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Alohomora!: The Original Harry Potter Re-Read

Alohomora! is the second-longest-running continuously released Harry Potter podcast and the original Harry Potter book club. Join us as we re-read the entire series, spin wild theories, and share content influenced by our love of Harry Potter.Celebrating 10 years in 2022 with the publication of our first book, "The Unofficial Harry Potter Companion: Volume 1 Sorcerer's Stone"


COS, 3 Revisit: Watered Down Soda
On Episode 398 we discuss...→ How the Weasleys don't care about Harry yet→ Turquoise is an odd choice for a car→ Lockhart is a "watered down soda"→ We need to see the tax slips→ So many holes in the plan→ Ginny in the wild→ Same day, different story
152:00 20/04/2024
PS/SS, 14 Revisit: Ring of Grime
On Episode 397 we discuss...→ Hagrid's arrested development→ Dragon eggs→ The actor who plays the girl in Damsel→ Held back students→ What is stoat?→ Ron impresses us, again→ Subway Cloak→ Dragons, Lions, and Bears
117:25 06/04/2024
GOF, 5 Revisit: Short & Snappy
On Episode 396 we discuss...→ Molly and vehicular manslaughter→ Grunge era, 90s' cool, Bill→ Hermione, torn between amusement and anxiety→ No one cares about Bertha→ The complicated relationship between Molly, George, and Fred→ A plea for Percy→ Ginny is just awesome
132:05 23/03/2024
HBP, 19 Revisit: The Hospital Ring
On Episode 395 we discuss...→ How the movie did it better→ Elves who work in houses→ Lavender needs to read the room→ Geoff REALLY doesn't like Cormac McLaggen → Snape teaches in a way that makes people remember→ Dumbledore is the puppet master of Hagrid→ Fred and George are smart little bullies
115:13 09/03/2024
DH, 6 Revisit: Ron Is My Grandfather
On Episode 394 we discuss...→ the maturity of the Trio→ The longing tension between Harry and Ginny→ 90s tropes → Everybody Loves Molly→ "We're coming with you"→ The number of towers at Hogwarts→ The slimy goo inside of all of us→ Death, Horcruxes, and the meaning of life
126:38 24/02/2024
OOTP 38, Revisit: Dark Humor Crew
On Episode 393 we discuss...→ Voldemort's soft launch→ Dueling clubs to get back in practice→ Instructional DVDs→ Hugs for Harry→ In our feelings→ Street cred for Filch→ Summer break plans at Hogwarts
154:29 10/02/2024
GOF, 25 Revisit: Scrub Daddy
On Episode 392 we discuss...→ Moaning Myrtle just a lonely child→ Piggy Wiggly→ Filch's redemption→ Cats chose violence→ Fleur might be a big softy→ Snape's store of potion ingredients→ Le-ion
123:27 27/01/2024
COS Movie Watch: I Wanted Bigger Eyeballs
On Episode 391 we discuss...→ Best line: "Your hand is all sweaty"→ Wizard plummers→ Menacing ellipses→ Pausing for effect→ Voldemort is a dramatic B→ The adventures of Tommy and Bianca→ Grace Candido-Beecher shout out→ Fawkes or convenient plot point→ It's not weird, it's funny
169:55 13/01/2024
HBP, 16 Revisit: Too Many Cooks
On Episode 390 we discuss...→ Adverbs and potentially bad writing→ Sprouting it all up→ Prophetic knives→ Unbreakable Vows as kids→ The origins of oranges in stockings and Saint Nick→ Chris Tingle→ In-depth look at godparents→ Christmas time with FleurRead below to for information on how to contact our guest, Emily Strand.Her website is and my site is here: book (just out!) is Potterversity: Essays Exploring the World of Harry Potter available from publisher McFarland Books here: essay "Said Hermione Earnestly: Harry Potter's Prose and Why It Doesn't Matter" in Open at the Close: Literary Essays on Harry Potter, is available here: also edited these pop culture collections:Star Trek: Essays Exploring the Final Frontier: Wars: Essays Exploring a Galaxy Far, Far Away:
140:23 30/12/2023
OOTP, 22 Revisit: Third Rate Duelist
On Episode 389 we discuss...→ Let's go to the hospital→ Hermione puts the "camp" in camping→ McGonagall's Caturday with Mrs. Morris→ Dumbledore's Pager→ Festive in death→ Accio baby→ Portrait powers activate!
139:36 16/12/2023
GOF, 22 Revisit: Teenage Trauma Dump
On Episode 388 we discuss...→ Cringe moments from our past as teens→ Professor Bitter at the holiday staff meeting→ Go forth and find a partner, McGonagall→ What happened to pogs?→ Patty Parkinson→ Drawn out drumrolls→ Holding out for Harry→ Dialogue Alley Podcast
140:16 02/12/2023
DH, 15 Revisit: Hangry Ron
On Episode 387 we discuss...→ We are not a fishing podcast→ Also not on Shark Tank→ People just don't go out and get tents→ Grawp Pt. 2→ Ronald Weasley and the checked privilege→ Desk Pig all over again→ Why did the Trio catch a pike of all things?→ If Ron and Hermione's relationship will stand the test of time
132:29 18/11/2023
GOF, 27 Revist: This Chapter Gets Sirius
On Episode 386 we discuss...→ XoXo,Gossip Girl→ Who's playing the long game?→ Pansy Parkinson is Draco→ Nerf balls and teachers→ Harry is not James→ Paw print in the sky
98:15 04/11/2023
OOTP, 30 Revisit: Buff Filch
On Episode 385 we discuss...→ Americans don't know what "punting" means→ It's a good episode to be Ron lover→ Passive agressive professors→ The twins are really smart→ the nightmare of teacups with legs→ Everyone is worried about Harry's restless sleep→ We are not a Twilight podcast→ What came first, Hogwarts or the forest?→ Free Grawp
126:43 21/10/2023
POA, 4 Revisit: Harry Potter and the Accumulation of Calories
On Episode 384 we discuss...→ The cheeky mirror→ No working papers or labor laws→ Lower level homework→ Harry and his fear of the unknown→ Ron & Hermione's plot point birthdays→ "Bang on the counter" doesn't mean what you think it means→ The trio starts to pair off→ Team Molly or Team Arthur→ It got better, then it didn't - series mantra→ #justice for Binky
128:03 07/10/2023
DH, 24 Revisit: Hermione Tried
On Episode 383 we discuss...→ Alfie & Alby→ AOL AIM Mirror→ Weird metaphors and the afterlife→ Harry's hitch in that giddyup→ Why didn't the goblins win→ The end of childhood→ Dudley and Draco are two sides of the same coin→ The ghost of Voldemort
76:27 23/09/2023
PS/SS, 8 Revisit: Farm to Table Coordinator
On Episode 382 we discuss...→ Secret celebrity→ Mrs. Norris: she is widowed→ Being chill and strict at the same time→ Voldemort's smelly head→ Quidditch is McGonagall's love language→ Yum-bledore→ Africa is a continent not a country→ Hagrid is the farm to table coordinator of Hogwarts
84:10 09/09/2023
HBP, 4 Revisit: In-Theory-Us
On Episode 381 we discuss...→ "Weird" ways to love Horace Slughorn→ Ranking Harry's school years from best to worst→ Preferred method of magical travel→ Doge's suspected crush on Dumbledore→ Add Beginners to your must watch list→ Kat Miller, confirmed bachelor→ Slughorn's secondary house debate→ Generational divide on stopping by unannounced→ "They" say we fall in love with our parents→ Ginny is the new Lily
110:08 26/08/2023
SS, Movie Watch: Sorcerer's Stone Movie Commentary
On Episode 380 we discuss...→ Porto's hats→ Operation "pig for slaughter" is a go→ "I regret Lily's death" - Google it→ Why can't they just pick up their brooms?→ Oliver Wood, razzle-dazzle→ Harry has a strong core→ To drink unicorn blood→ Quirrell's study abroad opportunity
152:36 12/08/2023
OOTP, 14 Revisit: Peeve'd
On Episode 379 we discuss...→ Geoff is haunted by this song→ Learn how the hosts like to read→ "Oh Potter, you rotter:" the mixed tape→ Ghosts are transparent→ The never ending Thestral debate→ Neville lost Trevor on purpose→ Madam Hooch needs to do more→ Why Cho is really a #girlboss→ Percy stans→ Hogwarts is a security nightmare→ Hermione & Ron are hypocrites
139:15 29/07/2023
POA, 14 Revisit: They Forgot about Neville... Again
On Episode 378 we discuss...→ James stans→ Doe a deer a female deer, or really a buck→ Big T trauma→ Not a fan of ableist passwords→ Never know when Sirius Black is going to come in and chop off your arm→ Hagrid's loving arbitrary boundaries→ Crookshanks as a stand in for Hermione→ The theme of POA is that what one person sees is not what another person sees→ Where Snape is really coming from→ The responsibility of taking medication as an adult
101:11 15/07/2023
DH, 2 Revisit: Harry Was Bleeding
On Episode 377 we discuss...→ "Indoor plumbing, it's going to be big"→ When spells wear off→ Kids jumping off random thing because they learn spells too soon→ Harry's trunk of death→ The Dumble Detractors→ Barty Crouch, Jr. is a better student than Dumbledore→ Harry is made up of emotions and strategy→ Shamanee's Exhibit A→ Dumbledore relates to Encanto→ "Oh, hello"→ Life finds a way, even in death→ New mirror, who 'dis?
148:37 01/07/2023
GOF, 31 Revisit: Directionally Empathetic
On Episode 376 we discuss...→ Debate on if Harry is empathetic or sympathetic→ Trio training→ McGonagall turning into a cat all over the place→ Profound before bed thoughts→ Mr. & Mrs. Whatsherface visit Mr. & Mrs. Whatshisface→ Amos Diggory is a Dance Mom→ The paintings: Is it alive? (TM, Noah)→ Would anything make the Dursleys come visit Harry at Hogwarts?→ When Harry actually became family to Molly→ Bugs in Hermione's hair→ What can you actually see of the maze
122:52 17/06/2023
COS, 16 Revisit: Ghost Oreos
On Episode 375 we discuss...→ Luna & Myrtle adventures→ Dead child in the bathroom→ Wizard GED→ Ugh on Percy: plot makes him prefect→ Hogwarts motto is: we don't care if kids are in danger→ Nothing like a little child murder to out a fraud→ The first appearance of Harry's signature spell→ We all feel bad for Moaning Myrtle→ Underground ghost world→ The septic tank of requirement
125:38 03/06/2023
PS/SS, 2 Revisit: Magical Puberty
On Episode 374 we discuss...→ James and Vernon's first meeting→ Harry's lack of awareness is from the Dursleys attempt to stamp the curiosity out of him→ The '90s housing prices make the Millennials sad→ Let's just leave Harry at home→ The Horcrux made Harry a different kind of baby→ Geoff wants to be a magical cleaner→ The purpose of a second chapter→ None of us know Portuguese
103:10 20/05/2023
HBP, 24 Revisit: Who's Rachel?
On Episode 373 we discuss...→ Bloody Harry→ Is Rex Lea Michele?→ Casual Tuesday at Hogwarts→ Matchmaking Hermione→ Dating your friend's sibling→ Katie had one job→ Ghosts & mortal relationships→ Dangerous overconfidence→ Snape's Google alerts→ Love a good bathroom cry→ Harry's disappointing lack of sympathy for Myrtle→ Shocking! Rex defends Harry
133:57 06/05/2023
COS, 6 Revisit: Former Beetle, Current Button
On Episode 372 we discuss...→ Molly, the spicy Gryffindor→ Oh, my wizard god→ What Neville's grandmother yells at him→ Kardashians as Lockhart - is Gilderoy or Harry more famous→ Are we a shark podcast?→ Grace's husband, Tim Curry, or Lockhart - you decide.→ The more last names you have the richer you are→ Mummies or Walt Disney→ Colin's friend crush→ Narcissism theory→ Grace & Kat (and Alison) wrote a book!
131:14 22/04/2023
DH 11, Revisit: Elf Arthritis
On Episode 371 we discuss...→ Humans hate change→ Did Tonks or Moody actually do anything?→ Scrimgeour's parallel death→ How the tables turned against Harry perhaps too quickly→ Alison stans Ron - fight her→ Remus is the "adult, adult"→ Nothing is hard for Hermione→ Heated debate on the legacy of Remus Lupin→ Dumbledore does not owe Harry his entire story
127:03 08/04/2023
POA, 2 Revisit: St. Brutus Blah, Blah, Blah
On Episode 370 we discuss...→ Harry, the late riser→ Introverts & Ambiverts→ We still stan Lucius's luscious locks→ Harry's life if he never went to Hogwarts→ Petunia is punishing Harry for being her sister's son→ Celebrities in the wild→ Sports trump plants→ (Hedwig) wants to break free→ Aunt Marge in orbit→ We can't not talk about trauma → Harry, the bad seed
131:09 25/03/2023
HBP, 14 Revisit: Caterpillarhorn
On Episode 369 we discuss…→ Getting lost on the way to class→ The nightmare of flesh eating trees→ Everything you wanted to know… and maybe not know about potatoes→ What Hermione’s and Ron’s house looks like in the future→ We want to know your most awkward encounter→ Harry’s a fabulous third wheel→ No one dates at Hogwarts→ We love you, late bloomers→ Everyone’s childhood is ruined→ Harry forgets that people have other things going on it their heads→ Gossip, ghoul→ Nixon’s Quidditch-gate→ Alison discovers something new
94:17 11/03/2023

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