron zooms. Then, we have a haunted pub in Canterbury, and – one of Lil’s favourite topics – spooky dolls – on the paranormal radar. We have listener stories from have Mike, Kate and Bob and we head over to Holywell, St Ives to bring you a curious tale 2 years in the making; of The Ghost that Never Was, and why you should always go back for ice cream.
106:19 28/08/2022
Screaming Skulls
In this episode we dive into the weird and wonderful world of Screaming Skulls; including the cases of Theophilus Broome, Bettiscombe, Threlkeld Place, Calgarth, Wardley Hall, Brougham Hall, Burton Agnes and Dickie of Tunstead. Don’t worry, you haven’t missed out on all our usual paranormal news, stories and chat, we’ve just given them their own episode this time and have released both at once. So, if you fancy listening back to back as one giant episode, just queue up episodes 61 and 62 and settle in for 3 hours of spooky goodness!   Intro: 00:00:00 - 00:01:00 Screaming Skulls: 00:01:01 - 00:05:39 Theophilus Broome: 00:05:40 - 00:21:20 Bettiscombe Skull: 00:21:21 - 00:35:25 Threlkeld Place Skull: 00:35:26 - 00:36:22 Calgarth Hall Skulls: 00:36:23 - 00:44:47 Brougham Hall Skull: 00:44:48 - 00:50:20 Burton Agnes Hall Skull: 00:50:21 - 00:55:18 Wardley Hall Skull: 00:55:19 - 01:32:32 Dickie of Tunstead Farm: 01:32:33 - 01:50:00 Outro: 01:50:01 - 01:52:00
112:01 31/05/2022
Just Ghost Stories
We’re doing something a little different this time; our main feature ended up being 2 hours long all on its own so we decided to release two separate bumper episodes! This one has all your usual paranormal news, stories and chat; with stories from Joe, Pascale, and Bob, as well as stories from the brothers of the Belief Hole Podcast. For our epic Screaming Skulls feature, head on over to episode 62, and – as we are releasing both at the same time – you can always listen to them back to back as one mega 3 hour long episode! Intro: 00:00:00 - 00:06:35 Paranormal Radar: 00:06:36 - 00:09:05 Joe's Story: 00:09:06 - 00:14:59 Pascale's Story: 00:15:00 - 00:28:09 Bob's Story: 00:28:10 - 00:36:49 Belief Hole - Chris's Story 1 00:36:50 - 00:43:49 Belief Hole - Jon's Story: 00:43:50 - 00:46:24 Belief Hole - Chris's Story 2 00:46:25 - 00:59:09 Outro: 00:59:10 - 01:00:58  
60:59 31/05/2022
Haunted Magazine
A new cryptid is spotted in our neck of the woods and there’s a ghost dropping f-bombs on the paranormal radar, listeners stories from Caroline, Matt, Vix & Lenny and we pin down the master of puns himself Paul Stevenson, editor of Haunted Magazine to chat about all things spooky. View showmotes on the website! 00:00:00 - 00:03:32 - Intro 00:03:33 - 00:15:09 - Paranormal Radar 00:15:10 - 00:21:38 - Caroline's Story 00:21:39 - 00:25:42 - Matt's Story 00:25:43 - 00:30:27 - Vix's Story 00:30:28 - 00:35:15 - Lenny's Story 00:35:16 - 01:48:58 - Interview with Paul Stevenson 01:48:59 - 01:50:40 - Outro
110:41 15/03/2022
Haunts of Hitchin
This episode we have a ghost with opinions on interior design and a paranormal convention for the age of that which shall not be named on the paranormal radar. Listeners stories from Kevin, Molly, Robert & Pat and we travel to Hitchin in Hertfordshire in search of ghosts. Join us on Repod! Check out Phenomenacon!
102:26 22/02/2022
Phantom Carriages
We’ve got a bit of a theme going on this episode and it’s all about ghostly carriages, there’s even one on the paranormal radar! We’ll be bringing you our favourite festive phantom carriage stories, as well as chatting with Michelle and Gillian of Haunted Heritage about a very famous ghostly carriage tale, and of course we’ve got some spooky listener’s stories from Bob, Ruthie & Gareth BUT!! If you were worried that we might have forgotten, fear not, for – of course - we also have the unbelievably cheesy KOFY Christmas quiz!
117:57 24/12/2021
Ghosts of Great Yarmouth
It’s spooky season and it’s KOFY’s 5th Birthday. It’s Hallowbirthdayween 5! – The return of the revenge of the spooky stories striking back! This episode we have some Halloween themed stories on the paranormal radar, listeners stories from Pete, Julie & Sam, and we find poltergeists, body snatchers, deadly clowns and an ancient Egyptian Mummy’s curse in Great Yarmouth.
85:56 28/10/2021
In Conversation with Weird Norfolk
This episode the Wold Newton Triangle pings the paranormal radar, we have listeners stories from Desiree, Sara & Sue and we continue what has now turned into our 3 part Norfolk series to find out just what it is that makes the county so spooky, with the wonderful ladies behind Weird Norfolk.
105:01 23/09/2021
Burgh Castle
This episode we have a haunted Scottish village for sale on the paranormal radar, listeners stories from Andy, Selena and Holly and we head back to the coast to visit a haunted Roman fort.
111:59 12/08/2021
The Ghost Detective
We have a ghostly nun haunting a bridge in Huntingdon on the paranormal radar, listeners stories from Tracy, Meghan, & Celine, and we can finally break our silence on some fun we had investigating the paranormal with The Ghost Detective over the last couple of years. Add to that an experiment that you at home can take part in, stay tuned until the end of the episode for more details. view shownotes
120:00 22/06/2021
The Legend Of Skulking Dudley
This episode we have a mummified human heart and The Ghost Detective on the paranormal radar, listeners stories from Tracy, Piers & Samantha and we get our first taste of freedom this year as we escape KOFY HQ to hunt down the legend of Skulking Dudley.
103:42 30/04/2021
Crisis Apparitions
This episode we have both another haunted item and a haunted bunker on the paranormal radar, listeners stories from Desiree, Chelsea and Cindy, and we look into another of our favourite spooky phenomena, Crisis apparitions.
86:38 12/03/2021
Time Slips
This episode we have a haunted Christmas present on the paranormal radar, Listeners stories from Melissa, Marianne and Juliet and we look into one of our favourite paranormal mysteries, time slips.
99:09 16/02/2021
The Ghosts of Ely
2020 is very nearly over and it's the Knock Once For Yes Christmas Special! We have some Cornish Christmas Ghost stories on the Paranormal Radar, listeners stories from Flick, Colin, Sam and Aimee, We pay a visit to Ely in this episode’s Paranormal Postcard and of course, the ever cheesy, slightly dodgy, KOFY Christmas quiz!!
95:29 24/12/2020
Podcasters' Tales
Quite a lot of you have been asking recently about the podcasts that we listen to and asking for recommendations. Well, rather than just give you a list, we thought we’d go one better and bring those podcasters right to you, by asking them if they would share their own paranormal experiences on the show. So, alongside a jam-packed line-up of true listener experiences, we’re also going to introduce you to some paranormal podcasts we haven’t mentioned on the show before, as the hosts share their personal spooky encounters with you.
113:41 13/12/2020
Classic Ghosts
It is the most Spooktacular time of the year again and it is KOFY’s 4th birthday!! So prepare yourself for the toddler of terror to crawl across the ceilings of your mind as we bring you HallowBirthdayWeen 4: the spookening! We’ve gone back to the beginning in this special Halloween episode as we share some classic ghost stories, We’ve got Black Shuck’s, Hitchhiking ghosts, Prom ghosts, Banshees, Time slips and more so pour yourself a glass of mulled wine and huddle around the fire, for the night is dark and full of terrors.
124:04 31/10/2020
Haunt ME
This episode, a boxer is scared by a ghost at a castle in Wales on the paranormal radar, we have listeners stories from Linda, Chelsa & Mandy and we have a chat with Ty, Carol and Anna, paranormal investigators from the web series Haunt Me.
110:46 14/10/2020

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